Crystalized peaches? Nope, my new EOS lip balm, let’s review.

The crystal EOS Lip Balm is like a dream, click ( The fact that it is Vegan and not tested on animals is enough to make your heart smile. And that is just the beginning.

The hibiscus peach flavor crystal EOS lip balm does not come in the egg that EOS is known for, instead it has a new sleek rounded 3 sided prism container, check here. Making it look futuristic yet elegant. The lip balm itself is translucent and looks like gelatin but with out the jiggle of course. It contains no wax or petroleum, which is a great thing. Being cautious about what goes onto and eventually into your body is a must. The smell of the lip balm takes you to the middle of a peach orchard on a warm summer day, hop over this link,

The crystal EOS Lip Balm glides ever so smoothly across your lips, to leave your lips moisturized and totally kissable, see here. It even make your lips look moisturized with out making them look greasy or overly glossy.

Overall this Crystal EOS lip balm is made with quality ingredients. The smell is delicious yet very subtle. It performs its duties well as a lip balm making the lips soft while giving them the look of a dew kissed flower in early morning. This is definitely worth adding to your collection. Click mapleholistics for more info.


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