Barbara Stokes and GSH of Alabama Aid Disaster Relief Efforts

One cannot say enough about the leadership and business skills of Barbara Stokes with respect to the disaster relief efforts taking place in Alabama. She leads the way in disaster relief, modular home construction efforts. Her company, Green Structure Homes, manufactures state-of-the-art modular homes. The homes are also energy-efficient, friendly to the environment, and require a minimal workforce to construct and erect onsite. Read more at Business Insider.

Barbara Stokes has the perfect background that helped her launch the company. Her educational background is grounded in physics and biomedical engineering. She can also add thermodynamics, technical communication, structural properties, management, and manufacturing studies to her impressive resume. Her experience with procuring government contracts is also a major plus. As such, she takes a great deal of pride in the leadership role she plays at her company, and in being able to work with the government and FEMA.

Stokes is the CEO of Green Structure Homes, and her husband is the company’s COO. Their efforts have helped create jobs in at least eight other states. These jobs aid manufacturing industries in states like Texas, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, and Minnesota. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Construction materials consist of wood and steel. The company’s combined experience totals over 30 years of disaster relief services. GSH is a company on the move. With natural disasters on the rise in America, their company will continue to play an important role in disaster relief efforts.


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