End Citizens United: Making Strides In The Campaign-Finance Front

End Citizens United is a political actions committee that plans to make a huge impact on how by ending a 2010 Supreme Court decision that allowed political candidates to accept donations from unions and various corporate donors. Lawyer James Bopp is the man who paved the way for the organization.

James Bopp has been fighting for the rights of various causes of the Republican Party for a very long time. The lawyer is also a member of the Republican National Committee. This body has funded his work to the tune of over 1.2 million dollars in legal fees in cases involving GOP candidates. Billionaire Betsy DeVos and the National Rifle Association have also been o t he forefront of supporting Mr. Bopp. The astute lawyer has been efficiently representing his corporate clients diligently over the years and his biggest agenda has been to bring changes in the U.S campaign laws that affect financing. Mr. Bopp operates from Terre Haute, Indiana and he has been living in this area for a long time. Although his family is of medical professionals, he decided that medicine was not the discipline for him after a brief stint in campus. This is when he changed to law school and when he graduated from the institution, he immediately set out to represent conservative clients.

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James Bopp first represented the National Right to Life group as a general counsel. Over the years he has had the chance of taking part in various conservative landmark cases. One of these cases was an emotional Down syndrome case in 1982. This case still evokes nostalgic emotions on the experienced lawyers face. He was able to represent End Citizens United in a case where the organization wanted to air the Hillary: The Movie film. The organization produced the show and their aim was to portray Hillary Clinton in the way they viewed her.

Although the case was unsuccessful at first, it later gained the approval of the Supreme Court. The experienced lawyer has managed to take part in the various cases that involve Citizens United and regulations of campaign finance and he has managed to win despite the impossible odds that sometimes faced him. Some of the landmark cases that the father of three daughters has been able to win include Bush VS Gore, Doe VS Reed among others.

The End Citizens United Organization name cropped up after a 2010 Supreme Court ruling of the Citizens United verdict. Although the organization operates as a traditional PAC, in 2016 the organization was able to bring in a lot in its fundraising efforts. This year the organization is projected to raise more than 35 million dollars and as of April 4th, 2017 it had already managed to bring in four million dollars. Basically, as an original PAC, the group doesn’t accept donations which exceed 5,000 dollars from an individual contributor.

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