White Shark Media Review – Why They’re Worth It

If you are a business owner looking for an effective and reliable new way to advertise effectively, the best thing you could do is to work with White Shark Media. This is an agency who can help come up with efficient strategies to help your business with your marketing on all levels. Everything from SEO to Google Adwords, this is the company who can help you out. White Shark Media is by far the most reliable company to work with because they know how to work with their clientele efficiently and effectively.


The first thing you will notice with this company is that they love to care for their clientele with their way of working together and providing quality service. White Shark Media works with their clients very closely. For example, you will receive a small conference call and even email access to help guide you for the long haul. This is a company that specializes on caring about vital components regarding your marketing on every aspect, so expect to be cared for with the services you order from them.


If you are looking for a way to grow, White Shark Media is the company to work with. We loved how they took our brand and got it to the front of the search engines using the right keywords through Google Adwords. They utilize the right strategies to help further your brand for the right path. They have great specialists on all aspects and forms of business, and you can expect to experience a widely respected team who will speak to you personally and make sure you are updated on what you want to accomplish. They offer a wide range of services, so you can get marketing done all corners of your brand to help you succeed and grow in different overall directions.

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White Shark Media Is Quickly Growing

White Shark Media is an online marketing agency that specializes in small and medium sized businesses. They have been involved in many North American based businesses. They primarily provide search engine marketing campaigns. They currently offer services in pay per click management, mobile marketing, search engine optimization, web development, pay per click engines, landing page optimization, conversion optimization.


The company was founded in 2011 by Danish businessmen and tech experts that have had experience with Internet marketing. They have a bilingual staff that are located in multiple countries and continents. They currently hold their offices in Miami, Florida.


They help businesses grow with their own proprietary software and team strategies. They will track their clients marketing progress in real time and with great detail. They use a combination of their own tracking software as well as Google’s Analytics to provide intelligent results.


In 2012, the team was invited to Google’s Headquarters to be assigned a support team due to the companies growth in Google Analytics. They are one of 29 Google Adwords Premier partners in the world. They were also awarded a position with Bing Ads Authorized Reseller from Microsoft program due to their rapid growth.


The White Shark Media has maintained many long term partners and the staff has grown to over 150 employees. They currently have approximately 600 clients that are working with them with a 8-10% client retention rate and their revenues are predicted to be between $3 to $5 million They expecting to grow to at least double their current size by next year.


Not that long ago, they were featured in the Inc. 500 as one of the fastest growing companies that are stationed in Miami ranking number 6 on the list. They were recognized with their 622% increase in revinue since their initial launch in 2011.


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