Why Jeff Aronin is Arguably the Face of Bioscience

Jeff Aronin is one of the smartest businessmen in the world today. His track record as an investor and entrepreneur is near spotless. The innovative businessman primarily conducts business in the biotech industry. He has spent two decades developing global biotech and healthcare innovation companies. Though he is not a practicing physician he is one of the leading experts in the bioscience sector.


Early in Aronin’s life he had no desire whatsoever to pursue a career in bioscience. He sort of stumbled across the industry after shadowing a physician who decided to treat a child’s seizures with medicine instead of a risky surgery that could of done more harm than good. This moment was the starting point of the career of Aronin.


He realized nothing was more important to him than helping to improve the quality of lives of patients. He soon set out to assemble a team of experts that could develop and successfully commercialize pharmaceuticals.


In 2000 he founded Ovation Pharmaceuticals. He built the company from the ground up and shaped it after his vision of helping patients. The company was around for nearly a decade when it was acquired by H. Lundbeck A/S. Though short lived Ovation Pharmaceuticals made a major impact in the bioscience sector with Aronin leading the way. The Danish pharmaceutical company spent $900 million to purchase Ovation.


Although Aronin has been the driving force behind many innovative biotech companies the most notable is Paragon Biosciences. Aronin has also been the chairman of several portfolio companies under the Paragon umbrella. Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals and Harmony Biosciences are perhaps the most well known.


Aronin has a knack for bringing together talented teams made up of scientists and business executives. His ability to put together an effective and efficient team is largely the reason he has been so successful.


Aronin attended and graduated from both DePaul University and Northern Illinois University. He holds degrees from both institutions as well.

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