EOS: Beauty with Values

Crystal Lip Balm is the answer to the questions consumers didn’t even know that they had. The lip balm was recently released by EOS to massive appeal. Crystal lip balm features an exciting new twist on the iconic egg shape so popular on most EOS products. Instead, developers chose to release the product in a stunning pyramid shape. This gives consumers a little taste of luxury with their lip balm. Crystal Lip Balm also lives up to its namesake, it is completely see through. This is an exciting twist on a product that is used every day.

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Crystal Lip Balm is also vegan and hypo-allergic. EOS knows that consumers struggle to find products that match their values and their needs. They know that it is possible to create a product that tics off all their consumer’s boxes without sacrificing quality. Crystal Lip Balm is the next stage of lip balm and beauty technology when it comes to these values.

EOS has remained innovative and electrifying in the beauty industry. They stepped into an arena that lacked diversity and quality and came out one of the top contenders. Their products are not only instantly recognizable, but they inspire brand loyalty. The reason for this is that EOS cares about what they release. They do not create products simply to make money, they are trying to create an experience.

This strong company continues to remain the second best selling lip balm company in the United States as seen on imabeautygeek.com. With their eyes firmly fixed on first place, they have almost singlehandedly fueled innovation in the oral care market. For EOS, there is no excuse for drab products. They have also been interested in creating new and fun items from the get-go. Geared especially towards women, EOS has created a brand that women see as something they desperately need in their daily lives.

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