The career path of Milan Kordestani that led to the start of Milan farm

Stanford is where Milan Kordestani was born and in the same place is where he attended Phillips Brooks Elementary school. There was the move to London that took place after the parents of Milan Kordestani divorced. He didn’t stay there for a while because in 2010 he moved to Bay Area where he joined the Sacred Heart Preparatory in Atherton, in the same place is where he attended high school to graduate in 2017. The interest that he has in riding horses began when he was young and that is at 10 years. The most memorable thing that he remembers when riding the horse at a young age is when he was thrown off the horse, and he got up on the horse to finish of the race. The thing that surprised so many people because for other kids they could have been afraid of getting back on the horse that mistreated them.

The riding of the horses has been a root of the dedication that he has, because when he started the lesson of riding the horse it didn’t take long before he started competing at the high levels. Apart from the achievement that he has being an equestrian he is the founder of Milan Farm a firm that will deal with production of eggs, saffron and poultry. He still offers his services to the Huffington Post where he is the writer. In early 2015 is when Milan Kordestani founded Milan Farm so that he would begin the interest that had in having the poultry raised in a humane and organic area and use organic growing to grow 100% pure saffron.

The primary goal that Milan Farm has is that they will be able to offer the clients a legitimate option. For raising the animals they will use transparency, and for the plants, they use organic ways, and that has been the honest option they have been offering the clients. Kordestani suggests that if the clients have an idea of exactly what they want then the thing that they should get is an honest option. In 2016 Milan Farm has expanded to three separate farms when they become a trademark.


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