Alex Hern – Tech Guru of The Century

Alexander F. Hern (Alex) is one those entrepreneurs that inspire others to follow his lead no matter where it goes. His apparently easy success in so many ventures is hard to ignore, especially his skill in modern messaging apps. The world is full of devices that communicate with one another and any way to streamline this process is to the good of us all. Alex is at the front of a campaign to make messaging as intelligent as it needs to be in order to keep up with the needs of modern humanity. Read more about Alex Hern at

For the last decade or so, he has focused his entrepreneurial magic on the incubation and seed stages of start-up companies focused on technology. Mr. Alex Hern has served on too many boards to name here but there is room to mention at least one, and that would be his involvement with He co-founded this company and was a board member from its beginnings through IPO. Then, less than a year later sold it to CMGI for $650 million.


That’s an amount worth paying attention to and clearly shows that any tech venture which includes Alex Hern in it somewhere is worth looking into. His history makes following his progress through business news or social media more than worth the time just to see what his next move will be. Whatever he turns his hand to next, watching and learning from a man like Alex is sure to be interesting, and could potentially be very profitable. Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin.