Rona Borre is the Success Story of the Century

The only way to top success is more success, and that is exactly what Rona Borre has done with her company, Instant Alliance. Borre is the founder and CEO of Instant Alliance which she started in a spare bedroom in her Chicago condo. She had just left a job with a global staffing company where she had reset every sales record the company had ever recorded.  Read more about Borre on

Borre wanted something different and she wanted to make a difference in the way staffing companies could help a business attract better people who would be productive and stay around for the big rewards when a company grows the way it should.

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Instant Alliance does a full job of screening its prospective hires, primarily finance and technological personnel. Client companies know that they will be getting only the top pre-qualified candidates. That is why there is only a 1% attrition rate with the candidates placed by Borre’s company. That retention rate is a direct result of the relationships that have been formed and the placement capabilities of Borre and her team.  Related article here.

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