Clayton Hutson: Making the Best Shows on the Planet

Clayton Hutson is one of the most in-demand stage technicians in the world today. His skills and expertise working in the background managed to get him jobs to be partnering with the best musicians for them to plan out their concert tours. His latest involvement will be with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill who will be touring the country for their Soul2Soul: The World Tour. This is the next phase in their world tour, and they have chosen Clayton Hutson to help them with the technical aspect of their show. Clayton Hutson has worked with several clients in the past, and the Nashville native stated that he would always be there whenever the musicians would need him. Learn more:



For more than two decades, he has worked in the backstage and known for producing memorable concerts and other live entertainment. He has worked with the top musicians in the past and has an excellent working relationship with the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Pink, and Guns N’ Roses. Initially working as a sound engineer, he managed to add up services each year, eventually putting up tour producing and maintaining the stage to his expertise. His most impressive accomplishment was the creation of an automatic rigging apparatus, which was used during the music tour of OneRepublic. This gave him more credibility in the music scene.



Clayton Hutson stated that his company would always make sure that their clients are happy about the effects that are brought on stage. Despite the technology in concerts evolving fast, he is making sure that his team could cope with the changes. One of the greatest challenges in the backstage would be the use of portable lights, as the design and the usability could change quickly, and Clayton Hutson’s team must adapt to give their clients a good show. He also revealed that he is meticulous when it comes to the final execution of the show. He stated that he would be checking the stage three times to make sure that everything’s ready to take off.



The backstage master has made his name in the music industry. Artists trust him with their lives, knowing that he would never compromise safety. For his previous clients, like Pink, Clayton Hutson is the best person to work with when it comes to producing a world-class concert. Clayton Hutson stated that his company would continue to provide the greatest shows for artists who would trust them.


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