Securus Technologies- Using Technology to Heighten Safety and Unravel Crimes

Securus Technologies has over the years come up with various products and services whose main aim is to help keep the world free from crimes.


Over the years our happy clients have given us compliment that makes us feel honored and in the process come up with redacted specific references to different counties, states and facility names with the aim of protecting the innocent. Keeping the society, parolees and their families safer is our number one duty, and it’s an honor to us.


Our devices like phone calls that are monitored and tapped have helped different companies to obtain the needed search warrant with the aim of arresting corrupt staff members. One of our clients said that they were able to stop corrupted staffs who were introducing contraband products to their clients. Using the Securus Technologies phone devices with secret monitoring technique that makes it easy to get information from inmates who plans on doing illegal businesses like drug selling, threatening and suspicions conversations. According to one facility correction officer, they were able to prevent a crime involving the sale of drugs in their correction facility.


Securus technologies have given services to various correctional facilities over the years. And one happy officer’s states that they salute our company for commitment to offering progressively and incarceration environment that helps to improve their jurisdiction public safety. He states that the latest technology has made it easy for them to service inmates and the public.


Securus Technology has its central headquarters in Texas, Dallas County and over the years it has given numerous services to more than 1,200,000 inmates and around 1, 3450 correction agencies and other law enforcement officers including the public safety. We also have other offices in four main vital areas Georgia, Atlanta, Texas and Dallas metro all with the aim of keeping offering specialized services and products to the public, law enforcement and corrections communities.


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