The True Benefits of Beneful As Said By Their Own Employees

Purina is with their new national campaign that shows the pride they have in themselves and in their product and pets. Beneful Brand Dog Food is broadcasting pride in their food by featuring their own employees in ads explaining why they feed it to their own dogs.  This was first reported by

A few Purina associates and their pets appear in the commercial and present the faith and trust they have in feeding Beneful to members of their own family. Operations Performance Manager Tom states, After working here, there is no other food I would feed my pets.” Brandon, an ingredient loader, says, “There are no shortcuts. We go above and beyond to make sure you have top-quality dog food. My dog loves it.”

Purina’s Vice President of Dog Food Marketing, Juli Plassmeyer revealed the idea for the new campaign, “I Stand Behind Beneful” came from internal pride and was so strong, it was decided to be shared.

Print and digital advertising will be used alongside the TV commercial,all featuring the Atlanta associates and their precious pets.

Plassmeyer says, “Nobody cares more about pets than Purina, and there’s something very powerful when our own people say- ‘I make Beneful dog food, I feed Beneful to my pets, and I’m proud to work for Purina.’”

The class action lawsuit was filed in February and was dismissed with unwarranted and false allegations that placed a product that has never been subject to recall in jeopardy. In 2014 1.5 billion Purina Beneful meals were enjoyed by 15 million healthy dogs.