Fagali’i Airport: A Samoan Gateway

There are few places left on earth that are accessible to man, but still exhibit the purity and raw natural beauty with which they were created. One of those places is the gorgeous island community of Fagali. Know more about Fagali at Lonely Planet. Located in the South Pacific island nation of Somoa, Fagali’i is a small village of less than 2,000 inhabitants. Fagali’i is located on the island of Upolu. This small village is located less than 5 kilometers from Apia, the capital and largest city of Somoa. Fagali is home to the Royal Somoa Golf Course and the Fagali’i International Airport. The airport in Fagali is a quaint facility with only one runway. In fact, the Fagali’i Airport was little more than a grass landing strip for decades. Now, the airport features a fully paved runway capable of supporting commuter size commercial air traffic. The airport is currently owned and operated exclusively by Polynesian Airlines. Know more about Fagali at Trip Advisor. Traffic to and from the small airport is limited at best. Flights currently travel primarily between Fagali and Pago Pago, which is located in American Somoa. There are additional less frequent flights supporting the inter-island routes travelling between Fagali and Ta’u (also known as Fitiuta) and Figali and the Ofu-Olosega Islands of Somoa. These flights were added by Polynesian Airlines in 2009 to support the halt of inter-island services by Somoan Airlines. The limited use of the Fagali led to it’s closure. However, the airport was reopened in 2002 when the runway was sealed, only to be closed again shortly thereafter in 2005. The airport was closed so quickly due to concerns from local leaders about the environmental and ecological impact of the airport and airport traffic. Locals feel that the noise and emissions generated by the planes are damaging to the local plants and wildlife and may ultimately destroy the pristine beauty of the village. In a very controversial decision, the airport was reopened again in 2009 and service has continued since that time. Polynesian airlines services all routes to and from the Fagali Airport with three DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft. These particular aircraft are capable of carrying 19 passengers and are noted for their utility and short take-off and landing capability. The Fagali’i airport is a minimalist airport that is also the gateway into the heart of Somoa.

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Use The Fagali’I Airport For A Memorable Holiday On Upolu Island

Your holiday is coming up and it is time to decide where to go. Maybe Upolu Island in Samoa might be the magical choice. This small island is the best place to get in tune with your higher self by connecting with the deep, plush nature.

The Fagali Airport will give you easy access to your memorable holiday. It is a very small airport, so it is less hectic than major airports on the island, which means no delays and an easy departing process. There is a basic washrooms inside Fagali and a ticketing counter for travel information. Understand that this airport operates based on the American Samoa immigration rules according to some reviewers online, so always keep that in mind before making plans.

Polynesian Airlines owns this airport, therefore this company is the one issuing tickets at the counter at Fagali. There are two airlines that take you to and from Fagali and they are the Samoa Airways and Talofa Airways. The service destinations, times, and flights might change later. Talofa Airways and Samoa Airways offer over 10 flights per day to Pago Pago on the American Samoa Island and over 2 flights per week to Tongatapu on the Tonga Island. The Pago Pago trip lasts for 35 minutes and the Tongatapu trip lasts for one hour and fifty minutes. Passengers will enjoy their ride on the Samoan Airways DHC-6-300 Twin Otter aircrafts or the Talofa Aiways de Havilland Canada DHC-8-100 aircrafts.

Upon departing the airport, there is ground transportation available. Drivers can take you to a nearby small market to buy items. You will see Apia as a whole because the town is only a five-minute ride from the airport. You could walk there if you choose because it is very safe. Crime is at a minimum on the island. Upolu is out of range of typhoons so there are no natural disasters hanging above your head.

Some nearby activities to engage include scuba diving and snorkeling the underwater nature reserves. This, in addition to soaking up some sun on the majestic beaches, makes it worth the trip. There are also local tours for nature explorations and yoga retreats for connecting mind, body, and spirit together.

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Andy Wirth Wants To Revitalize Squaw Valley

Recently an op-ed was published in the Auburn Journal detailing Andy Wirth’s plans to improve year-round tourism in the area. This is a significant problem as the world-class ski resort sees a significant drop-off in visitors during the spring, even in years with excellent snowfall. This ends up not only hurting Squaw Valley, but many ancillary business as well. Wirth hopes to solve this problem with expanded recreation opportunities and the creation of new jobs. These renovations will have visitors flooding the town every month of the year.

If approved by the Placer County Board of Supervisors Wirth’s plan could provide a significant boost to the local economy. It will provide 1,400 new jobs and over $25 million in additional tax revenue. The plan will add miles of new hiking and biking trails for residents and tourists to enjoy. It will also construct a world-class training facility for athletes.

Andy Wirth sought feedback from the community throughout every step of drafting his vision. This led to over 500 meetings with local residents to ensure that Squaw Valley would not be stepping on anyone’s toes with its renovation and expansion. Thanks to these meetings building heights of new construction have been reduced 30 percent, and some buildings have even been eliminated entirely if they would have obstructed mountain views. The original size of the project has also been reduced 50 percent and now close to 90 percent of its construction will be taking place on existing parking lots.

Wirth is much more than just the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He is thoroughly entrenched in the local community through a variety of organizations. Serving on the boards of the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association, Tahoe Fund, and the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Wirth always makes sure he has the best interest of Tahoe’s locals in mind. His new plan will add a significant number of jobs to the region and serve to help preserve and improve its environment.

Enhancing Wining and Dining Experiences From the Renown to Little Known Locals

In 1982, Stephen Williams founded The Antique Wine Company in London, England. Specializing in fine and rare wines, the company has expanded to 70 countries with a clientele of over 20,000 with cellars carrying over 10,000 bottles of the finest vintages in the world. In 2006, a 135 year collection of the Grand Chateau Series containing the entire vintages from 1860 to 2003 was sold by The Antique Wine Company for $1.5 million. This price for a single wine series was one of the highest ever paid. In July, 2011, the world record was broken by The Antique Wine Company for selling the most valuable white wine ever. The wine was a bottle of 1811 Chateau d’Yquem. It sold for 75,000 British pounds, or the US equivalent of $111,600.00. In November, 2011, in Beaune, France at the wine auction held at the Hospice de Beaune, The Antique Wine Company bought the top lot known as La Piece de la President for 110,000 francs, or the US equivalent of $109,649.13.
In the heart of Warrenville Heights, Ohio, Frederick’s Wine & Dine introduces an innovative way of wining and dining for the local residents. Uniquely designed to attract a crowd of diversity, and exude a lively atmosphere, the new Frederick’s renovation has an expanded capacity for seating over 110 guests to enjoy the distinctive cuisine, and listen to the talentedly, mellow sounds of live jazz. Frederick Parks, the owner and head chef, uses his creativity and passion when preparing his exclusive dishes. His conviction regarding cooking and what it means to be a good chef begins with acquiring the highest quality ingredients from nearby markets and avoiding limiting himself to rule, but instead using the fundamental cooking principles, and the expertise of a well-trained staff. Daily, food and drink specials are offered in a friendly ambiance where Frederick’s is committed to ensuring an individualized dining experience.
Wine & Dine Wisconsin is the ideal place to sip, taste and be educated in a luxurious way. Winers and diners can enjoy sampling wines and microbrews, artful cocktails, and the bite-sized examples of what to expect in Milwaukee’s trendiest restaurants.