Robert Ivy, A Modern Transformative Architect

A list of diverse and influential people in the USA art scene is incomplete without mentioning the incredible architect, Robert Ivy. The author of a brilliant work has a background in architecture, and this explains the reason why he has been instrumental in documenting the American architecture journey in the in the past twenty years. The last twelve months have been incomparable for him.

As an architect and an influential art contributor and promoter, Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement is a great honor. It is important to point out that his education journey is admirable, from having a BA in English to pursuing an MA in architecture from the prestigious Tulane University.

Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award is predictably for the artists and for Robert Ivy to satisfy the selection committee, shows his impact especially on the contemporary art scene. It is also essential to note that this is the first time an architect is part of prestigious awards. However, according to Nancy LaForge (who is the MIAL President); this architect has been an instrumental voice in the documentation of modern architecture as well as being a valuable commentator of the current architecture trends.

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The award is more of a reflection of Robert Ivy resilience for his career path as well as all the being an excellent ambassador for such a noble profession. The award paints a clear picture of his career journey from the time he was an editor to an architecture publication (Architectural Record) to now as a recipient of many elite awards. His contributions in the architectural world are unmatched. As a profession, he has been an essential ingredient in making the architectural services accessible to the public. His life paints a perfect picture of a smart leader with a strong personality.

The award now places him in the same category with great contributors to the USA art scene such as Eudora Welty, Morgan Freeman, Leontyne Price and Walter Anderson; These personalities presents excellence in their respective fields as well as relatable approaches to their different careers. For Robert Ivy to be part of this list of celebrities, it depicts his current contributions as well as expectations in the overall service to humanity.


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