Professor Kamil Idris on How Intellectual Property Protections Help Global Trade and Commerce

Professor Kamil E. Idris served as Director of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) from 1997 to 2008. In his leadership role with the global consortium–which was chartered in 1967 and is funded by the 190 member-states of the United Nations; Professor Idris sought to strengthen existing international laws, policies and protections for individual citizens and businesses that create emerging technologies and inventions that improve the quality of life for the entire planet.


In it’s simplest terms, WIPO has sought to develop alliances between governmental, non-governmental organizations and private corporations, meant to provide a platform that facilitates the development of clear, uniform and clearly understood, international policies, laws and referendums that offer real protection of the intellectual property rights of the world’s invaluable inventors and scientists–which in turn, further encourages creative pursuits that result in future inventions, technologies and medical and scientific breakthroughs.


Lax regulations, intellectual property piracy, copyright theft, and lack of legal protections, ultimately tend to stifle the creative pursuits of persons if they feel that at anytime someone can come along and steal their work and/or ideas. Additionally, WIPO acts as an important catalyst to address global intellectual property lapses, that can lead to transnational instances of intellectual property counterfeit and theft. Professor Idris is a major proponent of international facilitating of dispute resolution addressing possible disagreements that can develop across sovereign borders and cultural divides as a result of intellectual property and copyright violations and outright theft because of the relative ease of usurping intellectual property rights with the widespread use of the internet. Intellectual property rights can be stolen with just a click of a mouse these days and are difficult to prove and to prosecute.


World Intellectual Property Organization’s stated objective is ‘to lead the fight for a uniform global Intellectual Property system that protects and encourages global creativity and technological advancement and development.” Professor Kamil Idris, who hails from Sudan and holds multiple degrees, including a doctorate in International Law from the Graduate Institute of International Studies, University of Geneva, Switzerland; also headed the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants. Professor Idris also ran unsuccessfully as an independent presidential candidate in his home country of Sudan in 2010.


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