Glen Wakeman Explains How To Effectively Delegate Tasks

As a longtime businessman Glen Wakeman is very familiar with delegating tasks. On his widely read blog he recently laid out the basics of delegations. The first of these was to make sure you lay out what your expectations are for the person you are delegating a task to. He says you should have a very candid conversation with this person about the problem you are trying to solve so they clearly understand the issues involved. This includes explaining why its a problem to begin with.

Once expectations are set Glen Wakeman says you need to transfer ownership of the problem to the person you are delegating solving it to. This involves having the person repeat back to you the problem and how to solve it so you can be sure they completely understand the problem and why it is important to solve it. Another important thing is to let this person bring their skills to the table in solving this problem which builds trust as well as accountability.

Finally, Glen Wakeman says that getting through obstacles in the way of solving a problem requires iteration. This means monitoring the progress of arriving at a solution while letting the subordinate work through the problem on their own to the greatest extent possible. You shouldn’t try to micromanage this person but instead give them the opportunity to arrive at the best solution.

Glen Wakeman is a graduate of the University of Scranton. He also has an MBA which he acquired at the University of Chicago. For much of his career he worked for GE Money. He lived and worked around the world while at this company including Asia, Europe, and Latin America. He became an entrepreneur in May 2015 when he launched his consulting firm Nova Four. Through this company he coaches chief executive officers, particularly those in the developmental stage.

LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, is another company that Glen Wakeman leads. This firm provides an online platform which prospective business owners can use to develop a business plan. Having a good business plan is a critical step in being able to acquire the funds needed to get a new business off the ground.

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