How Glen Wakeman Helps Startups Get Off The Ground

Living and working in Miami, Florida, Glen Wakeman is a financial expert and entrepreneur. From December 1985 to May 2006 he worked in a variety of roles for the international firm GE Money. He worked around the world running a number of their subsidiaries. His specialties were general, country, and regional management as well as business development, operations, and technology. He has a bachelor’s degree he earned at the University of Scranton and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Glen Wakeman’s final role at GE Money was as the chief executive officer of their Latin America division. He built up GE Money’s country operations from scratch in nine separate nations including in Asia, Europe, and South America. In total, he built over a 1000 branches of GE Money in various countries (Glenwakeman).

After leaving GE Money, Glen Wakeman worked for a number of international companies before deciding to launch his own company. He moved to the Miami/Fort Lauderdale company and the first firm he founded was Nova Four. He was the president of this company for a few years before taking on an advisory role instead. This company is a business consulting company that coaches the CEO as well as board members about how to go about their various duties.

In November 2015, Glen Wakeman launched his latest firm, LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. He serves as the chief executive officer and oversees daily operations of his company. He started this company after he got to thinking about why so many startups struggle and fail. He identified the problem that usually occurs which is that many startups have either a bad business plan or lack one altogether. Since he has extensive experience creating business plans he decided to launch a company that would help startups put these together.

Glen Wakeman brought in programmers who used his ideas to build a business planning online platform. His platform takes the user step by step through every detail of building a solid business plan that will help them start and then sustain their new company through its early stages and beyond.


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