IT Entrepreneur and Nordic Consulting Partners President Drew Madden

Drew Madden has more than a decade of experience in advising, managing, optimizing, and implementing EMR projects. Moreover, Drew is an IT entrepreneur in the industry of healthcare where he is passionate about creating unique and attractive company cultures. The entrepreneur believes that hiring a team of high caliber professionals is the gateway to success. Such professionals have the ability to help entrepreneurs form trusted partnerships with customers. The ability of Drew Madden to merge technical skills and consulting operations in project management has helped healthcare IT leaders to form Epic implementation teams.

In 2010, Drew Madden joined Nordic Consulting Partners (NCP). For five years, Madden served the company as President. Between 2012 and 2014, NCP displayed a consulting excellence of high level. Under Drew’s management, NCP’s number of employees increased to 75 from 10. Additionally, the number of client partners increased from 3 to 150. More importantly, Madden increased the company’s annual revenue collection from $1,000,000 to $130,000,000. While at Nordic Consulting Partners, establishing client relationships, business development, and recruiting staffs were some of his responsibilities. Thanks to Madden’s efforts, the NCP has been able to create good relationships with local and international epic clients.

More about Drew Madden

Before joining Nordic Consulting Partners, Drew Madden worked with a United Healthcare subsidiary firm known as Ingenix. Today, Ingenix is known as OptumInsight. Drew joined Ingenix as an Epic Consultant. Before Ingenix, Drew worked at Cerner Corporation where he spent a lot of time implementing and creating inpatient medical solutions. Drew Madden joined Helthia Consulting in 2005 before it was merged with Ingenix Consulting in 2007. While at Healthia Consulting, Drew spent a lot of time implementing roles. He was later promoted to the position of Business Development.

Drew Madden attended Iowa University where he received his Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering. He is passionate about the implementation of multiple EHR platforms. His objective is to empower teams to achieve their utmost potential as they work with healthcare organizations. His many years in the industry have equipped him with the right skills for success. According to Drew Madden, the foundation for lasting partnerships is based on skill sets, goals, and preferences.

Glen Wakeman is a entrepreneur helping other entrepreneurs succeed

Entrepreneurs new to the game have a lot to learn. Thankfully there are seasoned business professionals willing to give away their secrets of success, so these future powerhouses can succeed. There is a lot of trial and error, but with persistence and the right mentor, anything is possible.

Glen Wakeman is business revolutionary, entrepreneur, mentor, and investor. His current position is of founder and Chief Executive Officer of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. With this program early stage entrepreneurs can have access to a library of information that includes tips, tools, and people to help such as advisors and capital providers. It is a fully automated system that puts a workable plan together for budding entrepreneurs who have business ideas. Glen Wakeman has a plethora of experience working in high ranking positions at companies, and also starting his own businesses as an entrepreneur. Here are a list of his accomplishments. Visit his website at

He spent 21 plus years working at GE Capital. It is a financial services company that was founded in 1932. Glen accomplished a lot at the company, most notably being responsible for operations in more than 30 different countries, living in 6 countries, and was recognized as a Growth Leadership role model by GE Capital’s Board of Directors. His last role with the company was Chief Executive Officer of GE Money Latin America. From scratch he built 9 country operations exceeding employees, assets, and annual earnings. Glen Wakeman grew over 1000 branches, created many new products, and signed dozens of partnerships for the company.


He won many awards for his commitment to corporate social responsibility and his great leadership. He also founded Nova Four, which is a business accelerator. It provides access to capital and strategic advice to developing companies. It has been very successful and has help so many businesses succeed. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Daily Forex Report.

Get More Than Traditional Banking

Many banks maliciously put extensive fees on their customers to recover their losses. Are you one of those customers who feel like their being overcharged by their financial institution? NexBank gives you a way out with secure services that stand next to none in the financial industry. You won’t feel like you’re being punished with huge over the top fees. They’re proudly backed with $40 billion dollars in assets with an expected annual growth. John Holt, CEO, and president, of NexBank is working hard towards international growth efforts. His strategic efforts have allowed them to receive a capital gain of $24 million dollars.

NexBank Features

NexBank lets their customers know their money is in safe hands with over 23,000+ highly trained IT professionals. They’re standing by online 24 hours a day for customer support. You’re always encouraged to visit a local branch for prompt, and immediate support. They also allow you to save up to 36% on huge student loan debt by offer 1,200 college savings programs. They have partnered with New Jersey based College Savings bank to initiate college savings. You can learn more about your college savings bank under the college savings tab of their website.

Customers also enjoy…

– Advanced online features

– Free checks

– Superior mortgage accounts

– IRA accounts

– Direct deposit features

– Online access

– View your account anytime

– Multiple device capabilities

– Friendly professionals

– and much more…

Get your dream car with installment payments under a NexBank finance options. They allow flexible payments because they understand how hard it can be in a financial emergency. Join NexBank today, and put your hard earned money to work for you. PRN Newswire has reported their nationwide growth to over 200,000+ customers, and growing monthly. Join NexBank on their interactive website for more details today.

Securus Technologies- Using Technology to Heighten Safety and Unravel Crimes

Securus Technologies has over the years come up with various products and services whose main aim is to help keep the world free from crimes.


Over the years our happy clients have given us compliment that makes us feel honored and in the process come up with redacted specific references to different counties, states and facility names with the aim of protecting the innocent. Keeping the society, parolees and their families safer is our number one duty, and it’s an honor to us.


Our devices like phone calls that are monitored and tapped have helped different companies to obtain the needed search warrant with the aim of arresting corrupt staff members. One of our clients said that they were able to stop corrupted staffs who were introducing contraband products to their clients. Using the Securus Technologies phone devices with secret monitoring technique that makes it easy to get information from inmates who plans on doing illegal businesses like drug selling, threatening and suspicions conversations. According to one facility correction officer, they were able to prevent a crime involving the sale of drugs in their correction facility.


Securus technologies have given services to various correctional facilities over the years. And one happy officer’s states that they salute our company for commitment to offering progressively and incarceration environment that helps to improve their jurisdiction public safety. He states that the latest technology has made it easy for them to service inmates and the public.


Securus Technology has its central headquarters in Texas, Dallas County and over the years it has given numerous services to more than 1,200,000 inmates and around 1, 3450 correction agencies and other law enforcement officers including the public safety. We also have other offices in four main vital areas Georgia, Atlanta, Texas and Dallas metro all with the aim of keeping offering specialized services and products to the public, law enforcement and corrections communities.


The Contribution of Boraie Development in Real Estate Investment in New Brunswick

New Brunswick area has developed to be a classy world region owing to the residents who reside in that quarter. This marks the purpose of raising the rental apartments to aid the people to conform to the lifestyle of the area. The Aspire apartments is one of the leading projects done by Boraie Development LLC in New Brunswick area; this apartment comprises of units such as beautiful studio apartments that can accommodate people with its affordable rent starting from one thousand six hundred and fifty dollars. The charges are quite affordable, considering the services and facilities one enjoys when staying in any of the Aspire rental units. Availability of wide range of house sizes for the residents to select from, which comprise one bedroom apartments which go for $1800 a month and two bedroom apartments for those with larger families renders the place to be salubrious for people to stay. The apartments are equipped with private terrace and balcony.

Aspire apartments situated near the New Brunswick Train Station, makes it convenient for those people who have a desire to get to Manhattan and Philadelphia. This locale has a significant number of amenities such as the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Rutgers Medical School, and Rutgers University campus. Those interested to reside in this area, there are more than two hundred and thirty-eight units left to ready to be occupied. There is 24/7 security services at the apartments, an onsite maintenance management man, and a direct elevator that lead from the garage to the lobby.

In a blog posted by Central Jersey Working Moms, interior facilities of the apartments apart from the stunning view of the downtown comprises of a gourmet kitchen with amazing cabinetry, the quartz countertops, backlash made of glass tile, stainless steel appliances, and home laundry machines. The bath floor is constructed of porcelain and superbly built ceramic walls around the tub. One has an opportunity to enjoy the high-speed internet and cable television for refreshing. Aspire apartments are also fitted with the state of the art heating system that is essential during winter spell that uses gas, a couple of TVs and space for the terrace with seats make the place enjoyable to live. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Boraie Development LLC is a real estate dedicated to providing an array of services on all sectors dealing with urban real estate market. It’s situated in New Brunswick, New Jersey, this firm has Sam Boraie as its President who is proud of his vision for the New Brunswick for the shape it has taken over years. His team is focused on rising magnificent building, work with strong financial institutions, architects driven by vision and contractors who value deadlines to meet timely completion and completion of their projects.

Those who wish to get more information about the apartments should visit Aspire website and are free to do viewing via the rental office. This information was published by published through Central Jersey Working Mom.

George Soros, the Founder of Quantum Fund

George Soros is a famous forex guru who has been trusted across the world because of his trading expertise. He also happens to be a great philanthropist who has given out over $18 billion as donations to people suffering from certain needs. He is believed to have made profits of over 1 billion dollars daily, and that is what made him become the number 19 wealthiest man in the world. He used to trade with the British pound and has thus accumulated a lot of fortunes from it. Today, Soros happens to be the founder of Quantum Fund Endowment which he established in the year 1973 with the name Soros Fund Management. The company is in no doubt the wealthiest or rather the largest Hedge fund management company across the globe. Soros himself is the most richest hedge fund manager with a lot of experience and exposure in the industry and read full article.

George Soros did not come from a well up the family and had, therefore, worked for the success of his business. He was a committed learner who took all his time to study trends. He happens to be alumni of London School of Economics whereby he studied Philosophy. His passion was pursuing a social science course which would help him chart his future. George graduated with a bachelor’s in Philosophy in 1951. He later did not hesitate and went back for a masters degree. He studied with a lot of commitment  thus graduating in 1954. During his times there, he used to do various jobs in London so that he could manage to support his education. He started by working as a railway attendant and also a waiter. It was such a challenging moment, but he didn’t have an alternative. He has to work for his space in life and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros later immigrated to New York in 1956 whereby he went with a dream of pursuing his finance career. It was challenging, but he was committed to achieving. He started by applying for several jobs for his chance in the employment sectors. He also wanted to work in the American banks because that was the place where his qualifications fitted most. George got his first job as a clerk and had to work due to those challenging moments he endured without a job. He then was referred by a friend to FM Mayer whereby he used to work as a European Stock analyst. Already it had started hitting the market and people had started trading openly and more information click here.

Soros later after working for several years as an employee decided to establish Double Edge Fund. That was the beginning of his journey now. He started implementing his trading strategies and made a good fortune. That is when after five years he decided to create Soros Fund management. The company is currently the giant of the day and keeps on rising. It has helped him accumulate a lot of profits which in return, has been used to help the needy people across the entire globe and Follow him

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Talkspace Helping People Find Ways to Save Their Relationships

People these days live a life that is entirely different from what it used to be several decades back. In such a fast-paced and hectic life, people often forget to take care of essential things in their lives, including their relationships, at times. Any and every relationship needs nourishment to grow and get stronger, especially if it is not a maternal relationship because the maternal relationship is strong anyways.

Many relationship issues crop up during its lifetime, and if these problems are not addressed at the right time, it can grow bigger with time and eventually lead to conflicts and separation. Among the couples, it is essential to have understanding and trust for the relationship to last, but no matter how much one tries, there would always be roadblocks. If the relationship is strong enough, the barriers would seem small, but in the otherwise case, roadblocks would make relationship fumble and fall.

In such situations, going for relationship counseling is essential as the professional therapist would help you understand what needs to be done and how to mend the relationship back. The therapist would have treated cases such as yours hundreds of times in the past and experience would help them understand where the underlying problems lie. Talkspace is a new mobile application that brings together patients and therapists and helps them connect with each other online via mobile. It is a very private setting that is conducive to the people these days, and the best part is that it costs a fraction of what a traditional therapy would cost.

The licensed therapists at Talkspace would provide therapy to the couples in a private setting online in a virtual room and get to the root of their issues. It helps in finding a solution and resolving the differences in an amicable manner.


EOS: The Evolution Continues

There is a new lip balm taking the retail market by storm, it is none other than a very popular brand- EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth. Their newest product is a vegan lip balm that is tantalizingly clear. It is packaged in EOS’ signature orb container with a screw-on lid. The process to make traditional EOS lip balm vegan was actually quite simple, all the company had to do was remove and replace a single ingredient- beeswax. The company is targeting a new audience by going vegan with this lip balm and, if continued success occurs, they will likely add more vegan body care products to their line. Discover more beauty hacks here on

EOS is a skincare company that produces organic lip balm, hand and body lotion, and shaving cream. The company was founded in 2009 by Johnathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra. The lip balms in their unique packaging quickly became popular. Retail stores all over the United States were stocking EOS products without most people knowing the brand. As time progressed EOS was mentioned in many magazines and online articles for being an affordable luxury anyone could indulge in. Eos went from a small startup to a mega-success.

Before Eos entered the lip balm industry there were limited options for consumers says Chapstick was leading in sales since there was so little competition. Teller and Mehra decided that it was a market that had huge potential. They worked on a concept, tested it, and marketed it to Millenial females. It was a resounding success. EOS filled a need for consumers and a larger demand was created for their products, see products here. Other companies created imitations of the famous EOS lip balm in an effort to cash in on a thriving market. Despite more competition than ever, EOS continues to prosper and grow.

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EOS Lip Balm Review Of All Three Crystal Flavors

I just purchased the new EOS crystal lip balm a week ago and bought all three flavors hibiscus peach, vanilla orchid, and even plus. Throughout that week I tried all three of the new lip balms that I bought and I must say that I am extremely satisfied with EOS and their products. I am beyond glad that I tried EOS and I can’t wait to try some of the other EOS lip balm that they have on market. EOS is a great lip balm company that provides me with smooth lips that are no longer chapped. It has taken me until EOS to find a lip balm that works this good for me.

More styles, more beauty here on

EOS sells more than just a wide variety of lip balms. They also sell shave cream, body lotion, and hand lotion, check them here on Like EOS lip balm their hand lotion also comes in a convenient container that is easy to use and easy to take anywhere with you. EOS shave cream comes in four different scents. The most popular of those four scents is lavender jasmine because lavender is known to be a calming scent that relaxes people, see this now! For this reason, many people shave with lavender jasmine EOS shave cream before bed because it relaxes them. Although EOS shave cream can be used on wet skin it can also be used on dry skin for those who are in a hurry.

EOS is a great company that provides excellent customer service to all their customers over the years. EOS has great customer service because they provide their customers with products that they love and will want to buy for years to come. EOS is extremely popular not only because their lip balm comes in recognizable packaging but also because it actually works to make lips soft and not chapped.

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What to Know About Rocketship Education Charter Schooling

Once you make the decision to send your children to a charter school, it can be difficult to find one in the California area that you feel confident sending your kids to on a regular basis. This is the reason why a lot of people have been making use of Rocketship education for their children’s needs, as it helps them easily and quickly find a great quality charter school that is going to fit your budget no matter what you are currently able to afford. Rocketship education has been created in order to benefit families who are looking for good quality charter schools that work for their needs and budgets without making them spend a small fortune.

Another wonderful benefit about utilizing Rocketship education is that it is easy and quick to get started on their website. All you need to do is create an account and look for different quality charter schools that your child can go to that are close to your home. This makes it easy for your child to finally go to school when they need it the most, without worrying that they are going to a low-quality public school that is not doing anything for their current education. The moment you begin to make use of Rocketship education, you are going to find it to be totally different from other types of educational programs throughout the country.

There has never been a better time for you to make use of Rocketship education then right now, as it is a wonderful educational program for kids of all ages. There are a lot of different options available to you out there, but Rocketship education makes it easy and quick for you to find a charter school that is ideal for your kids no matter what they are looking to achieve with their schooling. Your kids schooling is one of the most important parts of their life, considering the fact that this is something that is going to follow them throughout their entire Futures as well as their careers. This is why it is important to get them a good education utilizing Rocketship education.