Jason Hope Sees the Potential of The Internet of Things

Jason Hope has always been a firm believer in The Internet of Things,and it is proving to be well-accepted and intergrade by airports because it is proving to be a valuable asset. Wireless connection is becoming more and more common these days and Gartner Inc.predicts that 25 billion things will probably be connected by the year 2020.

Bluetooth beacon technology is a very important part of The Internet of Things and makes it possible for the lines of communication to be open between people. A beacon is a transmitting device that has the purpose of gathering and relaying information. Many beacons in this day and age are actually tiny stickers that are embedded with sensors and can be placed on pretty much anything.

This technology will change the way airports operate and 37% have already allotted a portion of their budgets to implement teh useful technology. In fact, 58% plan to implement these changes within the next three years. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance On the Internet of Things.

Jason Hope points out that there’re numerous benefits to implementing The Internet of Things into air travel. There’s the benefit of safety. Planes are connected through a wireless communication system that schedules maintenance and monitors the safety items on the plane.

Customer service is also improved,and check-in, personalized travel, and creature comforts are all made possible thanks to the technology. Even baggage handling is improved and beacon technology will make it easy to locate luggage thanks to beacon technology.

Jason Hope is predicting that The Internet of Things will become much more prevalent in the very near future and will make our daily lives run more smoothly and efficiently.

The Internet of Things is pretty much limitless as to what it can do according to Jason Hope. He says to expect to see such things as wearable technology that will guide travelers through the airport and intelligent touch-displays that will provide real-time information for travelers.

Airlines will even be able to build sensing devices right into the cabin and seats so that travelers well-being can be tracked during the flight. Customer satisfaction is at the top of the list and airlines want to provide the very best experience possible with the Internet of Things that is a very possible goal.

Jason Hope believes that The Internet of Things has the power to really change the way people see flying and can turn the negative aspect associated with it into a positive.

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