Skout and Nixter Join Forces

Social networking app Skout on prnewswire has acquired the nightlife app Nixter, which may lead to even more exciting nights out for all of us.

Originally reported by TechCrunch, Skout CEO Christian Wiklund said he went after the deal primarily as a way to expand Skout. The app, which currently works as a social networking app, will use Nixter to take what were once online interactions into the real world. Nixter has focused it work up to this point on nightlife. With the app you can not only figure out what’s going on in the two you’re in, but also buy tickets to events, check out the guest list of who already plans on attending, and coordinate VIP accommodations.

Wiklund told TechCrunch that he thought that the acquisition of Nixter would constitute a huge value add for the company. He said that he thought the addition of some of Nixter’s functionality would make it easier for Skout to monetize its users in the future. Wiklund also think that the added functionality in Skout from the Nixter acquisition will help build more loyalty amongst its users.

The companies did not disclose how much Skout paid for Nixter. While a specific amount wasn’t shared with TechCrunch or otherwise, they did share that the sale was a mixture of both cash and stock. That means that some Nixter employees and investors are now stock holders of Skout.

Nixter is Chilie-based company that was founded in 2012. Since its launch it has been able to raise close to $20,000 in angel funding, primarily from investors who are also based in in home country of Chile. The company competes directly with a number of apps, notably the app WillCall, which focuses specifically on live events.

For the time, Skout and Nixter will continue on as separate apps. However, at some point some of the functionality in Nixter might be added into Skout while also maintaining its separate brand and app. That means users of both apps can continue to use them as they already do.

Skout became profitable for the first time earlier this year. The company makes money through selling a digital currency within the app. The currency can be used to unlock individual features within the app, for instance the ability to see who has viewed your profile within the app.

The majority of Skout’s current user base is located abroad, while 30% of the company’s users are currently located in the United States. The acquisition of Nixter gives the app more opportunity to grown into additional areas.

Apartment Complex Asks Tenants to Sign Social Media Clause in Their Contract has a story on their site today about an apartment complex and their management with some bizarre clauses in their leasing contracts.

Windermere Cay is a colorful apartment complex located in Orlando, Florida. The complex has five buildings with about 30 units in each building. It is centrally located and apartments fill quick there. One tenant, who wanted to withhold his name, Anfip told us that this has brought to the media a bizarre addendum in the leasing contract for Windermere Cay. The apartment complex is adding in a Social Media Addendum to their lease. In this Social Media Addendum, renters are forbidden to post negative reviews or comments about Windermere Cay on any social site or they will face a fine of $10,000 to be paid within ten days. Think that is excessive? Wait, there’s more.

The Social Media Addendum also states that any pictures or written work that are taken or done on site belongs to the complex. The actual clause states, “any and all written or photographic works regarding the Owner, the Unit, the property, or the apartments” are copyrighted to the landlord. So any pictures that the renters take of themselves, friends, pets, or whatever while on the property belong to their landlord.

One tenant is asking for a change. He has refused to sign the Addendum and has asked for it’s removal from the lease.

“Facebook Official” Relationship Statuses Now Seen as Cheesy According to New Poll

The relationship status milestone on Facebook is dead, at least according to a Buzzfeed poll. The poll, which included 16 questions, asked users to define how they use the “relationship status” feature on Facebook, including whether or not they hide their status, and how long into a relationship they wait to make things “Facebook Official”

The majority of respondents were between the ages of 19-29, and upwards of 43% said they would never make their relationship “Facebook official” regardless of how serious the relationship had become.Respondents were also asked why they don’t utilize the status, and Mark Ahn liked the answers. 42% said they found “Facebook Official” statuses to be cheesy, and another 11% said they didn’t want some people to know about their relationship.

The poll suggests that something is changing in the way 20-somethings interact with the online world. 5 years ago, it wasn’t uncommon to have your relationship status out there for the world to see, but 20-somethings seem to taking a piece of their privacy back from the internet, which is surprising as they are the first generation to truly grow up online.

Gangnam Style” Video on Youtube Has Made Millions (and Counting)

Youtube has officially been broken. The Psy music video “Gangnam Style” has been viewed 2,147,483,647 times. That’s right, over 2 billion views! It was viewed so many times that youtube’s counter malfunctioned.

My friend Jonathan Veitch told me that when you post a video on youtube, you can enter into a program that allows you to make money off of ads. The more views you get, the more money you can make. Obviously you need a lot of views to make any significant money. The New York Times has estimated that “Gangnam Style” has earned Psy $2 million so far just from youtube ads.That is a rough estimate. It is hard to know the exact amount, as youtube keeps half (meaning they also they also made $2 million off of “Gangnam Style”). Profits also depend on what type of ads are run, banners or video ads. Psy also has the option of making deals with companies like Hyundai to run ads before the video.

“Gangnam Style” was released over a year ago, but it still gets 2 to 3 million hits per day! Psy can live the rest of his life off of the profits of a single music video.

Clearly, the monetary future of the music industry is in the hands of tween girls all over the world.

Facebook Camera Use

How much privacy do you have in reality using the apps on mobile devices? Some information might make you feel like not using them any more. Few people know, for example, that Facebook has a number of clauses in its contract with users that allows it to use videos and pictures of you at any time. 

The social networks like Twitter and Facebook have been recently asked to reformulate the terms and conditions, because nobody reads the lengthy complicated text. Well some rules have started to emerge, and the MPs now warn about the infringement to the user’s private life. 

Brad Reifler says that if you have decided to delete the Facebook app and keep the Messenger only, you are not completely private as of yet, because the second app also has access to your camera. More that 200,000 million people a month use these apps. 

Besides this, there are some applications that you agree to share your information with every time you use them, which allows them to further transmit your data to any other sites without your consent already. 

The starters of the ‘make the terms and conditions more clear’ campaign now insist also that the big companies stop registering the unnecessary data.

Are Employees Responsible for the Company’s PR Image?

What amount of responsibility do employees carry with regard to their company’s image? Recently, a cook (now ex-cook), Shawn Peterson, at a small, local cafe in Utah (Leslie’s Family Tree) posted a picture of a dead cop onto his personal Facebook page. Without question, this picture stirred up a bit of an outrage among the local community and social media users like Tom Rothman around the nation.

View Utah’s Fox 13 coverage of this story.

Social media is a breeding ground for backlash in the right environments. This event is more than enough to put this cafe out of business. So who’s responsible here? The business or the individual? We can go around and around for days, but in the end, if the business is affected then it doesn’t matter. All employees carry the responsibility to represent the company in some sense.