InnovaCare Soaring High with the Skilled Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health is one reputable organization in the provision of managed healthcare services all around North America. As such, InnovaCare Health, Inc. seeks to bring about significant changes in healthcare management in addressing the challenges facing the diversity of the healthcare sector. InnovaCare Health has successfully managed to offer quality healthcare services with the help of sustainable models that are cost-effective as well as by the modern technologies. The goal is a success through Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage as the essential care avenues.

The highly regarded Dr. Richard Shinto is the present President and Main Executive Officer at InnovaCare. Before his debut at InnovaCare, he was working at AVETA Inc. as the CEO. Moreover, he served in clinical healthcare provision for more than twenty years. In addition to that, Dr. Shinto once worked in California as the CMO at NAMM. Interestingly, there are a series of articles on health care and clinical medicine that Richard has written. Visit Bloomberg to see more.

As part of his career journey, Richard studied at California University, Irvine where he successfully acquired a Science Bachelor. Further, he attained a degree in medicine from the New York’s State University in Stony Brook. Additionally, he possesses an MBA from the Redlands University.

Furthermore, the InnovaCare President and CEO won the Access to Caring Award during an annual Tribute to the Caring celebration at the Western University of Health Sciences. He is very dedicated and committed to the provision of quality healthcare services to the poor.

On the other hand, Penelope Kokkinides is the able Head Administration Officer at InnovaCare Health, Inc. Penelope became part of InnovaCare Health in 2015, and she has quite a significant experience in health care programs funded by the government. Besides, she has diverse knowledge and skills in designing clinical programs as well as healthcare operations management. Before taking up her current position, Penelope served as the InnovaCare’s Chief Operating Officer and the Head of Clinical Operations. Check out for more.

Penelope has dramatically specialized skills in the field of organizational infrastructure seeking to improve health care services. She worked as the Executive Vice President and the Centerlight HealthCare’s Chief Executive Officer before joining InnovaCare Health, Inc. Kokkinides was into the management strategies for healthcare operations as well as leading the institution in the right direction. Nonetheless, she served as the Chief Operating Officer at Touchstone Health and the Americhoice’s Corporate Deputy Chair.

Kokkinides has a solid educational background whereby she achieved various educational qualifications. Among them is the Binghamton University Honors in Classical Languages and Biological Sciences. Besides, Penelope is a graduate of the New York University with a social work master’s degree. She is additionally knowledgeable on alcohol and substance abuse from the same university. Moreover, Penelope holds a public health master’s degree from a Columbian University.

Therefore, both Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are best suitable for their positions at InnovaCare Health, Inc. It is no doubt that they will use their excellent skills in ensuring that InnovaCare achieves its goals and objectives in health care services.

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