Rallying in Brazil and Michel Terpins contribution to it.

Michel Terpin is a career rally driver he is one of the most accomplished rally drivers in Brazil and he has been able to demonstrate this over and over in the numerous competitions he has and continues to participate in. He comes from a family that is very passionate about sports as well as one that has achieved a lot in sports they have not only been able to represent themselves but the country in different areas.

Michel Terpins is a member of the Bull Sertões Rally Team, this is a fully developed and recognized team that participates in T1 prototypes category a very difficult category in rallying.

Michel Terpins together with his fellow teammate Maykel Justo represented the of the Bull Sertões Rally Team in the 24th edition of the Sertões Rally it was their first time as a duo to get onboard the MEM team developed T-Rex and it which was a big test for them. They had to have incredible working knowledge of the vehicle as well as each other in order for them to overcome the very difficult terrain that consisted this edition of the rally. The whole circuit was 2600 kilometers long and it involved winding roads, cliffs, depressions as well as hostile weather. The whole rally covered two states and was divided into seven individual stages and each team had to complete every stage in order to proceed to the next. In the second stage, the Bull Sertões Rally Team came first after finishing the course in record time this set the stage for a bruising battle to the top the edition ha just proved it would be one of the most fascinating in the history of the rally series. The team went on to complete the entire seven stage circuit and emerge as position 5 overall this was no mean achievement as the edition had seen several dropouts due to the conditions on the road.

Michel Terpins has stated over and over that he intends to continue participating in the rally and will be looking for nothing short of a win in the coming edition and for an edition that his brother will be participating in it we are waiting to see what the Terpins can deliver for their team.

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