Going Frenzy with the Richard Mishaan Designs

Architect Richard Mishaan has the blessed hands in drawing and jolting down an idea. His pieces of art and designs have been used to decorate and break the monotony in residential premises, show houses, hospitality industry and in making furniture. He enjoys making design and does the work enthusiastically and passionately.


He recently held a dinner at the Margaux, Marlton hotel to celebrate his work. He believes in changing rooms with art that moves you by bringing life to it. According to Richard Mishaan Design, it is an expression of which we are and what our eyes would like to see. Lisa Pevaroff Cohn, his friend, and a primary client share the same school of thought as that of Richard Mishaan. She says, he may give your room the best aesthetics, yet you own it not him. His work is impeccable, enriched with a variety of flavors and sleek taste to give you pleasure on site.


Richard Mishaan Design has made him receive some courteous calls at his workshop from fellow designers and architects such as William Waldron, Maurice Bernstein, and Anita Sarsidi. His friends who are his fans and clients such as Nicole Miller, Dennis Basso among others have helped him grow. Margaret Russell notes that Richard Mishaan is extremely smart, innovative, creative and passionate too.


About Richard Mishaan

Richard Mishaan Design was established by Richard Mishaan some 25 years ago to provide artistic interiors in real estate properties. His flawless designs have given him a chance to work with several celebrity clients around the world. Mishaan has made a cut for the Digest’s AD 100 lists consecutively for years now. The AD’s Editor-in-Chief, Margaret Russell celebrated the talent in him. Richard Mishaan is affiliated with five licensing categories. He is the author of “Modern Luxury” and the “Artfully Modern” with the publications made by the Monacelli Press.