Social Media Help Teens Stop Smoking

According to a new study published by the Oxford Journals teenagers who are using social media as a tool when they try to stop smoking are twice as likely to quit and stay off the cigarettes compared to teenagers who are not using social media in their fight against tobacco.  This makes sense to Daniel Amen considering the support structure that this allows teens to create.

The research points towards a few different reasons in explaining this difference first of all it has been known for a long time that teenagers are more easily affected by peer pressure and when their friends and family pushes them to stop they are more likely to do so. Second the study suggest that there is comfort to be found in other people who are also trying to stop the study indicates that groups on social media sites can function much like the classical support groups that have weekly meetings in town halls, the only difference is that these groups are of the virtual kind.
A third reason might be that teenagers feel that they need to live up to what they have told others to achieve, when they write on a social media site that they are going to quit smoking they create accountability for themselves and everyone knows if they fail.

There needs to be more research done in order to find the exact cause of the increased success rate but for know we can just be glad that it works.