How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance The Ecommerce Customer Experience

It is often said that one of the most important sayings in the world of business is that the customer is always right. If that saying ruled the way that many corporations and retailers approaching doing business with consumers whose sales they depend on in order to survive in the 21st century one could argue that the phrase that will rule business in the age of online shopping is the following one: personalization is king.

In the age of Amazon and the mobile phone customers seem to be choosing personalized online shopping experiences above anything else. Arguably there is a generation of business people who are used to a world in which they had more control and more room to tell the customer what to do or what to buy. People who managed malls could choose which stores were available to customers and which were not based on their needs and wants and not necessarily based on the customer’s needs and wants. But in the advent of the internet the distinct personal needs of the customer come first. Online shopping has allowed customers to choose the retailers that they want to buy from and allowed them to purchase clothing and other items 24 hours a day, meaning that they are not beholden to the restraints that exist around running a physical store. They can shop when it is most convenient for them and not have to deal with the pressure to buy that salespeople sometimes exert in a physical store. It is clear that using the internet and new tools such as artificial intelligence to create a shopping experience that is even more centered on the customer is the path forward especially as more physical retailers find themselves unable to generate the profits that are needed to keep their physical locations open.

Artificial intelligence can give retailers the ability to develop a strong ecommerce customer experience for their customers that will keep them coming back and continuing to buy the products that they sell. Artificial intelligence can enhance the ecommerce customer experience by making it easier for retailers to personalize that experience to each shopper. Artificial intelligence tools can accomplish this by making it possible for product recommendation tools that are built into ecommerce platforms to become even smarter. Product recommendation tools that are powered by artificial intelligence can offer customers more precise product recommendations as they browse a site. This can improve the ecommerce customer experience by introducing customers to products that are useful to them and they might not have known about otherwise. This can also increase a company’s profits by introducing customers to products that they are more likely to actually purchase.

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