Laidlaw and Company, Investment Banking since 1842

First established in 1842, Laidlaw and Company was one of the first investment banking companies in the United States and after 175 years they are still a prominent entity and influence in the industry. They have a rich history of providing outstanding service and advice to a wide range of clients.

Starting out first as a Commission Merchant they expanded into Private Banking and in the early 1900’s became a member of the New York Stock Exchange.
Their growth continued as they opened branches in Montreal and Toronto expanding the border and their reach for investment clients. World War II propelled them into global Investment Banking and they have grown and expanded throughout the 20th century.
The 21st century saw the creation of Globeshare, the first online trading site like  for investment banking, giving customers a more active role.
With offices in California, Florida and Texas and all over the world Laidlaw continues to grow and expand and have a positive impact on the investment banking industry.
Their pooled investment plan offers opportunities for investments in new ventures to clients. As reported by PR NewsWire, Laidlaw has expanded its reach into Social Media, Pharmaceuticals, Medical, Insurance and metals as they continue to explore the new market possibilities and continue to be a strong voice in the business market.
With more than 170 years in Wealth Management Laidlaw offer prime services in Financial Planning Advice and Portfolio Management, providing their customers with the best in investment options and private one time investment options minimizing risk.
Their comprehensive expertise combines the current state of the art techniques and new innovations to present to their client base and makes them a force in the Investment Banking World and they continue to explore and grow.



Things That You Should Know When it Comes to the U.S. Money Reserve

This great business, the U.S. Money Reserve, was actually started by some veterans from the gold market who had the realization that they should try to mold together great customer service, know-how in the market and guidance for buying precious metals that can be trusted. The U.S. Money Reserve has had plenty of chances to work side-by-side with many different clients, thanks to their ranking as one of the biggest businesses to deal in Silver, Gold and Platinum Coins that are U.S. Government issued within our nation. Many of their clients have had the opportunity to reap the financial benefits of purchasing precious metals thanks to them.

When it comes to the U.S. Money Reserve, everyone knows that they strive to give their customers the best of the best when it comes to Silver, Gold and Platinum Coins that are Government issued within the precious metal market. Throughout the years that the U.S. Money Reserve has been in business, they have worked hard at making sure that their clients are able to trust their expertise when it comes to picking out the coins that will afford the best value, thanks to their many years of making good decisions in terms of purchases, and most of the clients who have come to put their trust in them are actually to this day seeing large profits coming from their purchases.

When you make the decision to work side-by-side with the U.S. Money Reserve, you will have the pleasure of working with some of the most intuitive and well-versed professionals that come from the precious metal industry. There are actually more than 100 professionals that are currently working with the U.S. Money Reserve. All of the employees at the U.S. Money Reserve are trained to make sure that you will get the best personalized experience when it comes to purchasing precious metals.

Over the years, the U.S. Money Reserve has helped over 70 different non-profit organizations by donating to them, some of the organizations that they have donated to are the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, the American Red Cross and the Austin Children’s Shelter. Many people have put their trust into the U.S. Money Reserve, isn’t it time that you do? Make the right decision the next time you are attempting to purchase precious metals, and take your business to the U.S. Money Reserve.

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Improvements To Typical White Shark Media Client Complaints


While most White Shark Media clients have praised the company, there have been some complaints over the years. Creating a company with the least amount of complaints possible takes time. White Shark Media consultants have looked into the complaints they have gotten and have made the company stronger by making suggested improvements. Both compliments and complaints have been utilized by the company to grow constructively.

Many clients felt like they had lost touch of their Adwords campaign. As a result of this realization, White Shark Media is now going over their Adwords reporting procedures in greater detail so clients can effectively keep track of their keyword and ad performances. Clients have also complained that their Adwords campaigns are set up on the company’s account. White Shark Media is now allowing clients with a successful Adwords account to continue to use it.

Another common complaint that the company has gotten is about the lack of effective communication that has been established between the clients and White Shark Media. The business now conducts scheduled monthly status calls through an online conference platform. Any changes needed on a client’s account can be determined during the meeting and immediately implemented. Phone systems with direct extensions are also provided so that clients can contact the company whenever they have a comment, concern, or question for the company. In addition, Senior SEM consultants follow each clients progress and offer assistance as needed. Customers can also actively engage with the consultant who signed them up for White Shark Media when they have queries.

A large portion of White Shark Media‘s clients’ enquiries occurs through phone contact. As a result, clients had difficulty keeping track of the incoming calls. White Shark Media is now partnering with Marchex to provide their clients with call tracking features for no additional fees. The service will now be mandatory when new customers sign up with the company.

Lastly, some White Shark Media clients have complained that their old Adwords campaign was performing better than the new one that they started with the company. The company has responded by adding improvements to Adwords campaigns that have already been performing well. In addition, senior SEM strategists now monitor all of the company’s clients and provide suggestions for improvements when needed.

White Shark Media is a leader in digital marketing. The company provides tailor designed solutions for small to mid-level companies to gain an effective online presence.

Top-notch Business Valuation At Madison Street Capital

The Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking company that is committed to excellence, integrity, leadership and accountability in its provision of corporate financial consultancy services to private and public organizations. The following is a comprehensive analysis of one of its core services, business valuation.
Business Valuation
Madison Street Capital has expansive experience in evaluating businesses. The company has divided this major function into two categories, company valuation, and tax compliance.
Company Valuation
The foundation of this investment banking firm is understanding, analyzing, defining and identifying value. The foundation also represents its core expertise. Its experienced staff draws on state-of-the-art analytical tools as well as financial modeling strategies available anywhere in the world. It then augments the highly efficient resource with the first-person experience to establish a specific and objective business value. It assists its clients who want to verify corporate worth for all kinds of situations and environments. Among the services this offer in this sector includes;
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Shareholder redemptions
• Tax liability determinations
• Collateral value assessments
• Succession and reorganizations plans
• International transactions
• Convertible and debt securities
• Employee stock ownership plans
• Stock Options
• Initial public offerings
Tax Compliance
The key elements of good tax planning are objective, thoroughly documented and accurate valuations. MSC’s professionals have vast experience in formulating objective valuations for to assist in tax compliance. Its staff has the analytical insight to follow the ever-changing regulations. These practices to assists its clients meet their ever-increasing duties in tax code compliance and financial reporting abroad and domestically. The essential service allows the clients to focus on their principle task, improving their businesses.
Its expertise in tax compliance encompasses buying price allocation research, multi-step impairment assessment for goodwill and other virtual assets. The firm is also good in valuation for financial coverage related with to bankruptcy, tax planning plans, post-transaction and assessments of assets and liabilities. It also ventures in in-kind contributions and any like-kind exchanges, asset and security assessments for estates or gift tax purposes. Its functions extend beyond documentation to offers critical support required to solve challenge by, state, local and federal taxing bodies.
Other Services
Corporate Advisory: The services it offers in this section are; mergers and acquisitions, capital restructuring, bankruptcy Services and reorganization Services Others are buy-out advisory, ESOP Advisory, private placements and corporate governance.
Financial Report Valuation: Goodwill and intangible asset, purchase price allocations, structured finance facilities and Share-based Compensation
Financial Opinions: Independent third-Party Fairness and solvency and capital competence
Asset Management Industry: Mergers and Acquisitions consultancy, portfolio appraisal services, business restructuring and financial sponsorship

What To Do When You Fall Short Of The Mark In Business

No business is perfect and will fall short of the mark at some point or another. When you do, you may face complaints from customers, some of whom will probably be extreme and want to shut you down. Dealing with particularly angry customers can be quite hurtful but, as tempting as it may get at times, one thing that you should never do is show your anger back at them. Not only could this lead to you going out of business, it could also lead to a ruin both your and your employees’ reputations.

Whenever you receive a complaint, the first thing you should always do is take the what the customer is saying into account. After all, successful businesses almost always run on the motto of: “The customer comes first”. Some have even tried to run on, “The customer is always right” but that’s an entirely different matter and it’s also not the case. That’s why the second best move to make is to investigate the complaint. Then if that complaint is, indeed, found to be valid, then that’s the time to come up with a solution.

White Shark Media, for example, is a digital media solution company that finds solutions with small- and medium-business owners. One of their blogs is about common customer complaints and what they’ve done to prevent them from occurring again. For example, for a long while, one was that their clients were confused about the workings of their Adwords Campaign. White Shark eventually realized that their software wasn’t properly set up for too many of their clients to have easy access to their reports or monitor everything else that was occurring within their businesses. As a result, they now go out of their way to ensure that every client knows the ends and outs of every new campaign. Their clients now have a much better idea of where they want to go, what keywords they need to use, etc. in order to gain access to those reports and projects.

In the situation above, White Shark Media reviews the problem, demonstrated an understanding, thoroughly investigated the problem and, finally, came up with a solution. They have employed this method with every common complaint that they have received and it has made them more, not less, successful.

Again, no business can ever expect to be perfect 100 percent of the time but when you do fall short, always be prepared to investigate and offer a solution.