Vincent Parascandola, the AXA Advisors LLC’s CEO, is a Leadership Development Expert

AXA Advisors LLC is the leading investment advisory firm in the United States. With thousands of clients across different states, this firm is behind the success stories of many customers. Vincent Parascandola is one of the professional figures that have made AXA Advisors LLC great. Having served the company for more than a decade, Vincent Parascandola has trained thousands of the company’s advisors. Vincent is currently one of the finest professional development advisors in New York City.

Parascandola has more than 25 years’ experience in the advisory services industry. His career as an investment and professional development advisor dates back to the year 1987, reveals After graduation, he started working at Prudential Consultancy Services. In his first year, his efforts earned him the National Rookie of the year title. Three years later, in the year 1990, he left Prudential for Mony Life Insurance where he worked as an advisor. His career at Mony Insurance was fulfilling and earned him various management positions in regional leadership organizations. Vincent amassed extensive Insurance advisory knowledge in the 14 years he worked at Mony Life Insurance. In the year 2004 when he decided to move, he settled for the AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company due to its large size, diversity, and high-end customers. Vincent saw his skills as fit for such high-end clients.

Vincent Parascandola served in various leadership positions at AXA Equitable. His exemplary leadership and advisory skills saw him rise to the post of a vice president of AXA Advisors LLC within a short time. AXA Advisors is one of the subsidiary units of AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company. AXA Advisors deals with insurance brokerage and advisory services for its holding company, AXA Equitable. It has more than 6,000 professionals who offer strategic, financial, and investment consultancy services.

On top of his career at AXA Advisors LLC, Parascandola also served as president at Advantage Group, another subsidiary of AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company. In both positions, he was charged with the responsibility of recruiting and fine-tuning professionals to work for the firm. His outstanding career at AXA Equitable has earned him several management awards. He has several GAMA Career Development Master agency awards to his name. These awards have made him a highly sought-after speaker who has spoken at various GAMA conferences. Vincent Parascandola is an Alumnus of Xaverian High School and the PACE University. Subscribe to Vincent Parascandola’s Vimeo channel to learn more.

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