Discover How Passion for Radio Career Has Worked For Ryan Seacrest

There will always be something unique that makes a person known in their professions or careers. Nothing makes a heart merry like when other people remember you for something good. Ryan Seacrest is a beneficiary of this. After he being the American Idol host a famous televised competition, Ryan is no longer a stranger to many people today. He also happens to have hosted ‘American Top 40,’ a popular radio program in the country. His ambition in this industry opened a bigger door in 2017 when he co-hosted a program with Kelly. Ryan is among the people who know that passion for something can get someone what he could not have attained any other way.

Ryan was born in on 4th December 1974 in Atlanta. He developed his radio career early in his life, and he decided to follow it no matter what. He later went to California in the mid-1990s at a city called Los Angeles, where he started a famous and electrifying afternoon radio show. It was in 2002 when Ryan’s career started after hosting American Idol. He moved on to the E! Television network where he anchored the news. He also covered various entertainment events that saw his fame grow.

Things worked better for him in 2012 when he appeared on the Today show after signing a deal with NBC Universal. From this year to 2013, Ryan had appeared on other different programs. The Million Second Quiz was the game show he started hosting in 2013. By 2017, he had been named a co-host of a popular program known as Live with Kelly & Ryan. Keeping Up with the Kardashians is one of the TV hits associated with Ryan’s efforts. Rick Dees and Casey Kasem are some of the DJs who influenced Ryan to develop an irresistible interest in becoming a radio disc jockey.

Ryan used to wear glasses and braces while at the high school, and many of his colleagues made fun out of it. As a student, he handled announcements in an ambitious way. This opened a door for him at a radio station in Atlanta on an internship program. He had not had an on-air gig before. By the time he went to Georgia University, he was still working in this radio station.


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