Sergio Cortes: Resurrecting Michael Jackson

When Michael Jackson has passed on, it has left a huge void in the music and entertainment industry. No matter what anyone has to say about him, Michael Jackson has made a huge impact in the world of entertainment. He has also participated in philanthropic activities. However, just because he is gone does not mean that people are stuck with past videos of the King of Pop. There is an impersonator of Michael Jackson who bears an unbelievable resemblance to the late singer. His name is Sergio Cortes. He has used his talent and work to bring the King of Pop back to life for audiences.

As anyone would know, impersonating someone is a very difficult thing to achieve. It takes a lot of time, research, dedication and discipline in order to get everything down about another person. One has to get his speech, his mannerisms, his mindset, and everything about him down. It could also require a lot of practice depending on a few factors. Michael Jackson is one of those people that are very hard to imitate.

Sergio sounds exactly like Michael Jackson. His moves are done in a way that exactly matches the King of Pop. Every song Michael Jackson has sung has been performed and covered perfectly by him. The complete essence of Michael Jackson has been captured by Sergio Cortes. Sergio even has the fashion sense and style of Michael Jackson down to the point where if he would say that he is Michael Jackson, everyone would believe him. Sergio Cortes has captured everything about Michael Jackson in a way that fans of the late King of Pop can live the experience of him on stage as if he is still alive.

There is speculation as to what is next for Sergio. He might take his impersonation of Michael Jackson on tour so that he can show the world the phenomenon that impacted the world. He himself has become a phenomenon in that he can not only imitate someone, he can actually bring that person to life. This is one talent that very few people actually have. Even then, it is the dedication and the practice that he has put into this act that is paying off for him.