Stream Energy Lends a Helpful Hand to Hurricane Victims

Dallas residents were proud to be doing business with Stream Energy after the way they handled themselves after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, read more. Some businesses take a neutral stance in crises because they feel as though it has nothing to do with them. Other businesses get down to the customer’s level. Others even contribute funds to the cause. Stream Energy showed its true colors after the hurricane, and it was the color of compassion.

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Stream Donates to Red Cross

One of the first things that Stream Energy did to offer help to Harvey victims was donate a hefty $25,000 to the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross is well known for helping people who survive disasters such as hurricanes, fires and so on. The organization uses the money that people donate to get victims back on their feet ASAP.


Stream Employees Gather to Help

Stream has such a compassionate culture that their employees voluntarily went out and started helping some of the victims in the community. They helped those people find clothing, shelter and other resources.


Stream Reimburses Employees

Stream also made efforts to reimburse the employees and the victims for the time that they lose because of the incident. They started a crowd fund with the employees who helped and the funds from that went well past $100,000. Additionally, Stream gave its customers a break on some crucial services. They did not charge their energy or wireless customers any late fees if they had trouble paying their bills because of the disaster, for example. It’s times like these when people really get to see the heart of a business, and Stream showed its warm heart during these tough times.


About Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a Texas-based provider of a suite of services such as energy, mobile and home services. The company was founded in 2005 and has been growing rapidly ever since. It has received recognition for its contributions to hurricane victims and its overall community-friendly persona. Stream currently operates in eight states and will continue to expand each year.


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