George Soros, the Founder of Quantum Fund

George Soros is a famous forex guru who has been trusted across the world because of his trading expertise. He also happens to be a great philanthropist who has given out over $18 billion as donations to people suffering from certain needs. He is believed to have made profits of over 1 billion dollars daily, and that is what made him become the number 19 wealthiest man in the world. He used to trade with the British pound and has thus accumulated a lot of fortunes from it. Today, Soros happens to be the founder of Quantum Fund Endowment which he established in the year 1973 with the name Soros Fund Management. The company is in no doubt the wealthiest or rather the largest Hedge fund management company across the globe. Soros himself is the most richest hedge fund manager with a lot of experience and exposure in the industry and read full article.

George Soros did not come from a well up the family and had, therefore, worked for the success of his business. He was a committed learner who took all his time to study trends. He happens to be alumni of London School of Economics whereby he studied Philosophy. His passion was pursuing a social science course which would help him chart his future. George graduated with a bachelor’s in Philosophy in 1951. He later did not hesitate and went back for a masters degree. He studied with a lot of commitment  thus graduating in 1954. During his times there, he used to do various jobs in London so that he could manage to support his education. He started by working as a railway attendant and also a waiter. It was such a challenging moment, but he didn’t have an alternative. He has to work for his space in life and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros later immigrated to New York in 1956 whereby he went with a dream of pursuing his finance career. It was challenging, but he was committed to achieving. He started by applying for several jobs for his chance in the employment sectors. He also wanted to work in the American banks because that was the place where his qualifications fitted most. George got his first job as a clerk and had to work due to those challenging moments he endured without a job. He then was referred by a friend to FM Mayer whereby he used to work as a European Stock analyst. Already it had started hitting the market and people had started trading openly and more information click here.

Soros later after working for several years as an employee decided to establish Double Edge Fund. That was the beginning of his journey now. He started implementing his trading strategies and made a good fortune. That is when after five years he decided to create Soros Fund management. The company is currently the giant of the day and keeps on rising. It has helped him accumulate a lot of profits which in return, has been used to help the needy people across the entire globe and Follow him

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  1. George Soros has continued to prosper and prosper their people along the way. He has which is a very good thing. Having come out from a not-well-to-do family he understands the needs that some people in society need to have some chance.

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