Lime Crime Adds Rainbow Bright Hair Dye To Beauty Line-Up

Happy heads like Kylie Jenner rock the rainbow when it comes to hair color because it’s fun, sexy and doesn’t have to nail you for commitment. The look is still bright and crazy for hair this season, and Lime Crime has added a gorgeous collection of hair dyes to keep you modern in the moment. Thirteen delicious shades await you, from Neon Peach to Dirty Mermaid.


Doe Deere, CEO and founder of the popular brand, has always believed that makeup, fashion and hair all work off of each other. It’s the total look and transformation blended together. The hair color was bound to happen, and we’re all happy that Unicorn Hair is finally a reality.


Doe Deere is obsessed with bold hair dye and likes switching up her own candy-colored tresses whenever the mood strikes. That is why her development of Unicorn Hair is a blast and specially formulated to shine on and be gentle to your locks. By the way, this amazing hair color has been three years in the process, to make sure it offers the ultimate best gloss and intensity of hues.


The hair dye is vegan and made with vegetable coloring, fading gently without ever harming your roots or ends. You can purchase Unicorn dye in Full Coverage and Tint formulas, and rock the rainbow, girl.


It’s semi-permanent hair dye and rock-bottom in price at $13 a bottle for a generous 7 ounces.


You can even play chemist and mix colors together for a wild and crazy hue. For example, blending Neon Peach + Bunny = petal pink. Here are several other winning combos:


Blue Smoke + Gargoyle = blue steel

Anime + Salad = bright turquoise

Dirty Mermaid + Gargoyle = slate grey


Doe Deere has believed in the integrity of her company’s brand from the get-go. Lime Crime is different from all the other beauty companies. The mission is not to follow old traditions and rules but to gain self-empowerment by defining your own beauty standards.


The company makes makeup and now, hair color, that allows the beauty of self-expression for the individual who puts it on. It takes courage to wear colors that are different and edgy, and that’s exactly what the brand is all about.


Doe Deere spells it out in her fearless About Me page:


“I make makeup for girls and boys like me, who express themselves unapologetically. Lime Crime is freedom to be you!”



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