Michael Burwell- Riding In High Success

The Wills Towers Watsons recently named their Chief Executive Officer as Michael Burwell replacing the retiring Roger Millay from 2nd October 2017. Burwell has vast experience of knowledge and skills boasting of 31 years of professional dealings and success in the finance industry. Michael Burwell career ranges from management roles in different company sectors with 11 years dealing with auditing roles and 12 years trading in Transaction Services Advisory roles. Michael is well known for his due diligence in a matter pertaining pre-merger valuation.


The Willis Towers and Watson immense interest in the finance industry is dealing with advisory, global broking and solutions organization. It has well equipped and learned management lead by John Haley, the company president. According to Haley, Mike joining the company highest positions will increase its ability to expand since he comes with innovative ideas, experience and also expertise. Michael Burwell is well acquainted with the ability to get results through unique leadership skills and robust focus on the company clients and the global markets. He has expertise in the transaction, transformation and global finance making him the ideal boss to lead Wills Towers and Watson to better growth and increased long-term success.


Willis Towers and Watson on stock exchange uses initial WLTW. It offers different broking solutions globally enabling clients to minimize their risks turning them into profits. The company was incepted in 1828, and for decades it has grown tremendous having branches in 140 countries with 40,000 workforce’s. The core duty is delivering and designing of different solutions customized to offer their clients comprehensive advice meeting their needs and wants while managing the risk and cultivating on talents. View Related Info Here.


The company also believes in optimizing their client’s benefits by expanding their capital power and ability to protect and strengthen institutions and individuals. The Wills Towers and Watson have unique perceptive skills that allow the company to spot next and critical intersections of various talents and assets while giving a dynamic formula for the driving company to success.


Michael Burwell went to the University of Michigan State where he attained Bachelor of Business Administration degree, and later he became the certified public accountant. He boasts of being named the Persons of the Year by Michigan State University Alumnus, and he believes that a good listener always builds his business to success. Listening is a crucial deal in achieving robust network, and he starts his day very early by making his bed even when travelling and then riding. According to Michael Burwell accomplishment of the morning, assignments are crucial in making the day successful.


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