VC’s are Looking to Europe

Companies that have new innovative products or technology need capital to fully develop their products and bring them to market. Since many of these companies are new, or the technology they are working on is unproven, many traditional sources of capital are closed off to them. To fill this gap, venture capitalists will provide seed money for these companies in exchange for an equity, or ownership, position in the company.

Much of the innovation in companies that venture capitalists (VC’s) fund is in the biotech, computing, or energy fields. While the companies could be anywhere in the world, most venture capital historically has gone to start-ups in the United States or Asia. leaving Europe neglected throughout most of the dot-com era.

A new article from the Seattle Times says that this trend may be coming to an end as more and more VC’s start looking to Europe to invest ( Led by Google, Intel, Microsoft,, and Sequoia Capital, the charge to pump money into new firms is on a headlong rush.

Historically European companies haven’t attracted much interest from the VC community for a couple of cultural reasons. While often offering a superior product or service, European companies have been content to service a more local customer base than their US or Asian counterparts. With most VC’s look for their investment to hit around 100 million euros in sales within five years, a timeframe that was unrealistic with the narrower service area European companies were content with.

On the positive side, start-ups in Europe are often less expensive to get started, and to operate in the longer term. An influx of a highly talented labor pool is also helping European companies stand out. This talent is coming from banks, investment houses, high-tech engineering and biotech firms that have been trimming their own payrolls in the past few years.

One company looking to make a profit from European VC is Dallas, TX-based Highland Capital Management. The company was founded by Jim Dondero in 1993 and has $23 billion in assets under its management. With experts in emerging markets, healthcare and real estate, Highland is in a prime position to carry its award-winning investment philosophy to the European markets.

Jim founded Highlands after gaining a number of years of experience in the corporate credit and bond markets. He began his career after graduating from the University of Virginia with a dual degree in accounting and finance. After working with American Express and Protective Life, Jim founded Highland and innovated the use of collateralized loan obligations to help companies with less than investment grade credit obtain the capital they needed to grow.

Madison Street Capital Provides ESOP Advice and Guidance

Madison Street Capital is working very hard at developing a solid YouTube Channel. As most realize, the purpose behind a YouTube channel is to promote an effective marketing and promotional campaign to reveal what exactly it is the company does. Madison Street Capital does handle quite a number of different tasks and services. “ESOP Advisory” is one such option clients can explore and the short YouTube Channel does a fine job of covering the main points associated with the advisory capacity.

Here is the full video:

What does the video mostly get across?

ESOP refers to Employee Stock Ownership Plan and the name basically tells the entire tale. Employees are given a chance to own a portion of a company’s stock. The obvious benefit here is employees could find their net worth and personal savings grow tremendously as the stock price does well.

Employees are not the only ones who would benefit from an ESOP deal. The company could take advantage of tax breaks and other “perks” upon instituting an ESOP strategy. Is instituting one fairly simple? In truth, it is best to leave all the steps to an experienced manager who understands all the different components required for setting up the plan.

Madison Street Capital does employ a host of experts who are quite capable of managing this type of strategy. The company is headquartered in Chicago and has become a very well-respected international investment banking firm. Madison Street Capital is able to help businesses in a number of ways. From mergers to acquisitions to valuation to bankruptcy advice, Madison Street Capital can and does provide advice, counsel, and even a direct role.

With ESOP decisions, a lot of careful steps have to be performed. The failure to do so could cause untold scores of problems for all parties involved. Hence, it is very prudent to hire a firm that is truly capable of doing what is required to help guide a company through the various necessary steps. Please review the YouTube video for more information.

Signs Your Loved One Should Be Moved To An Assisted Living Facility

As your loved one gets older it might be time to start considering moving them into one of the many different assisted living facilities in your area. However, a lot of people do not know the warning signs that their loved one needs help in one of these facilities. Here are some signs that you should look for when trying to determine if a loved one needs to be moved into an assisted living facility.

One sign that it’s time to move your loved one to an assisted living facility is they have a lot of marks on them from falling, something that most review sites will note as a warning. If your loved one is constantly getting bruises from falling down then its time to find a different place for them to live. You want to make sure that they have the help that they need in an emergency situation. If they are living alone then they may endanger themselves since there is no one around to help.

Another sign that it’s time to put your loved one into an assisted living home is they are having memory loss. Memory loss can be really detrimental to seniors since they will often forget to take their medication. They can also forget to go to their doctors appointments. By putting them into an assisted living facility you ensure that they are getting their medication.

When you see that your loved ones hygiene is getting worse then its time to put them into a home. It can be hard for a lot of seniors to bath by themselves. It can also be hard to clean their clothes since the laundry is a task that requires mobility and strength that some seniors do not have. An assisted living facility will ensure that your family member doesn’t have to do these chores by themselves.

If you are looking for a great assisted living facility then you should check out Manse On The Marsh. This assisted living facility is located in San Luis Obispo, California and is one of the best in the area. It has a ton of activities such as shopping and seminars, all listed on their website.

This great facility also has a ton of amenities for seniors to enjoy. They can watch movies at their very own movie theater that is located in the Atrium. They can also go get their hair cut at the salon and pick up some books at the library. This assisted living facility has it all.

Moving your loved one to an assisted living home is often one of the best things you can do for them. It will ensure that they get the best care possible. By using these signs you will know the right time for them to move.  Just make sure any facility you find is easy to contact online.

Yeonmi Park: The Truth Can’t Be Silenced

If there is one thing that is for sure, it is that the truth can’t be silenced. This is one thing that Yeonmi Park has said in an interview. For one thing, the truth will be found out for those that are searching. Yeonmi has lived in oppressive situations and has overcome. She has developed a desire to help others that are in similar situations. When she told her story in front of many people, this has raised up a sort of anxiety from the North Korean government because of their oppressive ways of running the country. One sign that they are shaken is that they are taking a lot of steps to discredit Yeonmi Park and other North Korean defectors. Even with the videos released that attempt to discredit Yeonmi Park and other defectors, the truth still remains. There is enough going on in North Korea to gain the interest of others in shedding light on the country. People are slowly learning more about the harsh situations in North Korea. As a result, there are efforts to use manipulation and other tactics to get the attention off of the government so that the powers can continue with their oppression. Yeonmi Park of casey and yeonmi show is one of many that are shedding light on the horrors of North Korea. There are also other horrors that Yeonmi has gone through that would also inspire her to fight with other issues in the world such as human trafficking. She was trafficked at 13 years of age and had to endure a lot of sexual abuse and dehumanizing brutality. While these types of traumas are enough to break a person. Yeonmi has not only refused to break, bout she has recovered to the point that she is ready to build the lives of those that are oppressed. Yeonmi Park has written a book about the horrors of North Korea. This book is what is going to help people find a way to bring justice to the secretive country of North Korea. This is the first step to bringing the country’s oppression down. The only issue is that North Korea is a nuclear power.

U.S. Money Reserve Unveils Holiday Funding Campaign

In 2014 the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas provided more than 31 million pounds of food and drinks for those in need of nourishment in central Texas. The issue of hunger has been high on the list of problems facing the world in recent years, but the Capital Food Bank of Texas has been growing its service over the last 30 years to provide more food than ever before for the people of central Texas. U.S. Money Reserve is reported by Digital Journal to have embarked on its Holiday charitable campaign in a bid to provide increased funding for the food bank to provide relief for the hungry in their area.

Problems in the money markets of recent years have led to an even greater commitment by many to work within the precious metals and commodities markets. U.S. Money Reserve was originally established to trade in gold, silver and platinum coins issued by government agencies, and was established by a group of experienced gold traders. More than 100 experienced traders have now been employed by the company, which also looks to aid charitable organizations on a regular basis.

U.S. Money Reserve has established a Crowdrise funding page in a bid to allow clients, employees and friends of the group to make donations in aid of the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. The food bank has been a major source of relief for many since it was established almost 30 years ago, which makes it something of an institution in the central Texas area. The food bank has developed partnerships with more than 300 agencies in 21 counties to provide a network of groups assisting those in need across Texas throughout each year.

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Why Check Out US Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve is quickly getting recognized for many of its different activities which include philanthropic efforts. Most recently, it has been part of a crowdfunding campaign for a food bank in Texas. However, many people are probably wondering what US Federal Reserve sales and why they should give that company a chance. Us Money Reserve is a company that sells commodities like gold and silver. In today’s age, it is a valuable thing to own some gold and silver. US Money Reserve makes it possible for clients to own different pieces of gold and silver and hold onto as these pieces of commodities accumulate in worth and become profitable.

U.S. Money Reserve is a very large distributor of gold, silver and platinum. In fact, they are one of the biggest distributors in the country. Among the products that they sell are gold coins which include the popular coins from the United States Mint. The advantage of that is they are backed by the US Government. In this case, no one that purchases from this company has to worry about how much gold the coins contain in their content. Also, they use face value in order to reveal the worth of the coins. In other words, what a customer sees is what a customer gets.

Gold market veterans have come together in order to provide a company that can help their customers with the customer service and the knowledge needed. Customer service is very important to their company. They deliver when it comes to customer service. They take the time to address all of the concerns of the customer. They also make sure that the customer has everything that he or she paid for. They want to make sure that the customer is completely satisfied. It is their passion for customer service that makes U.S. Money Reserve one of the most trusted gold distributors in the industry.

U.S. Money reserve doesn’t just strive to provide gold. They want to make sure that the gold that they provide is the most exceptional piece of gold that the government has issued. U.S. Money Reserve also carries more than 100 highly trained professionals so that the clients can be sure that their needs are going to be met in the most efficient way. They are willing to sit down and talk to their clients about what they want and what they need so that they can provide it in the best way possible.

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Black Lives Matter And George Soros: One In The Same? Not Exactly.


If you have done any reading of conservative media as of late, you might believe that George Soros and the Black Lives Matter movement are one in the same. It would appear that way because some are pushing this narrative about the two. The rumor spread far enough that the Daily Beast finally decided to take a look into it and see if this was the case.

As most know, George Soros is a world famous billionaire who built up his personal wealth the old fashioned way. This is what Wikiquote says about him. That is to say that he is a well known businessman who has put in the time and effort to build up a huge personal net worth. At the same time, he has taken some positions in political issues which are sure to anger certain people. Perhaps this is why the Right has taken out their anger on Soros in the form of spreading rumors about him.

At the end of the day, the Daily Beast was able to turn up that Soros was not behind the funding of Black Lives Matter. Rather, the entire movement was started by just three women who have had enough with the slayings of various African American youth at the hands of police officers. They were seeing all of these high profile stories in the news about it, and they were simply fed up with this trend.

The movement gained steam as it took on protests and started to work on getting its message out to the public at large. The fact is that the movement started to protest against Democratic Presidential candidates. They were very vocal and made sure that the news media was covering what they were doing. It was a great way to get the message out and help make sure that they were not being ignored or taken for granted.

Those who might have liked to link Soros to this movement have trouble explaining why the movement would protest against progressive politicians. Some may go on to say that this is all just part of the larger plot, but those are largely people who see conspiracies around every corner.

The Open Society Foundation which really is funded by Soros has said that they have no idea how these rumors got started, but they are not particularly surprised that something like this has happened. They say that Soros is a common target of rumors by those who disagree with his political views.

The bottom line on this story is that while Soros does give to causes that he believes in, he does not fund protest movements such as Black Lives Matter despite what the rumors might say.

Read more about George Soros on Project Syndicate.

Here Is Why Tipping On Handy Is Great

The issue of whether patrons should tip servers at restaurants and in other fields of business has been passionately debated in the past few months. Handy, the number one app that lists cleaning services around the home, has opened up the ability for their home cleaners to receive tips through the application. In the past few years, the only way tips have been able to be given is through cash, which many people do not feel secure about exchanging or are not placed in situations in which it is practical to tip a home cleaner.

Handy was founded in the summer of 2012 by two roommates that attended Harvard Business School, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. These two young men actually dropped out of college to pursue their goals of raising Handy into a large, successful application, which has turned out to be an outstanding business decision. Which has paid off with Handy recently receiving $50 million in funding.

Handy has people listed for bookings in around twenty-eight areas in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States of America. The United States features most of these listings, although Handy is expecting to expand into new markets at the end of 2016, according to a press conference held by Handy.

The cleaning professionals that make money on Handy are referred to as Pros by the customers and employees of Handy. These Pros typically do not earn all of their income from Handy but some are able to make a living off of Handy.

The listings on Handy are very closely monitored because home cleaning is much more personal than other types of cleaning. One needs to be able to fully trust the person that is cleaning their home or else they might not even think about having their home cleaned in the first place. The cleaners on Handy must have clean backgrounds and relevant work experience to clean homes or perform other types of handyman work due to this personal feel that home cleaning brings to the table.

Handy is currently headquartered in New York City, which has been the epicenter of operations ever since Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua decided to get serious with Handy and drop out of Harvard.

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Highland Long/Short Healthcare Fund emerges the best in 40Act fund Equity category at 2015 HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Awards

The Dallas-based management firm Highland Capital Management, L.P. has announced that Highland Long/Short Healthcare Fund has received the 2015 HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award. It won in the 40 Act Fund category. Highland Capital Management along with its affiliates manages over USD 20 billion worth of assets.

Speaking at a press conference, the Co-founder, and the president of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero said that winning the 2015 HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award has served as a statement of the experience and healthcare investment expertise of the team that is led by Michael Gregory.

The HFM Hedge fund recognizes 40 Act funds, hedge funds and funds of funds that come out shining over its competitors on qualitative and quantitative factors. The areas under consideration for the award include the reputation that the fund has with the investors, one to five-year performance data, as well as the character of the manager.
Highlands Capital Management L.P

Michael Gregory is the Managing Director and heads the Healthcare Credit and Equity at Highland Capital Management. The healthcare sector takes the largest chunk of the Highlands Investments managing over USD 3billion in assets. It has a combined experience of about 130 years and has a team of eleven healthcare sector specialists. Mister Gregory also heads Highland Alternative Investors and is its CIO.

Speaking after the award, Michael Gregory said that the investment company was focused on delivering a strong and repeatable performance for all its investors. He further stated that the award indicates the success of the company’s risk management infrastructure and its investment process and credit to the intensive hard work of the team at the company.

Highlands is an investment company specializing in credit strategies such as the credit hedge funds, distressed and special situation private equity, long only funds and separate accounts and collateralized loan obligations. The firm recently hired a new President of Institutional Products and also offers alternative investments such as long and short equities, natural resources, and emerging markets. Its clients include corporations, foundations, public pension plans, and high net worth individuals, governments, financial institutions, endowments, and funds of funds.

James Dondero founded Highlands Capital Management in 1993 and currently oversees its institutional and retail products. Jim has an experience of over thirty years in credit markets and pioneered Collateralized Loan Obligation with others.

Jim graduated from the University of Virginia with an emphasis on accounting and finance and is also a Chartered Financial Analyst. He also serves on MGM Studios and American Banknote Board of Directors. He is also the chair of the Board of CCS Medical Corporation, Cornerstone Healthcare, and NexBank.

An Insight on Trucept Inc. Headed by Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar has been serving as the CEO, President, CFO and Chairman of Trucept Inc., a firm focusing on helping organizations manage their employees in an effective and productive manner. He has worked for many organizations hence amassing wide experience in relation to their operations. He has created programs to simplify business operations and maximize on production. Trucept Inc. provides comprehensive Professional Employer Organization to like-minded companies that have potential for growth and expansion in order to stay ahead of their competitors. Trucept Inc. provides services like administration, risk management, human resource services and employees benefits.

Bonar’s education background

Bonar is a mechanical engineering graduate from Scotland’s Strathclyde University. Later on he went to Stafford University, England to study for his Masters and PhD degree in the field of International Business Development Studies. This prepared him appropriately with the right skills and knowledge that have enabled him work for several high ranking companies in both UK and U.S.

Services offered by Trucept Inc.

The firm offers financial services to small and medium level enterprises, relieving top executives from many daily activities that negatively affect their core business duties and activities. They focus on processing payroll, safety programs, human resource support as well as employees’ compensation cover. Also, Trucept focus on other administrative services like temporary staffing, co-employment and staff leasing. The target markets for Trucept include financial institutions, technology companies, startup businesses and other professional service providers. Trucept has managed to provide their services to more than 900 small business enterprises which have now focused on their core areas of operations.

Trucept Inc. is a reputable Professional Employer Organization (PEO) providing a wide variety of professional human resource and enterprise services. Companies that join PEO have an opportunity of outsourcing some of their responsibilities from experts who are experienced in this field. Engaging Professional Employer Organization like Trucept Inc. means clients do not need to devote their valuable time in tracking and processing payrolls or negotiating prices with providers. Trucept will also offer advice on various issues connected to human resource like developing workplace and worker policies and procedures and ensuring government requirements are adhered to. Clients normally maintain control over their employees on daily activities while Trucept assumes administrative functions to a level of absorbing employer related liabilities.

In a recent press released on PR Newswire, Trucept Inc. has recorded significant growth in its revenue for the last six months. The revenue of the company increased by 113 percent compared to the same period the previous year. This has been achieved under the leadership of Brian Bonar who said these positive results were attributed to increase in number of new clients.