Learn How To Start Investing Young With Chris Linkas

With the unpredictability of today’s downtrodden global economy, everyone’s become the eager investor. While young adults continue their frivolous pursuits beyond the realm of investing for retirement. World economists emphasize the need to invest young, given the significance of “age,” which coincides with time. Twenty-somethings aren’t intimately informed of the edge “age” gives them to older investors. At this early point in life, one has “time” to always reinvest, even after multiple fails. Then comes an opportunity to learn and develop winning strategies that generate rewarding results. There’s also room for a young investor to overcome hiccups and recover without time becoming an enemy.

Another upside is that twenty-somethings investing in a dream or retirement can always increase human capital. Whether it’s in the form of education or self-growth, opportunities aren’t scarce. Irrespective of the direction, it’s another avenue to earn a higher income and invest more. Technology and machine learning put forward smarter innovations that young investors can easily master. With this awareness and access to real-time educational resources, keeping abreast with the trading world is light work for young investors today.

Having an edge certainly makes an attractive quality. However, having proper guidance can be the design to exact the reward of success to failure. Top UK investment authority, Chris Linkas of 20-person European Credit Group has extensive experience working with amateurs. He’s become a mentor to today’s evolving generation of young investors. He regularly contributes constructive opinion pieces and articles to help steer them in the right direction. Prior to his installation as head of the firm, he assumed key executive positions working for top New York investment managers. His responsibility primarily focused on leveraging high-risk real estate investments. Following his success in the North American credit market, Linkas also found success in Europe.

As the lead European credit strategy authority, he’s developed an impressive resume working with 20-person European Credit Group. Since installation in 2012, he’s spearheaded numerous projects throughout the UK-Eurozone (Companiesintheuk). With special attention to high-risk real estate opportunities, his expertise extends to Greece, Spain, Ireland, Benelux, the UK, etc. Besides real estate investments, Linkas prolific specialization also includes leveraging corporate loans/securities, shipping, leases, servicer/platform trading and more.


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