The career path of Milan Kordestani that led to the start of Milan farm

Stanford is where Milan Kordestani was born and in the same place is where he attended Phillips Brooks Elementary school. There was the move to London that took place after the parents of Milan Kordestani divorced. He didn’t stay there for a while because in 2010 he moved to Bay Area where he joined the Sacred Heart Preparatory in Atherton, in the same place is where he attended high school to graduate in 2017. The interest that he has in riding horses began when he was young and that is at 10 years. The most memorable thing that he remembers when riding the horse at a young age is when he was thrown off the horse, and he got up on the horse to finish of the race. The thing that surprised so many people because for other kids they could have been afraid of getting back on the horse that mistreated them.

The riding of the horses has been a root of the dedication that he has, because when he started the lesson of riding the horse it didn’t take long before he started competing at the high levels. Apart from the achievement that he has being an equestrian he is the founder of Milan Farm a firm that will deal with production of eggs, saffron and poultry. He still offers his services to the Huffington Post where he is the writer. In early 2015 is when Milan Kordestani founded Milan Farm so that he would begin the interest that had in having the poultry raised in a humane and organic area and use organic growing to grow 100% pure saffron.

The primary goal that Milan Farm has is that they will be able to offer the clients a legitimate option. For raising the animals they will use transparency, and for the plants, they use organic ways, and that has been the honest option they have been offering the clients. Kordestani suggests that if the clients have an idea of exactly what they want then the thing that they should get is an honest option. In 2016 Milan Farm has expanded to three separate farms when they become a trademark.


Acclaimed Author, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist Jim Toner

Do you live a stress-free life? Are you experiencing any hardships with your lifestyle? Would you be willing to try something new to gain financial freedom? Real estate investing is a very popular and exciting industry. This particular industry can potentially help an individual earn large amounts of capital. This industry is also very demanding. There is a risk that is involved in everything that we do as a people. Jim Toner, a successful businessman, does his best to better mankind. This guy is a natural-born philanthropist thanks to his good deeds. He has donated funds to underprivileged people, and he has worked closely with our nation’s brave veterans. To top things-off, Toner has been nationally recognized as being a member of the Nilsa McKinney’s Caring House Project as well as recognized for being a board member of the Pennsylvania Salvation Army Branch.

One of his biggest accomplishments comes from being in the business world. This man is a tycoon in real estate investing. He’s the business coach of all business coaches thanks to his spectacular career in doing business. The 12 Little House Plan is one of his most prestigious programs and thousands of people have literally found their own levels of success from partaking in this business program. As of today, Toner works with Private Client Group. This financial-services firm is also very successful, and it should give you a better understanding of who Toner truly is.

Toner is an acclaimed author to the highest degree as he has written multiple books that pertains to real estate investing. “Send In The Wolves” and “The Consumers Guide To Investment Real Estate” are two of his best. “Send In The Wolves” gives a detailed bio of Toner himself and what he has actually achieved. “The Consumers Guide To Investment Real Estate” is designed to teach people how to become successful in real estate development.

As you can see, this man is the real deal. Of course, this short article won’t do Toner any justice, but it provides a better perspective of his life. Jim Toner is helping others by helping himself, which is the epitome of killing two bird with one stone.

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Discover How Passion for Radio Career Has Worked For Ryan Seacrest

There will always be something unique that makes a person known in their professions or careers. Nothing makes a heart merry like when other people remember you for something good. Ryan Seacrest is a beneficiary of this. After he being the American Idol host a famous televised competition, Ryan is no longer a stranger to many people today. He also happens to have hosted ‘American Top 40,’ a popular radio program in the country. His ambition in this industry opened a bigger door in 2017 when he co-hosted a program with Kelly. Ryan is among the people who know that passion for something can get someone what he could not have attained any other way.

Ryan was born in on 4th December 1974 in Atlanta. He developed his radio career early in his life, and he decided to follow it no matter what. He later went to California in the mid-1990s at a city called Los Angeles, where he started a famous and electrifying afternoon radio show. It was in 2002 when Ryan’s career started after hosting American Idol. He moved on to the E! Television network where he anchored the news. He also covered various entertainment events that saw his fame grow.

Things worked better for him in 2012 when he appeared on the Today show after signing a deal with NBC Universal. From this year to 2013, Ryan had appeared on other different programs. The Million Second Quiz was the game show he started hosting in 2013. By 2017, he had been named a co-host of a popular program known as Live with Kelly & Ryan. Keeping Up with the Kardashians is one of the TV hits associated with Ryan’s efforts. Rick Dees and Casey Kasem are some of the DJs who influenced Ryan to develop an irresistible interest in becoming a radio disc jockey.

Ryan used to wear glasses and braces while at the high school, and many of his colleagues made fun out of it. As a student, he handled announcements in an ambitious way. This opened a door for him at a radio station in Atlanta on an internship program. He had not had an on-air gig before. By the time he went to Georgia University, he was still working in this radio station.


Shervin Pishevar Blew Up Twitter

Every now and then, someone says something so profound on Twitter that the social media platform blows up with responses. This is what happened when Shervin Pishevar started tweeting a while ago. The founder of An investing firm decided to sound out about his thoughts on the economy.

Why did it matter?

One of the main reasons that Twitter blew up as a result of what Shervin Pishevar tweeted was due to him being silent on the platform leading up to the number of tweets. He hadn’t gone on Twitter in months. Then, he decided to shock everyone by sending 50 tweets out in less than 24 hours.

Shervin Pishevar had the foresight to number all of the tweets, too. This made it easier for people to follow along as he talked about everything from the stock market to monopolies in the United States.

Why do people care?

Everything that Shervin Pishevar said in the tweets carried weight for one person or another. He talked about the stock market and how it would start to lose points. He talked about bitcoin losing value. He also talked about the monopolies of the United States and how it would impact a large number of startups that were hoping to become the next innovative startup.

Much of what Shervin Pishevar said has already started to show as fact. Countless business blogs have picked up his tweets and have started to dissect his thoughts.

When someone like Shervin Pishevar decides to talk about the economy and startups, people listen. He has made his fortune by being able to predict how the economy will respond to new startups.

While Shervin has admitted to not having all of the answers, his observations are spot on. Many people are already taking precautions in order to protect themselves. He has also opened up a significant amount of dialogue amongst other investors as well as entrepreneurs.

Louis Chenevert Incredible Achievements in UTC

Louis Chenevert is a renowned Canadian businessman. Chenevert served as the chief executive officer and the chairman of United Technologies Corporation. He joined UTC in March 2006 where he served as the chief operating officer before being named as the CEO. Later in January 2010, he became the chairman of the board.

Louis left a legacy at UTC and various incredible achievements including investing in long-term goals, innovations and the stakeholders of the company. Back in 1999, Louis was the president of Pratt n Whittey, and during his tenure, he realized that the Pratt n Whitney engine would be something great in the future. When Louis became the CEO of UTC, he married the two organizations leading to the thriving of business in UTC. Louis saw the future potential of the company and invested over $10 billion in designing and developing a jet engine that has a positive impact in the industry. The jet engine reduces fuel consumption by 16 percent and emissions by 50 percent making it a total success in business fields. Today the jet is flown by over 14 airlines on over 70 aircraft.

Louis Chenevert and his passion to invest in technologies was the primary key to driving future growth in UTC. His vision and dream is now the driving force in supporting the U.S economy and helps in the production of U.S manufacturing jobs. His goal in intermarrying the two companies created a platform that promotes the growth of future innovations and also provides jobs and creates new positions for the next generation talents. His dedication to the craft and innovative thinking are the major instruments in helping UTC became a global organization with several investments across the world. Thanks to Louis, the company now invests in markets offering competitive advantages.

Louis was born in Quebec Canada. He holds a degree in production management from HEC Montreal. He served in various positions in the different organization including General Motors, a Canadian corporation, pratt n Whitney before joining United Technology Corporation. In 2009 Louis received the prestigious honors Awards presented by the National Building Museum. In 2011 HEC Montreal also awarded him with an honorary doctorate. Aviation week and space Technology Magazine also named him as the ‘person of the year.’


Outlook for Gold as Seen By Industry Veteran

During a recent interview on Enterprise Radio, Philip Diehl, the head of U.S. Money Reserve, had spoken about a dynamic opportunity provided by investing in precious metals, especially gold.

This former Chief of Staff at U.S. Treasury, and the 35th U.S. Mint Director, believes that over the next 10 years there will increased demand for gold as international uncertainties grow. During financial crises, there’s a flight to quality and gold and other metals become highly desirable as a storage of value and hedge against inflation.

As of now, 65% of demand for gold in the world comes from China and India. These two countries are growing faster than most other economies, and have very large populations. And it’s all while the central banks are increasing gold purchases.

Back in 2011, gold had reached its peak at nearly $2,000 an ounce. Presently, the yellow metal trades at around $1,200- a rather substantial discount to its all-time high of few years ago.

The other precious metal, silver, trades at an even steeper discount. A few years ago, this cousin of gold had been going for almost $50 an ounce, and now it’s only $14.

U.S. Money Reserve specializes gold, silver, and platinum coins issued by the United States government. Under Mr. Diehl’s leadership, the company has grown from a small player to a leading distributor of bullion coins in the world through entrepreneurial approach in establishing a worldwide distribution network.

With the commitment to customer service as well as liberal return policy and guarantees, customers are confident about what they’re getting. Moreover, foreign government-issued bullion coins are available as well.

While at U.S. Mint, where he was appointed during Bill Clinton’s Presidency, Philip Diehl is responsible for bringing the first government-issued platinum coin in the United States as well as starting the 50 State Quarters Program.

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Things That You Should Know When it Comes to the U.S. Money Reserve

This great business, the U.S. Money Reserve, was actually started by some veterans from the gold market who had the realization that they should try to mold together great customer service, know-how in the market and guidance for buying precious metals that can be trusted. The U.S. Money Reserve has had plenty of chances to work side-by-side with many different clients, thanks to their ranking as one of the biggest businesses to deal in Silver, Gold and Platinum Coins that are U.S. Government issued within our nation. Many of their clients have had the opportunity to reap the financial benefits of purchasing precious metals thanks to them.

When it comes to the U.S. Money Reserve, everyone knows that they strive to give their customers the best of the best when it comes to Silver, Gold and Platinum Coins that are Government issued within the precious metal market. Throughout the years that the U.S. Money Reserve has been in business, they have worked hard at making sure that their clients are able to trust their expertise when it comes to picking out the coins that will afford the best value, thanks to their many years of making good decisions in terms of purchases, and most of the clients who have come to put their trust in them are actually to this day seeing large profits coming from their purchases.

When you make the decision to work side-by-side with the U.S. Money Reserve, you will have the pleasure of working with some of the most intuitive and well-versed professionals that come from the precious metal industry. There are actually more than 100 professionals that are currently working with the U.S. Money Reserve. All of the employees at the U.S. Money Reserve are trained to make sure that you will get the best personalized experience when it comes to purchasing precious metals.

Over the years, the U.S. Money Reserve has helped over 70 different non-profit organizations by donating to them, some of the organizations that they have donated to are the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, the American Red Cross and the Austin Children’s Shelter. Many people have put their trust into the U.S. Money Reserve, isn’t it time that you do? Make the right decision the next time you are attempting to purchase precious metals, and take your business to the U.S. Money Reserve.

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U.S. Money Reserve Unveils Holiday Funding Campaign

In 2014 the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas provided more than 31 million pounds of food and drinks for those in need of nourishment in central Texas. The issue of hunger has been high on the list of problems facing the world in recent years, but the Capital Food Bank of Texas has been growing its service over the last 30 years to provide more food than ever before for the people of central Texas. U.S. Money Reserve is reported by Digital Journal to have embarked on its Holiday charitable campaign in a bid to provide increased funding for the food bank to provide relief for the hungry in their area.

Problems in the money markets of recent years have led to an even greater commitment by many to work within the precious metals and commodities markets. U.S. Money Reserve was originally established to trade in gold, silver and platinum coins issued by government agencies, and was established by a group of experienced gold traders. More than 100 experienced traders have now been employed by the company, which also looks to aid charitable organizations on a regular basis.

U.S. Money Reserve has established a Crowdrise funding page in a bid to allow clients, employees and friends of the group to make donations in aid of the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. The food bank has been a major source of relief for many since it was established almost 30 years ago, which makes it something of an institution in the central Texas area. The food bank has developed partnerships with more than 300 agencies in 21 counties to provide a network of groups assisting those in need across Texas throughout each year.

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Why Check Out US Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve is quickly getting recognized for many of its different activities which include philanthropic efforts. Most recently, it has been part of a crowdfunding campaign for a food bank in Texas. However, many people are probably wondering what US Federal Reserve sales and why they should give that company a chance. Us Money Reserve is a company that sells commodities like gold and silver. In today’s age, it is a valuable thing to own some gold and silver. US Money Reserve makes it possible for clients to own different pieces of gold and silver and hold onto as these pieces of commodities accumulate in worth and become profitable.

U.S. Money Reserve is a very large distributor of gold, silver and platinum. In fact, they are one of the biggest distributors in the country. Among the products that they sell are gold coins which include the popular coins from the United States Mint. The advantage of that is they are backed by the US Government. In this case, no one that purchases from this company has to worry about how much gold the coins contain in their content. Also, they use face value in order to reveal the worth of the coins. In other words, what a customer sees is what a customer gets.

Gold market veterans have come together in order to provide a company that can help their customers with the customer service and the knowledge needed. Customer service is very important to their company. They deliver when it comes to customer service. They take the time to address all of the concerns of the customer. They also make sure that the customer has everything that he or she paid for. They want to make sure that the customer is completely satisfied. It is their passion for customer service that makes U.S. Money Reserve one of the most trusted gold distributors in the industry.

U.S. Money reserve doesn’t just strive to provide gold. They want to make sure that the gold that they provide is the most exceptional piece of gold that the government has issued. U.S. Money Reserve also carries more than 100 highly trained professionals so that the clients can be sure that their needs are going to be met in the most efficient way. They are willing to sit down and talk to their clients about what they want and what they need so that they can provide it in the best way possible.

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Thinking About Investing, Go With The Experts At Madison Street Capital.

Madison Street Capital, LLC is one of the leading companies in international investment banking. This firm specializes in a variety of different areas such as financial advisory services as well as valuation services to public and private entities. Madison Street Capital is also a prominent authority in mergers and acquisitions and providing financial options for their clients. Based in the Chicago area, Madison Street Capital is a trusted investment company. It is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). They present clients on many different levels of the spectrum, from public to private corporations along with special committees, various boards, and shareholders. Clients include those who remain in the United States and Canada as well as those who are international.

This investment company stands out among the rest for a few different reasons. First, Madison Street Capital focuses on the middle market. This helps make room for growth with a larger number of potential participants. The focus on the middle market adds for a greater scope which adds value and creates a need for specialized skills to help increase profit. Another reason that Madison Street Capital trumps their competitors is that they assist their clients throughout the process, in what they call the “front-end” marketing as well as the “back-end” marketing. Their experts have meticulous standards so nothing is missed. They raise the bar in the industry to help supply their clients with the best negotiation practices and strategic planning. The firm adapts to the needs of their clients to ensure maximum profit gains.

Another exceptional quality of Madison Street Capital is their passion for helping others. In recent years the United States has endured recent natural disasters, such as the in the Greater New Orleans area and other locales in the south. Those residents see first-hand the philanthropic work done by Madison Street Capital. For example, the United Way organization is based in Virginia and work to change the lives of those effective by disasters by involving the community and creating partnerships. Madison Street Capital has worked alongside of the United Way project to help provide the appropriate funding and create a successful structure to help communities get back on their feet and gain capital. The professional expertise of Madison Street Capital has helped rebuild communities and local cities after dealing with devastating situations.