Susan Mcgalla Helps More Women Discover Their Talents in Business

Susan Mcgalla is taking her time and building the clothing line for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She has revamped a lot of the clothes that people have seen from this franchise over the years. Susan has done a lot of interesting things with this clothing line, but what many people may know Susan for is her time with American Eagle. This is where she rose to the top position as CEO. This is also where she became the motivation for so many women that may have assumed that this was not a possibility.

Down through the years there have been other women in CEO positions, but few have managed to become the same type of strong CEO that Susan Mcgalla has become. She has certainly shown herself to be a leader when it came to connecting with other women in the business world. She aspires to do something great in business, and it is obvious that she is getting the chance to show many other women around the world that they can be great leaders if they are willing to start small.

Susan has proven that there is a lot to explore when it comes to creating and identity in the corporate world. She has been able to stay in demand because she has always presented herself as the business woman that was growing and learning new things. Even when she stepped down from CEO positions she would go on to start her own business.

She would do so many great things over the years that it became evident that she was someone that businesses could depend on. Susan knew marketing like the back of her hand so it became easy for her to transition into someone that could help other people along the way. She has continued to do this over and over again.

Susan urges those women that are trying to become business leaders to look at what they are trying to get into. She urges them to really take interest in becoming knowledgeable in their field. She knows that it’s easier to gain success when you gain experience.

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