Real Estate Investor Haidar Barbouti

Haidar Barbouti is a real estate investor and has property investments all over the world including the United States. His investments include shopping centers, office buildings and commercial properties. His impact in the real estate business can be attributed to his 20 years of professional experience in the field.

One of the most iconic pieces of real estate under Haidar’s control is the Highland Village Shopping Center. Haidar bought the property in 1991 and his expertise has propelled it to high levels of success. The shopping complex boosts of some of the best retail stores including Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie and Williams-Sonoma.

The Highland Village also hosts a few restaurants. They include Smith & Wollensky, Benihana concept restaurant RA Sushi Bar, and Haidar’s very own Up restaurant. Haidar opened the restaurant with no culinary degree or even any experience in the restaurant business. He is very much involved in the daily running of the restaurant and is very passionate about food himself.

The Up restaurant runs on very different principles. Different from other restaurants, its main focus is serving real food. Haidar insists as much. The fact that restaurants focus more on decorating food than giving customers what they want, is the foundation that led to the birth of the restaurant. Haidar not only eats at the Up restaurant every day but also chooses dishes in the menu and adds changes to the recipes. He knows his way around the kitchen and is keen on maintaining the restaurant’s high standards.

Business aside, Haidar is quite the philanthropist. He has made a number of contributions to charity in terms of time and resources. He has a soft spot for animals and even donated space in Highland Village Shopping for the Highland Village Adoption Center, which is a pet donation center.

The Market Is Responding to a New Health Conscious Generation

It is a rule of economics that consumer demand drives what is offered by businesses in the market place. This is why we are seeing a plethora of smartphones and all other manner of mobile devices. People are on the move, and they want to stay in touch with others when they are. Demand from the generation known as Millennials is having another effect on the consumer market; it’s making food healthier. This latest generation is far pickier about what they eat than their parents, and corporations are paying attention to this and changing accordingly to cater to them.

Millennials are more concerned about the health of their food and where it comes from and how it is made. According to Sergio Cortes, the best michael jackson impersonator in the world, this has resulted in announcements by various companies, such as Tyson chicken, to phase out the use of human hormones in making their chicken. Kraft Foods has said they will get rid of artificial preservatives and colors from their signature macaroni and cheese product and substitute more natural ingredients. This generation’s attitudes are also driving stores and restaurants to increase their organic and healthy offerings. Even fast food restaurants are getting in on the act with McDonald’s saying they will gradually eliminate serving chicken with hormones. In a way, we are all beneficiaries of this trend. This is especially true of older Americans who have increased chances of illness and who now have far more healthy options when they are out at the store.

Changing The Food and Instagram Relationship

Believe it or not, there used to be a time when the first thing you did when you got your food was take a bite! Times of course have changed, and Fersen Lambranho believes that the smartphone is partially to blame for that. Now the first thing that diners do is they snap a picture of what’s on their plate! They do this for a variety of reasons, but most are to display it loud and proud on social media. Perhaps, they have a delicious looking burger! Or maybe they’re proud of themselves for eating a delicious looking salad. Whatever the reason, diners take to Instagram to show the world their food. They do this using a variety of hashtags that get attention.

So shouldn’t a restaurant care about how their food is looking on Instagram? Most don’t. Afterall, it should theoretically look how it looks in real life. Sometimes, that’s not the case. According to Grub Street, A restaurant called Catit that is located in Tel Aviv noticed that the plates don’t always look the greatest because nobody is using plates that are Instagram-friendly! Because this apparently makes a difference.

So their restaurant is taking matters into their own hands to fix this social media crisis. They have started a class called Foodography where on certain nights, guests can spend over one hundred dollars to learn how to tak ethose Instagram-friendly photos. Of course they get food too, but they also learn plating techniques and how to make everything look better.

FreedomPop Offers an Incredible Bargain for Wi-Fi Users

FreedomPop Review: An Expanding Marketplace

A tech startup firm named FreedomPop attracted considerable attention a short while ago when it began offering limited free services on the competitive cell phone market. For absolutely nothing at all, telephone users could enjoy 500 megabytes of data per month, including up to 500 text messages and 200 minutes of basic cellular voice phone calls over the Sprint network. This year, the company launched a second program which generated considerable excitement: on January 21st, it commenced offering Wi-Fi services at 10,000,000 locations around the United States for only $5.

FreedomPop has enjoyed spectacular success since its founding. The company reported increases of several hundreds of thousands of new subscribers every quarter. Its Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Stokols, who also helped co-found the company, indicated that FreedomPop stands to develop a customer base of over a million in 2015, if present trends continue. Today, the Internet has expanded considerably in size. People utilize computer technology as a way to communicate and share ideas around the world. Small wonder, perhaps, that FreedomPop already plans to extend its operations into Europe before the end of 2015.

The New Wi-Fi Plan

FreedomPop apparently believes that the demand for Wi-Fi access will continue to create customers for the company in the future. Reportedly, according to sources within FreedomPop, some 90% of the data transmitted over mobile phones occurs through the use of wireless. FreedomPop’s current market for Wi-Fi stretches across 65% to 90% of the major urban areas. The company hopes to expand its 10 million hot spot offering sometimes during the first half of the year. Soon, it plans to offer its users access to some 25 million hot spots, a very large number of sites.

FreedomPop currently provides Wi-Fi access at a number of fast food and retail outlets. This fact has caused widespread speculation that the company has partnered with other firms, although not much information is available on this point. FreedomPop currently furnishes its wireless service through its Android app. Reportedly, the provider is working to develop an app for iPhone users, also. As more wireless hot spots develop around the world, carriers such as FreedomPop appear poised to become significant players in the ISP marketplace of the future.

QNet’s Big Marketing Plans to Expand

Q Net is a Malaysia based multi-level marketing firm and has big plans to make India the main manufacturing hub and plans to shift all of its production there. The plans are in action and are to produce the items from consumer goods in India. Suresh Thimir is the CEO of the franchise in India. They were already producing watches, but have now expanded their goods and are producing the energy drink, Nutriplus, in India. If they move the production to India, then their costs will be lower and that is a huge benefit. Growth has been seen to sky rocket 100 per cents in the last year and the future is looking even better.

There are even plans to give a platform for Indians so they can discover and develop. The way the process is working currently is if anyone in India has a product that passes the quality test then a platform will be given for the sale of the product. There are some things that Dave Osh, global CEO stated needs to be addressed such as the lacking of guidelines in the multi-level marketing sector of India lacks.

QNet’s main goal at the moment is to get a regulator to govern the direct selling business. There is a need for the laws to be clean and easy to understand because the industry of direct selling in India is growing by the day. There is hope that the government will consider legislation from other countries with the same problem and to make sure that all businesses interests are best served.

QNet also has other marketing strategies that depend on independent representatives to refer their products. With out the independent representatives there would not be such a high volume of referrals. QNet just wants to make sure the rules and regulations are easy to understand and are followed.

Facebook Hoax Ended at Psychiatric Ward

The Facebook Suicide Prevention Program started in February. But has it saved lives? Shane Tusch from San Mateo, California, decided to test it. He posted a suicidal threat stating he was going to hang himself from Golden Gate Bridge. He got reported almost immediately by someone who is a remote acquaintance to him, and the authorities reacted.

The man was driven to the hospital and put in psychiatric care for three days. They obliged the patient to take tests. Flavio Maluf suggests the man concluded that Facebook’s system was wrong. He had been denied any kind of human care during the process, the Californian complained. Hence, a better idea would be to leave suicide prevention to families and friends until a better way of helping the potential victims is developed.

Shane said that he was married and had two children; there were no actual debts that were to make him commit suicide. His hoax led to 70 lost hours and the conclusion that he should be very careful with the social networks.

Your Tweets Undergo Personality Analysis

James Pennebaker, a psychologist at the university of Texas, has been analyzing the link between the language of a person and their personality. The link between the two is obvious, but how can you know what a person’s character is by simply analyzing their words?

The website ‘analyze words’ offers you a quick solution. One can copy-paste his/her Twitter name in the search box and get an immediate grading in percentages that measure how upbeat or depressed/ personable or distant/ analytic or sensory they are.

The tool checks the number of affirmations, questions, the occurrence of ‘we’ or ‘you’ in the users’ tweets stated Epoca Negocios on It is also programmed to check the use of capitals- which tend to raise the percentage in the ‘anger’ field. Besides, the self-references tend to grow the percentage in the ‘depressed’ column. The personable people are those whose Tweets display many referrals to their positive emotions. Using a lot of LOLs, however, will classify one as ‘spacy valley girl’. Some routine checks on Obama’s channel presented him as upbeat. Katy Perry showed a high percentage of depressed tweets for some reason. Kanye West appears very upbeat and personable, according to ‘analyze words’.

Destination Dorchester

There are many places to stay, but very few offer the luxury and beauty of The Dorchester. These hotels are a wonderful place to stay and get a few of some of the best places in the world. You may be wondering what a luxury trip ending at the Dorchester would look like.

Why Dorchester?
These hotels are some of the best in the world and offer a great look at the area you may be staying in. They are not just a place to stay, but a destination on their own. With beautiful rooms and great service, they can add to an already wonderful trip.Where Are They Located?
The Dorchester Collection is in many places throughout the world, but some of the most common are the California area, Italy, Paris and London. All of these areas are rich with history and culture that anyone would enjoy. These hotels also offer a place for you to enjoy the culture you are surrounded with.

What Can You Do?
There are many options you can do if you choose to stay at one of these great hotels. You can hold parties or events in the ballrooms as well as private room services for those you may invite. It’s really up to you. There is also room service available as well as other options you may need during your stay.

How To Book
Another way is to call the company and reserve your room that way. Both are easy to do and can be done with very simple things. If you are ready to book your room, give the Dorchester a call and get it done today.

There are a lot of hotels to choose from in the area you may be looking at staying in, but few are going to have the best things for you as the Dorchester does. When you are looking at where you can stay, you should really consider this option so you can have the luxury you want and still get to see the great things the city you are living in has to offer. Take a look and see what they have for you.

Enhancing Wining and Dining Experiences From the Renown to Little Known Locals

In 1982, Stephen Williams founded The Antique Wine Company in London, England. Specializing in fine and rare wines, the company has expanded to 70 countries with a clientele of over 20,000 with cellars carrying over 10,000 bottles of the finest vintages in the world. In 2006, a 135 year collection of the Grand Chateau Series containing the entire vintages from 1860 to 2003 was sold by The Antique Wine Company for $1.5 million. This price for a single wine series was one of the highest ever paid. In July, 2011, the world record was broken by The Antique Wine Company for selling the most valuable white wine ever. The wine was a bottle of 1811 Chateau d’Yquem. It sold for 75,000 British pounds, or the US equivalent of $111,600.00. In November, 2011, in Beaune, France at the wine auction held at the Hospice de Beaune, The Antique Wine Company bought the top lot known as La Piece de la President for 110,000 francs, or the US equivalent of $109,649.13.
In the heart of Warrenville Heights, Ohio, Frederick’s Wine & Dine introduces an innovative way of wining and dining for the local residents. Uniquely designed to attract a crowd of diversity, and exude a lively atmosphere, the new Frederick’s renovation has an expanded capacity for seating over 110 guests to enjoy the distinctive cuisine, and listen to the talentedly, mellow sounds of live jazz. Frederick Parks, the owner and head chef, uses his creativity and passion when preparing his exclusive dishes. His conviction regarding cooking and what it means to be a good chef begins with acquiring the highest quality ingredients from nearby markets and avoiding limiting himself to rule, but instead using the fundamental cooking principles, and the expertise of a well-trained staff. Daily, food and drink specials are offered in a friendly ambiance where Frederick’s is committed to ensuring an individualized dining experience.
Wine & Dine Wisconsin is the ideal place to sip, taste and be educated in a luxurious way. Winers and diners can enjoy sampling wines and microbrews, artful cocktails, and the bite-sized examples of what to expect in Milwaukee’s trendiest restaurants.

Jonathan Veitch Is One of the Leaders

Jonathan Veitch was named the fifth president of Occidental College in Los Angeles, California in July of 2009. He succeeded interim President Robert Skotheim who was the fourth president of Occidental within a four-year period. Jonathan Veitch takes over Occidental’s estimated 1900 student population after years of instability and uncertainty. Jonathan Veitch is the first president of Occidental College who is a native Angeleno. Jonathan Veitch was born in Los Angeles, California in 1959.

Jonathan Veitch began his academic career at Loyola High School in Southern California before receiving his bachelor’s degree at Stanford University. He continued his academic endeavors and earned his doctoral degree in American Civilization from Harvard University. After he had finished his University studies, he went on to serve as a professor of literature and history in the English department at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Jonathan Veitch left the University of Wisconsin Madison to become an associate professor at the New School’s Eugene Lang college. Jonathan Veitch also served as chair of the humanities department and associate provost prior to stepping into the role of dean at New School’s Eugene Lang College. During his time as Dean Jonathan Veitch worked to expand the student’s enrollment at Lang and promote its status as an urban Liberal Arts College.

Since taking over the position of president at Occidental College Jonathan Veitch has worked tirelessly to improve community relations in the areas surrounding the college campus. He has listened to the neighborhood concerns and has addressed them accordingly. In order to better serve the College Jonathan Veitch integrated a new strategic planning process which included a one megawatt solar array to provide for the campus’ energy supply. This will become one of the largest ground-mounted solar arrays in the city of Los Angeles and one of the largest in the United States that is housed on a small college campus. The project will be divided into two parts, and housing nearly 5,000 solar panels. One-Third of the panels will be installed near Fuji Hill and the rest will be placed on the southwest side of the campus. Jonathan Veitch took aesthetics into account when planning the development of the solar array as the system resembles an elongated comma. Both systems will produce an 11% of the campus’ electricity saving the campus an estimated $200,000 per year.

He also integrated civic engagement, arts and global literacy programs while partnering with cultural institutions in Southern California. Under his guidance the College unveiled the new Samuelson Alumni Center and is going forth with renovations on the historic Swan Hall. Plans are in place to renovate the Johnson Student Center and the McKinnon Family Center, thanks in part to grants from the Rose Hills Foundation.