Background On BRL Trust

BRL Trust is a leading investment firm that was founded in 2005. The company was founded by Mauricio Ribeiro and Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes. The founders believe that their company focus is to fulfill the expectations of their customers in an environment of trust and security. The company employs a team of financial experts who have extensive experience in their respective fields and are highly respected for their expertise in their sector.

Ribeiro started the company with providing trustee services and fund administration. It initially provided services to the private sector, and the company quickly grew in the market. Today, he oversees the Custody Fund and the international accounts.

Gomes has been working in the financial industry for 15 years. He gained experience working for major institutions such as Ernst & Young and Price Waterhouse. He currently oversees BRL’s Fiduciary Services and manages the SPEs. He is knowledgeable in all aspects of financial consulting and business development. His expertise is highly sought after in the market.

BRL has been expanding their services since the beginning when the company just handled private loans. As their clients gained confidence and trust in the company’s expertise, BRL expanded to new areas including investment fund management and administration, and it is now the largest administrator of investment funds in Brazil. It also has been involved with complex projects in mergers and acquisitions. The company continues to diversify and to meet the demands of its clients.

For BRL Trust, ethical business conduct is of utmost importance. Clients can be assured that there is transparency in all business operations. The company complies with all laws under its legal system. The primary goal is to serve their clients who trust them to perform in their best interest. Clients can count on the company’s integrity in all aspects of the business operations.

There is nothing more important to BRL than its clients. They believe in cultivating client relationships to build up an environment of trust. They value their reputation as the leader in the investment industry of Brazil, and they strive everyday to live up to the expectations of their clients.

In an industry where people often mistrust where their money is, BRL stands above the crowd. Its clients can attest to the integrity of the company. BRL understands the importance of company reputation. The company’s reputation id cultivatef by offering their clients the highest quality in service. They know that by treating their customers well, it will drive their business success.


Apartment Complex Asks Tenants to Sign Social Media Clause in Their Contract has a story on their site today about an apartment complex and their management with some bizarre clauses in their leasing contracts.

Windermere Cay is a colorful apartment complex located in Orlando, Florida. The complex has five buildings with about 30 units in each building. It is centrally located and apartments fill quick there. One tenant, who wanted to withhold his name, Anfip told us that this has brought to the media a bizarre addendum in the leasing contract for Windermere Cay. The apartment complex is adding in a Social Media Addendum to their lease. In this Social Media Addendum, renters are forbidden to post negative reviews or comments about Windermere Cay on any social site or they will face a fine of $10,000 to be paid within ten days. Think that is excessive? Wait, there’s more.

The Social Media Addendum also states that any pictures or written work that are taken or done on site belongs to the complex. The actual clause states, “any and all written or photographic works regarding the Owner, the Unit, the property, or the apartments” are copyrighted to the landlord. So any pictures that the renters take of themselves, friends, pets, or whatever while on the property belong to their landlord.

One tenant is asking for a change. He has refused to sign the Addendum and has asked for it’s removal from the lease.

The Best Way to Tackle Your Wikipedia Endeavors

Ethics are the main concern at Wikipedia as all their articles are being edited. Most people do not realize the amount of care that goes into editing Wikipedia articles, but you must make sure that you follow all the major ethical guidelines to be sure that you will have perfect articles when you are done.

Are They Factual

You need to make sure that all your articles are factual. You want to ensure that all opinions are taken out of the articles, and you need to verify everything that you see in the articles. There are many ways to make your articles read more cleanly, and it is best to cite all the sources that are used so that people can easily skim as they go. Without facts, these articles are not going to pass muster.

The Pictures

Every picture in a Wikipedia article must be royalty free or have the royalties paid. You can easily check on these pictures, and you need to make sure that they are squared away before the article is published.

Link Building

All the links in the articles must go to proper sources or other proper articles on Wikipedia. An expert in this niche who provides a Wiki page creation service, GetYourWiki highlights the need want to be sure you are linking to all the information that is going to allow you to highlight where the information came from. When you are handling all the links in the right way, you will be able to make the articles easier to read.

Following these simple steps will allow you to manage all the content that you find in your articles as long as you are doing the editing in an ethical manner.

Highly Addictive Skout Features “Shake to Chat” Interactions All Across the Globe

Dating and social networking online is all the rave these days. Sometimes it is hard to meet new people in person just on random chance and so we look to social apps to bridge the gap. Online is now the easiest way to gain friends, get dates and get out in the world. One social site in particular that is has grown in popularity in recent years is Skout.
Skout is a laid-back networking website- that is also available as an app on both Apple and Android operating systems- that allows you to chat with people all over the globe! Founded in 2007 by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrum, Skout has become the world’s largest global network.
What makes Skout so popular? Well there are a number of things:
For one, it has a Facebook-like interface which makes it very user friendly since a lot of people are already familiar with this type of look and feel.

Thirdly, Skout encourages interactions with other people and makes the experience quite fun as well as highly addictive. There are also other bonus features included in this social app- such as the ability to post comments, like other people’s posts, send and receive virtual gifts and post photos.
Another cool thing about Skout? There is a travel feature that allows you to meet people in another city while you are travelling and it is called Skout Travel.
And for those of you who are wondering, Skout is location based and therefore you can always chat with people that are local to you as well.
As far as dating and relationships on Skout goes, there is plenty of opportunity to really and truly connect with others and it doesn’t necessarily have to be dating, it could just be friendships- but the potential is certainly there.
The bottom line is that Skout has been around for a while so it boasts a large online network base and is therefore a great way to get out there and start mingling.

Keith Mann: Philanthropist

Keith Mann is the co-founder and director of Dynamics Search Partners, a nationwide staffing company. He co-founded this company is 2001 and is currently the Managing Director. Dynamics Search Partners places executives and upper management with the top firms in New York City. They also specialize in hedge funds and alternative investments. They are one of the largest database companies in the US. They have a ten-year record of successfully pairing their clients with leading talent in the industry and geographic location.

Keith Mann started his career in 1995 as Manager of Alternative Investments Division of Dynamic Associates. Mr. Mann is an investment banker and he specializes in hedge fund management. At Dynamic Associates, he was head of researching and made alternative investment decisions. He has worked in investments and the executive search industry for over 20 years now. Dynamics has expanded their business through client referrals and building client relationships. Today they have a reputable portfolio of equity and hedge fund clientele and are one of the top search firms in the alternative investments industry.

Mr. Mann is well known for his great charity work with his company as well. Dynamics Search Partners has teamed up with Uncommon Schools, a charter school, in 2013 to assist students to achieve success in their careers and more. They helped high school students prepare their resumes and do team building exercises in workshop. Mr. Mann and his team continue to provide feedback to these students throughout the year. Students were amazed that they could contact Mr. Mann and his team at any time to ask questions.

Mann helped organize a charity mixer with Dynamics to donate $8,000 to Hope and Heroes. They donated $10,000 get started with Uncommon Schools as well. Mann believes the way to improve poverty is through education; he works diligently and dedicates his time and resources to this end.


Super Bowl Sunday Commercials Are More Popular Than The Game


Every year my children and my husband gather around the television to watch the Super Bowl. I, honestly, could care less about this game or any other football event. However, I do watch as well but merely for the commercials. We all know that these companies pay big bucks to advertise during this game, but they also pull new and more creative commercials out just for this event.

Is their advertising ploy worth all the extra money, or is it just a way to write off a massive amount of money on their taxes? I think that they may actually help to gain revenue from this venture. I know a few years ago when the Budweiser beer commercial featured the frogs, I couldn’t help but sing the song along with them. When my husband wanted to go out for drink, there was only one drink for me, Budweiser

Since these are already my favorites, it’s not of much interest to me to purchase more. I will still eat what I want. But, I may be swayed to buy a few more or take a chance and try something new, only if the commercial is good enough.

While most will be watching for the game, Lee Slaughter and I will be watching to see what amazing commercials are on TV this weekend.

FreedomPop Raises the Bar (and Lowers the Price) for Smartphone Users

We told you last month about FreedomPop‘s amazing new international service.

The endless commercials for $45/month phone plans may soon be getting a run for their money. FreedomPop, a Los Angeles based company, is now revamping the way consumers can communicate with their world, and at a much lower price. Founded in 2011, the company originally offered mobile and internet services with base packages free of charge. A partnership was created with Sprint in April 2013 to allow 3G and 4G access to users with Sprint compatible devices and since then, FreedomPop has begun selling their own line of lower-cost smart phones and tablets that come with free amounts of talk, text, and data.

This year, FreedomPop has released a $5/month Wi-Fi hotspot service that allows users unlimited voice, text, and internet usage as well as an automatic sign-on feature. Instead of having to obtain a password and go through the steps of logging in to a public wireless network, customers can download FreedomPop’s app that will search for Wi-Fi networks and automatically connect. 

Currently about 10 million hotspots are available throughout the U.S.A. in businesses such as Burger King, Panera, and McDonald’s and 15 million more are expected to be launched by April 2015. Currently, the Wi-Fi service is only available to Android devices due to the complexities of Apple’s sign-on platform, but FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols hopes to have an update to the iOS app soon, which would allow millions more to have access to their service. 

Can a Wi-Fi only plan completely take the place of a regular cellular data plan? Not necessarily, but it depends where you live and the amount of data you use. If you live in an area with multiple hotspots and use lots of data, FreedomPop could be a great money saver.

FreedomPop’s model resembles those of other phone services such as Republic Wireless which offers a similar Wi-Fi/cellular combination plan, but Republic Wireless requires you to use only the phones they provide. With the $5 Wi-Fi plan, you can dig out your old “X” brand smartphone from the junk drawer and connect to one of the 10 billion hotspots available automatically to call, text, or surf the web.

Capital Strategy and Business Development in the Global Arena: Spotlight on Attorney Sam Tabar

In an ever-shrinking global corporate landscape, skill diversification ranks among the latest trend for this generation’s executives. Coming at a time when the online world is no longer an innovation, but a tool that has become embedded in our daily existence, branding, marketing, sales, and territory expansion are now inexorably entwined with online channels. It takes more than a profit-driven approach and strong negotiation skills to succeed. Sam Tabar, attorney and capital strategist with over 13 years of executive experience with international financial institutions and legal firms, embodies this cross-functional corporate movement.

Merging Business Skills with a Legal Background: Gaining the Upper Hand

Executives like Sam Tabar enhance their relevance by capitalizing on multi-faceted abilities. An attorney out of Columbia Law School, Tabar synthesized his legal background with international business development experience gained in a director role with Bank of America Merrill Lync Group, Hong Kong to foster a broad, holistic view of a company’s profitability prospects. Understanding the legal aspects of the business world has given attorney-business director crossovers a strong edge. Not only because of their renowned background in persuasive communication, but because they are trained to see beyond the dollars and cents of the deal in front of them.

They are trained to see the holes in an argument and identify the issues in every seemingly sound strategy. That’s how you know Sam Tabar is one of the best because if you read any PR News, you know that Sam not only knows how to deliver solutions, but how to make it at best advantage.

Able to move seamlessly from multi-billion dollar hedge fund investor relations and assets management to building large-scale global marketing initiatives, Tabar has made unprecedented gains among the highest echelons of global business—all while cultivating industry relations. Today’s corporate leaders are expected to achieve more than their predecessors, and Tabar does this while amassing the increasingly pivotal commodity known as online presence.

Online Channels, Social Media, and the Changing Face of Business

by blending digital media with traditional networking, Sam Tabar and others like him quickly rose to the top of the corporate world, capitalizing on relations with institutional investors and ultra-high-net-worth individuals to secure massive profits. Building a rolodex filled with thousands of the world’s most influential corporate leaders takes more than business lunches. Capitalizing on the power of online marketing and internet networking, today’s upwardly mobile executives embody a global mindset like no previous generation before.

What does this mean for the future of executive leadership? Online and social media relations can only take ambitious executives so far. Achieving stakeholder alignment and tapping into prospective client consciousness requires an integrated effort, synthesizing both a digital approach and the personable touch that comes with conducting business face-to-face. Combined with the migration towards multi-disciplinary capability development. Attorney Sam Tabar and business executives like him personify a corporate world that is not only responsive to change, but eagerly embracing it.

“Facebook Official” Relationship Statuses Now Seen as Cheesy According to New Poll

The relationship status milestone on Facebook is dead, at least according to a Buzzfeed poll. The poll, which included 16 questions, asked users to define how they use the “relationship status” feature on Facebook, including whether or not they hide their status, and how long into a relationship they wait to make things “Facebook Official”

The majority of respondents were between the ages of 19-29, and upwards of 43% said they would never make their relationship “Facebook official” regardless of how serious the relationship had become.Respondents were also asked why they don’t utilize the status, and Mark Ahn liked the answers. 42% said they found “Facebook Official” statuses to be cheesy, and another 11% said they didn’t want some people to know about their relationship.

The poll suggests that something is changing in the way 20-somethings interact with the online world. 5 years ago, it wasn’t uncommon to have your relationship status out there for the world to see, but 20-somethings seem to taking a piece of their privacy back from the internet, which is surprising as they are the first generation to truly grow up online.

‘The Interview’ Earns $15 Million in Online Purchases

For the moment we can rest easy. It appears that James Franco and Seth Rogen have not, in fact, started World War 3 with their latest stoner comedy, ‘The Interview’. In fact, from recent reports, it appears that Franco and Rogen have made quite a bit of money in a rather unconventional way. With North Korea threatening ‘attacks’ on the United States if Sony agreed to screen ‘The Interview’ on Christmas Day, the film was instead released digitally including on YouTube, where Dr Rod Rohrich watched. While many people were skeptical of the plan of attack it appears that things might just work out. The film made over $15 million dollars in sales on its first weekend of digital availability.

Adding in the additional $1 million dollars the film gained in its limited screenings and you have a number that probably represents what ‘The Interview’ would have earned had it been released conventionally. Obviously the almost cult like status of the film, thanks in part to North Kore’s very vocal outrage, probably added to the box office numbers but we’re still impressed by the sales that the film was able to generate.