EOS Lip Balm Review Of All Three Crystal Flavors

I just purchased the new EOS crystal lip balm a week ago and bought all three flavors hibiscus peach, vanilla orchid, and even plus. Throughout that week I tried all three of the new lip balms that I bought and I must say that I am extremely satisfied with EOS and their products. I am beyond glad that I tried EOS and I can’t wait to try some of the other EOS lip balm that they have on market. EOS is a great lip balm company that provides me with smooth lips that are no longer chapped. It has taken me until EOS to find a lip balm that works this good for me.

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EOS sells more than just a wide variety of lip balms. They also sell shave cream, body lotion, and hand lotion, check them here on imabeautygeek.com. Like EOS lip balm their hand lotion also comes in a convenient container that is easy to use and easy to take anywhere with you. EOS shave cream comes in four different scents. The most popular of those four scents is lavender jasmine because lavender is known to be a calming scent that relaxes people, see this now! For this reason, many people shave with lavender jasmine EOS shave cream before bed because it relaxes them. Although EOS shave cream can be used on wet skin it can also be used on dry skin for those who are in a hurry.

EOS is a great company that provides excellent customer service to all their customers over the years. EOS has great customer service because they provide their customers with products that they love and will want to buy for years to come. EOS is extremely popular not only because their lip balm comes in recognizable packaging but also because it actually works to make lips soft and not chapped.

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