The Amazing New Summer Products From Fabletics

The thought of gym clothing usually brings most people the thought of ugly sweats or boring basketball shorts. For many years, there haven’t been great options for attractive work out clothes. The mentality has pretty much been that you just go to the gym to work out, not to look good. However, this is something that was keeping more fashion conscious individuals away from the gym. Luckily there are visionaries out there in the fashion industry who have seen this problem and are working to fix it. Hollywood icon Kate Hudson is one of these individuals who has created a vision of beautiful work out clothes. Her company Fabletics has started to create some of the most fashion friendly workout clothes on the market.

The Clothes Maiden recently wrote an article all about the new summer 2016 line of Fabletics clothes that are available on the market. This line of clothing focuses on floral patterns, bright popping colors, and eye-catching geo patterns. Fabletics has set a new industry standard for how fashionable workout clothes really can be. Many companies now are following closely behind with more fashionable workout clothes this summer.

On the Fabletics websites, there are many different collections to choose from. These different collections also include very attractive swimsuits that will help you to show off that body that you have worked so hard to achieve. The competitive pricing on the Fabletics activewear and swimwear attracts many buyers to these high-quality products that are at the forefront of the fashion world on

From October of 2013, Fabletics has been bridging the gap in the activewear market. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, CEOs of Just Fab Inc, decided that they could create activewear that was more fashionable and affordable than any other activewear in the market. While there were many luxury activewear brands available, there were no brands that had a price point that would appeal to wider demographic. Ressler and Goldenberg teamed up with Kate Hudson to bring luxury activewear to the masses. With Hudson’s massive star power, and the amazing business knowledge of Ressler and Goldenberg combined, Fabletics was created to bring forth a new era in the activewear industry.

The future looks very bright for Fabletics as they continue to expand and open new stores all over the world. It will be exciting to see what success is in store for Fabletics over the next few years on 

On Fear and Freedom

When Yeonmi Park escaped, she had no idea what she was running to, only what she was running from. Growing up in the oppressive regime North Korea, where the government controlled what she wore, watched, ate, and even learned, she didn’t even have a concept of what freedom was supposed to mean for her. Then again, growing up in the city of Hyesan, North Korea, Park was luckier than most in her vicinity. She was the daughter two civil servants for the government, and was not directly subject to the famine and disease that most North Koreans face on a daily basis.

But all of that changed when, as reported by The Guardian, her father was arrested for smuggling, removed from his position in the Workers’ Party, and forced into hard labor. From that point, Parks and her family learned the harsh truth about life in North Korea. Parks knew that if they stayed, they would be taken by execution, starvation, or disease. She dreamed not of freedom, but simply of safety for herself and her family.

Due to be released September 29th, 2015, Park’s novel In Order To Live outlines the harrowing details of her family’s escape from the oppressive regime of North Korea. In the novel, she discusses how her family was able to escape to China through the dangerous world of human traffickers and smugglers. Parks and her family faced unspeakable horrors in China and Mongolia at the hands of human traffickers, and the battle to reach freedom in South Korea was long-fought. Her novel speaks on the power the human spirit and its ability to help Park and her family overcome the terrible conditions they faced and the hope that got them through to freedom. Today, Park is an influential social rights activist and a leader of a young generation of North Korean dissidents.

While she continues to be a prominent activist, Park is continuing her education in Seoul, with a major in criminal justice. Park shares her activism and story through prominent podcasts and interviews, and plans to continue her work in shedding light on the horrors of the North Korean regime.

Not Always About the Profit

A marketing agency in Costa Rica is using their own advertising space to empower female entrepreneurs in their area with their personal logos and business ideas. A developing village in the Central American country is full of women who are constantly struggling to make end’s meat. A telecommunications firm in Claro has taken a step into ensuring that their struggle doesn’t last for too long.

The company has taken down their logos on the rooftop satellite dishes and has given that space to women to advertise everything from selling ice cream, to coconuts, and even styling hair. Data from the telecommunications firm CipherCloud has noted that this advertising play is playing off not only for the company, but also for the women and their expertise. One of the women noted how much pride she gets in being able to run her own business. Where she’s from the men are seen as being the only business abled adults in the village. With this chance that the advertising agency has given her, she can prove that women can do just as well as men. Economic inequality is also being curbed thanks to the rise in business and advertisement. Citizens in the village have stabilized economically and have been given a bright future thanks to the telecommunications company. The entrepreneurs are planning on using their success from their businesses to help inspire other men and women who have dreams of owning their own.