Music in the 21st century has grown in leaps and bounds, so much so that acts keep spring up and raising the level and the music industries to higher levels. One such group, whose music has garnered interest and continues to influence music genres all around the world is the Chainsmokers.

The Chainsmokers is an American DJ and production duo made up of Alex pall (Born May 16, 1985) and Andrew Taggart (Born December 31, 1989.) Both of whom have backgrounds in music. Andrew Taggart attended the Syracuse University prestigious bandier program for music and entertainment industries. Alex pall on the other hand majored in art history and music business at New York University.

The pair met and formed the group Chainsmokers in 2012 choosing to focus on Electro-pop/ EDM pop. In past interviews they have described their style of music as blurring the lines between indie, pop, dance music and hip-hop genres.

The Chainsmokers achieved international acclaim with their 2014 single selfie which featured favorably in charts worldwide. The song propelled the duo to new heights and as a result they released their first album Bouquet in 2015, a hugely successful endeavor.

The album Bouquet featured songs like Roses which featured on the top 10 US Billboard Hot 100, Closer became their first number one single on the chart and Don’t let me down won a Grammy award for best dance recording at the 59th edition of the awards ceremony. Other major awards the group have won include five iHeartRadio Music awards and Two American Music Awards.


Recently the duo released a hit single that is already turning heads in music circles. The song will feature in the Chainsmokers second upcoming studio album. In a video released on their Facebook page some time ago, the Chainsmokers divulged the mechanics of how they came up with somebody. The video shows both Alex pall and Andrew Taggart fiddling with pianos trying to come up with the perfect tune.

The video just goes to show how much work and dedication is required to produce the works of art the Chainsmokers come up with. In addition, it clearly depicts that the duo love what they do.

It could be said that is reason enough for every fan and lover of music to go out there and listen to this tune.