Meet The Renowned Sound Engineer Clay Hutson

He is one those guys who are behind the awesome sound that you hear in several international trips held by various musicians. His articulate skills in the sound mixer are just outstanding making him one of the most sought-after sound engineers by various artists. Yes, he is in the music industry, but he is exceptional in his work, he ensures his audience gets the best experience in every performance. He is the kind of a person who is much focused on making things happen and he doesn’t leave until his goal is accomplished. The man is Clay Hutson the stage manager of various events and musical concerts.

Clay Huston has been a music lover since his tender age and he pressed on to achieve his dreams. This made him attend Central Michigan University for Theater Design degree. He later proceeded to Stephen M. Ross School of Business for his Master’s in Business Administration. After his studies, he started participating and working in various entertainment companies as a Project manager and also as an outstanding Sound Engineer. He has traveled and worked for Billy Graham as part of his sound team when he was working with corporate entertainment industries.

Clay Huston became more interested in the music industry, especially in rock ‘n’ roll. His exposure to live performances as a sound engineer made him start his own business. This made him discover he was an entrepreneur hence instilled much hard work that made his company gain reputation very fast. He has spent his days traveling with various musicians in various countries like Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia among others.

Clay Huston has worked with Garbage band, One Republic tours, and musicians like Pink, Kid Rock, Hasley, and Kelly Clarkson among others. During his free time, he spends time in wood works, crafts, and his family. He makes his money by doing live production, offering rigging services, and being a sound engineer. He offers stage management and productions design services. Of late, he has been working as a stage manager lately. After starting his business, he was fortunate to get good clients and became diligent and consistency in his work hence becoming successful over time. Referrals have been the largest driver of his business. Learn more:

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