Stream Energy Makes A Difference In Their Community

Stream Energy provides an alternative to using the internet. They got their start in 2005, and they have generated over $8 billion in revenue since its inception. This has made Stream Energy the largest direct selling energy company around the world. Stream Energy provides a variety of wireless services. Their focus is on keeping their customers connected during their busy lifestyles. Their energy services are available in Maryland, New Jersey, Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New York, Illinois, and Washington D.C. All of their other services are available worldwide.


Community Support

Stream Energy uses their success to help those in need through charity and donations. They created Stream Cares, an organization to help those who are homeless for whatever reason. They are strongly committed to the American Red Cross donating $25,000 to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. This was in response to the disastrous Hurricane Harvey that affected hundreds of thousands of people in Louisiana and Texas. The storm caused massive flooding that forced people from their homes. Thousands of Stream Energy customers were affected by the flooding as well as the 300,000 power outages. Through their philanthropic efforts, Stream was able to collect additional donations including much needed supplies, and food. Stream Energy was personally affected by the hurricane, because their employees live in the areas that were hit.

David Faranetta is the new Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Stream Energy. He is the head man in charge of accounting, financial planning, reporting, and tax and treasury functions for the company. Faranetta had prior success founding Luminant, a electricity generator and wholesaler. As a leader, his company increased their revenue by 6 percent while decreasing their overhead by 10 percent. Faranetta has watched Stream Energy closely over the years and is excited to become a part of their team.




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