Alexei Beltyukov is Passionate About Education

One thing that is very important in the world is education. Alexei Beltyukov is one person who believes in the importance of education. He also understands that the demands of school can be a little tough on children depending on the school district. For this reason, Alexei has developed the newest endeavor, SOLVY. SOLVY is educational software that is very interactive. Alexei is very passionate about education and it shows with the products that he develops. He also wants to broaden horizons with the continuing of education through his own projects which is where SOLVY has come in.

SOLVY is already proving to be a success among educators and students. Among the people that use it are high school students for homework. Parameters are set in order for the system to generate homework assignments. This gives teachers the ability to assign exercises for learning in a more efficient way. One thing that is missing from SOLVY is multiple-choice answers. The students are instead required to manually enter the answers that they come up with. They are also required to explain their answer. This is good for critical thinking and math. One of the advantages of SOLVY is that students are encouraged to make errors.

Math is definitely one of the subjects that could benefit from Alexei’s product. Alexei got his start in medicine. He studied medicine for a little while before he decided to major in business. He attended INSEAD Busienss School and studied for his MBA. Afterwards, Alexei has developed and started a few businesses that proved to be very successful. SOLVY is one of the latest endeavors that Alexei has accomplished which is proving to be of great benefit to students that are still in school. One major advantage to Alexei’s invention is that he has programmed it to use problem solving techniques that are based in the real world. has even more on what Beltyukov has done with his career.

BMG Bank, The Way Banking Should Be

When you think about the banks these days, more and more you are seeing large financial institutions that stand for everything they pretend to be against. You see fat pensions, high salaries, and millionaire CEO’s and boardmembers at the top of the pyramid while the regular working stiffs are basically stuck to ground. There is one bank that shines through, however, because it was built on the banking spirit that used to bring people together for the common good. BMG Bank in Brazil still does banking the way that banking used to be.

BMG Bank is a private bank that was founded years ago, with roots in the financial industry as early as the 1930’s. When others have continued to nickel and dime their customers with late fees and extra subscription costs, BMG Bank has made the banking world feel like fools because of the reputation they are growing. When it comes to taking care of their clients and customers and doing it with respect and quality service, BMC Bank truly is in a league of their own these days.

Part of the reason that BMC Bank has had such success in recent years is because they aren’t just tracing the almighty dollar. BMC Bank has been founded in the idea of helping people, and that is both clients as well as internal workers. Ricardo Annes Guimaraes is the current CEO and President, but he is somewhat unlike most of the other top banking executives you will find out there. He has been with the organization since 1980 and has literally made a career out of it.

While other banks have executives coming and going at the drop of a moneybag, Ricardo Annes Guimaraes brought his ideals of serving the people to the top and has made sure that service truly is put back into the banking industry. Due to his time spent at every level of the organization, Ricardo has become more and more passionate about helping people. The lessons he has learned both about banking and people have truly become a core principle of BMG Bank as a whole.

At the end of the day, you can always choose where to do business and where to put your money for safekeeping. It is a big world and there are certainly a lot of banks out there. Some people will chase a few percent here and there and will find themselves as part of the rat race. Others will just go for the flashy promotions, but could then be caught by extra fees and below average service. The choice is certainly yours. However, if you are looking for a bank where you can trust the ideals and principles, check out what Ricardo Annes Guimaraes has built in BMC Bank.

The Shrewdness of Igor Cornelsen in the Investment Banking Sector

Igor Cornelsen, a retired investment banker, has created a reputable name in his home country of Brazil as one of the top bankers. His impressive reputation is drawn from his previous roles in managing several top banks in Brazil. In addition, he was an outstanding individual in managing the enormous percentage of his country’s gross economy. In current roles, Cornelsen works in conjunction with the Bainbridge Group for both foreign exchange and commodity investment. Stock market investment is also part of his functions.

Cornelsen has also made a name for himself as a pioneer for utilizing the strategy for avoiding damaged companies and investing in damaged stocks. Consequently, his technique has gained popularity among investors.

Cornelsen’s Advice on Brazilian Banking Sector

In various instances, Cornelsen has provided helpful information or advice on facebook to Brazilian bankers in times of need. During an anomaly that occurred in the Brazilian banking sector on 2014, he asserted that the only way Brazilian banks would avert the problems they were facing was through gaining knowledge about the market. Consequently, Igor created various basics for investors willing to invest in Brazilian stocks as follows:

Ten Major Banks in Brazil

The Brazilian economy is ranked in the eighth position worldwide. Consequently, it tops among the largest economies in South America. Its economy is driven by ten main state and privately owned investment and commercial banks. Among the top players, include Itau Unibanco, Caixa Economica Federal, Banco Bradesco, and BTG Pactual among others.

Links with China
Cornelsen asserted that the Chinese and Brazilian economies are intertwined since both are great trading partners. He also said that the process of raw materials from Brazil would increase due the rise of the Chinese economy. He advised investors to keep a close eye on trading partners of a prospective nation before undertaking any investment.

The Value of the Real

The export of industrialized commodities has lost competitiveness in Brazil due to the country’s overvalued legal tender. In addition, this has led to massive deficits in the current accounts. In a bid to reduce the devaluation of the real, the Central Bank of Brazil has had to sell dollar swaps in the domestic markets. However, with less intervention from the government the depreciation of the real will take place at a controlled pace leading to more competitiveness of industrial goods.

Other Cornelsen’s Interests

Apart from investment activities, Cornelsen is a golf lover. Golf is his profound hobby, which he indulges in away from other business activities. Away from his native country of Brazil, he spends his time at his home in South Florida. This location is ideal for golf activities since it hosts the best golf courses on the globe.

He also does consultancy work for both the investment and banking industry. Mainly, this has been due to his vast experience in financial and investment matters, which he gained from his past career as a banker.


Taken from an article found on the Buzzfeed, business forum, which can be found here. The article talks about SeaWorld banning their employees from presenting themselves as animal rights activists. This was done due to recent threats that were made and therefore SeaWorld would like to keep it’s employees and visitors safe and secure.

According to Joel Manby who is the current acting chief executive officer, SeaWorld employees are no longer permitted to pose as animal rights activists. This practice was ended by the board of directors in the face of threats made. Customers, employees and the animals are to be their first priority to keep safe and secure.

An accusation was made against SeaWorld by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, who said that a person by the name of Paul McComb, who was working in human resources in San Diego for SeaWorld, posed as Thomas Jones and signed up for the Action Team set up by PETA. Paul McComb had allegedly told animal activists to act illegally and also incited others to act aggressively.

Manby the CEO said that all matter were handled internally at SeaWorld and that Paul McComb is back working at SeaWorld but in another department. SeaWorld has had a rough last quarter as they took abuse from the recent documentary on CNN known as Blackfish. This documentary accused SeaWorld of mistreating their Orca’s. All Orca performances have since been cancelled as well as the state of California officially banning the breeding of orca’s in captivity. SeaWorld has since gone up against this decision.

According to latest news by SeaWorld’s CFO, Peter Crage, the company has seen reduced attendance as well as the slowing of earnings and revenues. He remains positive as the decline had slowed in the second half of last year. 2015 was a good year of attendance at SeaWorld with a total of 22.5 million people, which is slightly up form 2014 which was 22.4 million. Revenues remained at $1.4 billion and earnings fell. A net loss of $11 million in the last 3 months of the year.

This is of great importance to companies like Madison Street Capital who can use this information to their benefit when they instruct their clients on the correct investment tactic. Making sure they stay ahead of the curve is vital in the investment industry as these news can determine a win or a loose when it comes to investments made. Madison Street Capital has both private and publicly held business which they consult to and are known to be some of the best people in the industry. They provide many different services to clients.

Different Options that CCMP Capital Has

Stephen Murray, the former president and CEO of CCMP Capital, worked to make the business one of the most viable in its sector. He was always careful with the company and developed different processes that allowed the company to be able to not only profit but for its clients to profit as well. He made great strides with the business and gave the clients of the business everything that they needed when it came to their own businesses. He focused the majority of his efforts on helping the clients to become more successful.

Manufacturing can be a difficult business to break into and Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has dedicated an entire sector of their business to making it a possibility for their clients. They have learned all of the laws regarding manufacturing and they have been able to provide their clients with the information that they have learned about the business. There have been many things that have allowed them to help their clients and the manufacturing segment of the business is one of the biggest. They have helped a large majority of their clients become successful in the manufacturing businesses that they have chosen.

Chemical ventures is another sector of the business that they have dedicated their time to. Similar to manufacturing, chemical ventures can be a difficult business to be invested in. CCMP Capital has become the industry expert with helping their clients have a better understanding of the way that their chemical business works. They have made sure to always provide their clients with the best knowledge about the business and with everything that they need to know when it comes to the business. They have been successful while doing so and have given their time to chemical businesses who need their help.

The CCMP Capital business model needs to be able to fund all of this and they do so through Chase Capital. They have given a lot of opportunities to their clients and they have been able to do so through the Chase Capital segment of the business. There are other options that they have pursued when it comes to funding their ventures, but Chase Capital has proven to be one of the best ones for the business models that they entertain.

All of the people who have worked with CCMP Capital, including Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, know how important business partnerships are to the life of the business. The company has made sure that they are giving the best possible options to their clients and that they are connecting them with all of the partners that will make their business better. They have also focused on partners for their own business and have been successful while doing so.

February Job Market Update: What Are The Wage Growth Expectations?

As the labor market sees healthier days, economists remain optimistic about future job creation. Fox Business News provided a brief commentary based on upcoming projections across key verticals. As the EPI (Economic Policy Institute) revealed in a market review last month; KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), particularly minimum wage will require keen attention as job market conditions improve. Taking into account all these factoring determinants, analysts believe the nation will report as many as 200,000 jobs.

With the monthly jobs report for February expected within a week, market analysts are anxious to learn about upcoming economic calendar highlights. Unemployment rates haven’t seen any significant improvement in recent months, based on the performance data of previous reports. However, the availability of 210,000 jobs this month is surely an impressive comeback compared to January’s unsatisfactory report. Unfortunately, economists reported only 151,000 job creations, which was an estimated 20% lower percentile than predicted. With this, the January report forecasted a 2.5% climb in wage growth compared to the previous year-to-year analysis. Additionally, the month’s unemployment rate saw a significant decline of 4.9%, particularly the lowest reported in the last eight years.

Economists are almost certain the U.S. FED (Federal Reserve) will deliberate on hiking wage interest rates when the board meets in March. While February jobs statistics is pending, it won’t influence their decision, according to analysts opinion. The nation’s central bank decision will remain idempotent irrespective of what the report reads. Another KPI that’ll greatly influence the pricing oil is the pending EIA (Energy Information Administration) Petroleum weekly report due on Wednesday. Car sales performance has seen improvements too, and it’ll greatly strengthen the growing job market.

On a positive note other financial markets, including real estate remain productive. Madison Street Capital has turned in an impressive financial report which gives it an edge on the competition. The powerhouse hedge fund boutique actually closed 42 transactions, a masterly accomplished 27% higher compared to 2014. AUM Research conducted a comparison analysis, which thoroughly looked into the month-to-month performances of both reports. It concluded Madison Street Capital performance was as a result of the slew of M&A (Merger and Acquisition) transactions it closed during the last quarter. Madison Street Capital commands an eclectic team of financial experts, know for their comprehensive knowledge of the industry and experience.

As a consultancy, Madison Street Capital provides precise recommendations on M&A opportunities after reviewing detailed analysis. It handles every aspect of financial services ranging from reporting, consulting, asset management, evaluation, private equity/hedge fund administration, investment banking to corporate advisory decisions. The Chicago-based financial services consultancy employs the best business practices to create an attractive, profitable market for its investors. While its competitors continue to face tough times, Madison Street Capital manage portfolios that are grossing high returns.

With the heavy weight of regulation fees and exorbitant operating fees; coping with the dynamics of the market has been extremely problematic for other financial services manager. With divisions spread across Africa, North America, and Asia, Madison Street Capital manages a conservative operation. Additionally, it remains committed to helping communities especially disaster relief initiatives organized by the nonprofit, United Way. Madison Street Capital continues a time-honored alliance in aiding needy nations worldwide to recuperate.

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The Status of Real Estate Industry in Brazil

The real estate industry happens to be the fastest growing industry in the world. The estate business generates billions of dollars annually as revenue. Opportunities yet to be exploited are available. Identifying such opportunities requires intensive market research. The industry is cyclical and responds to macroeconomic trends like interest rates, economic strength, and population development. The industry is comprised of three major fields such as leasing, brokerages, and management.

According to FIPEZAP findings, the house price index in Brazil dropped significantly in 2015. The price fell by 3.65 percent after the inflation adjustment. However, Sao Paulo registered an increased rise in house price by 11.3 percent. After the official announcement that the 2016 Olympic Games will be hosted in Rio de Janeiro, the real estate industry has developed tremendously.

Oderbrecht Company

Norberto Oderbrecht established this company in 1994 as a construction firm. Currently, the company manages over 140,000 people. The company renovated Arena Corinthians, which is situated in Sao Paulo for hosting the opening match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The firm specializes in civil construction, development of infrastructure, and gas and oil insurance. It is based in Rio de Janeiro.
Queiroz Galvao Company

It was established in 1953. By the end of 2012, the firm had accumulated 3.93 billion in terms of revenue. It has established several buildings and power plants in other places apart from Brazil, such as Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

CBRE Real Estate firm

CBRE started operating in Brazil back in1979 after setting up its headquarters in Sao Paulo. The company had identified the high demand of real estate advisory service in Brazil. Currently, it offers service nationally and covers the whole of Latin America. CBRE operates as a market leader and has over 36 years of experience. The firm manages complex rental transactions for both national and global companies. The estate has offices in Curitiba, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, and Belo Horizonte.

Construcap is a construction company, which specializes in the provision of turn-key work method, designed to suit Energy Performance Certificates. It handles projects ranging from highways, ports, commercial buildings, industrial renovation, and airways to railways.

The company is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Construcap and Flour, which is an American based company, invested 25 million reais in establishing a joint scheme to provide exemplary engineering services. The companies are targeting branches of established industries that have complicated construction projects. The gross revenue accumulated by the firm totaled to 1.98 billion by the end of 2012.

Madison Street Capital Reveals Hedge Fund Report

Madison Street Capital is a very busy firm. The company may end up becoming even busier in 2016. Per its report, the hedge fund world is poised to experience a resurgence.

Recently, Hedge Week published an article about a report produced by Madison Street Capital on the 2016 outlook on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) related to hedge funds. (The official title is the “Madison Capital’s hedge fund industry M&A overview”) The prior years for hedge funds revealed some interesting figures. 2015 saw a tremendous increase in transactions over 2014. The increase was 27% higher than the prior year, and this is an impressive number.

A tremendous number of transactions occurred in the final quarter of 2015. This means quite a bit of momentum may carry right into 2016. Interestingly, 2015 was not a banner year for hedge funds. The final months of the year did show more activity than was expected. As a result, many are primed for a great 2016.

The words put forth by Madison Street Capital should be taken seriously. The Chicago-based company has been a major player in the investment banking world since its founding in 2005. The M&A advisory services made available by Madison Street Capital are highly regarded in the industry. Upon learning this information, many are going to look at that Hedge Week article very closely. It highlights a number of interesting points presented in the report.

In the report, it was noted that the hedge fund industry maintains assets at a supremely high level. This is the case even those most hedge funds did poorly in 2015. A shift to the alternative asset management sector by institutional investors is being undertaken with the hopes of overcoming perceived and actual liabilities.

Madison Street Capital is poised to make news in 2016. Some of the news may turn out to be how brilliantly prophetic the report was.

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Visual Search is The Next Step In Search Technology

One of the original components of the Internet that has passed the test of time has been the search engine. Even though the names of the search engines have changed over the years. Since the introduction of the modern Internet, the basic premise of the search engine and its role on the Internet has remained the same.

The main function of the search engine is to provide useful information to the people conducting searches at search engines. The core use of the search engine has been a mainstay of the Internet. Millions of people search online on a daily basis regarding a wide variety of topics.

Although the technology used by search engines has changed over the years. One area where technology has not changed much since the early days of search engines is online products. The search results provided concerning online products tend to provide the same search format. The results usually provide text based information with a few images. However, online products are much more than text based information. There is a visual element to online products. This visual element is very important.

The lack of visual and image recognition technology concerning online products has resulted in many poor online shopping experiences. The reason is because the search is normally the first phase of the online shopping experience. Once the online products are found, research and review is done related to the online products. The lack of visual technology capabilities make it hard for many people to accomplish a satisfactory online product review, which can affect the online purchase decision tremendously.

In recent years, there have been many tech startup companies that have developed technology to help the online product experience. One of the primary aspects of the technology revolves around visual search. Concerning online products, the ability to improve the visual appeal and visual simulation is very important.

One of the tech startups that has been receiving favorable comments concerning visual search technology is Slyce. The company uses a unique blend of recognition software and real world objects to present online products in a more real life manner

Slyce provides the software they developed to retailers and e-tailers. The software can be used on desktop and mobile devices. Moreover, the software is helping to change the way many people view online products.

Outlook for Gold as Seen By Industry Veteran

During a recent interview on Enterprise Radio, Philip Diehl, the head of U.S. Money Reserve, had spoken about a dynamic opportunity provided by investing in precious metals, especially gold.

This former Chief of Staff at U.S. Treasury, and the 35th U.S. Mint Director, believes that over the next 10 years there will increased demand for gold as international uncertainties grow. During financial crises, there’s a flight to quality and gold and other metals become highly desirable as a storage of value and hedge against inflation.

As of now, 65% of demand for gold in the world comes from China and India. These two countries are growing faster than most other economies, and have very large populations. And it’s all while the central banks are increasing gold purchases.

Back in 2011, gold had reached its peak at nearly $2,000 an ounce. Presently, the yellow metal trades at around $1,200- a rather substantial discount to its all-time high of few years ago.

The other precious metal, silver, trades at an even steeper discount. A few years ago, this cousin of gold had been going for almost $50 an ounce, and now it’s only $14.

U.S. Money Reserve specializes gold, silver, and platinum coins issued by the United States government. Under Mr. Diehl’s leadership, the company has grown from a small player to a leading distributor of bullion coins in the world through entrepreneurial approach in establishing a worldwide distribution network.

With the commitment to customer service as well as liberal return policy and guarantees, customers are confident about what they’re getting. Moreover, foreign government-issued bullion coins are available as well.

While at U.S. Mint, where he was appointed during Bill Clinton’s Presidency, Philip Diehl is responsible for bringing the first government-issued platinum coin in the United States as well as starting the 50 State Quarters Program.

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