Why Omar Yunes Deserved the 2015 Best Franchisee of the World Award

Omar Yunes, owner of 13 franchise units of the Japanese brand Sushi Itto, received the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) award in December 2015 at a ceremony held in Florence, Italy. This was the first time Mexico was represented at the ceremony, and they ended up in first place. Some of the other countries represented were Portugal, Brazil, Italy, France, Hungary, and Argentina among others.

The award was in recognition of Omar’s great contribution to the Sushi Itto food chain, of which he became franchisee at the tender age of 21. The 13 units he currently owns are located in Veracruz, Puebla, and Mexico City. He expressed his joy and pride in receiving the award but acknowledged that the award belongs to the teams that he leads and the Sushi Itto brand as a whole.

BFW Mexico organizer, Diego Elizarrarrás, said that Omar Yunes won the award because of the many great changes he has implemented in the franchising business, improving the relationship between franchisers and franchisees. Sushi Itto CEO, Benjamin Cancelmo, also expressed his joy and said that it was clear that their efforts at improving their services, and ensuring customer satisfaction were paying off. Prendamex’s Ivan Tamer came in second after Omar Yunes for his new innovative marketing system that is now widely used in the franchising business.

About Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is a successful entrepreneur who is very passionate about the franchising business. He discovered his love for the business at a very young age, and has gained a lot of experience in it over the years. He was named winner of the Mexican version of the BFW, and this came as no surprise. Some of his contributions towards the Sushi Itto brand and the franchising business as a whole include implementing better information management and coming up with clear standards of measuring the performance of various units.


Omar Yunes surely deserved the BFW award for all his great achievements. His passion for the business and commitment to excellence are what enable him to do such a great job. He has set the bar high for other players in the franchising business.

Sujit Choudhry’s Contribution to Comparative Law

Comparative law has become a popular field of legal studies. As professionals seek to expand their awareness on the regulations governing different jurisdictions, they undertake studies in comparative law. The field entails the comparisons that exist in the laws of different countries and how the constitutive aspects can be combined into a single system. In order to understand the laws of different states, various fields have been developed including comparative administrative law, civil, criminal, and commercial law. Legal professionals have upheld comparative law for providing a platform for understanding the system in a wider perspective and its contribution to the unification of the laws in different countries. In addition, international bodies have found the comparative law to be imperative when analyzing the treaty obligations of the member countries.  More of this on icon.oxfordjournals.org.

Professionals with a deep understanding of the comparative law have become critical inputs in analyzing international situations. Sujit Choudhry is among the globally recognized scholars in the field. He is a professor at the University Of California School Of Law. Besides, Sujit Choudhry is one of the distinguished constitutional law and politics expert who have exploited his in-depth research in providing advice to the constitutional building process. He has been an indispensable stakeholder in the constitutional process in Libya, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Egypt, and Jordan among other countries.  More of this on constitutionaltransitions.org.

Sujit Choudhry’s research has been used to address various issues in comparative law such as designing tools to address transitions, preventing conflicts, promoting democratic politics, managing decentralization, and federalism. Some countries have also used his ideas and findings when drafting language policies, human right bills, and protecting the liberties of the minorities. The malleability of his research in the different aspects of the constitution in different jurisdiction makes him an authority in comparative law.  Know Choudhry better, follow his linkedin.com page.

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Sujit Choudhry has also published several articles, book chapters, and reports. The widely read and reviewed works include The Migration of Constitutional Ideas and The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of the International Society of Public Law, Institute for Integrated Transitions, the Scientific Advisory Board of the International Journal of Constitutional Law and he is also a member of the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law, check this on blogs.kaw.nyu.edu. Finally, the United Nations and the World Bank have listed him as a critical consultant in internal legal matters.

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Highland Capital and the sharing vision

Highland Capital does not only focus on business, but they pay great attention to the human value of their venues. But when it comes to opportunity, they know what it takes for a company to develop. Even a trust consisting mainly of capital can be an opportunity to grow exponentially and be a basis for expansion. Not only are they expert investing advisors, but a go-to solution to many companies facing issues. In recent years, even governments and heads of state have entrusted them with their capital and accounts, to restructure their assets.



James Dondero, founder of the Dallas-based investment firm that manages $ 20 billion is certain that above all else, the company will continue to be a reference of responsible financing and smart solutions to capital management worldwide. But it is not only to their wealth that they live up to; every time a customer comes to them , they know they are a venture capital company focused on investments in the early stages of development of technology companies, where it will act as a partner in charge of looking for new investment promotion opportunities.


But not everything is about wealth. Highland Capital Partners are committed to giving back to the community, and they participate in different charities and social action projects, which include the Dallas Foundation and their very own charity projects, linked with the community and with the areas and spaces that their employees themselves occupy. For Highland Capital, what is important is welfare, because if the community is stable and growing, so will be the markets and investments, on a healthy scale up.



With more and more expanding markets, Highland Capital Management is growing, and it is beginning to expand its borders to what they believe will be the first milestone of becoming a global leader. And with professional expansion comes the commitment to do thing right and give back to the community what they deserve: From houses to healthy home-investing solutions, Highland Capital is more than a solution for large companies. They invest in emerging markets, promising companies, funds for education, and lasting impact on charities and foundations. When it comes to down-to-earth companies, Highland Capital is a reference of things being done right.


Eric Pulier And How His Influence Has Shaped Entrepreneurship And Technology

Professionals from across the world work on achieving different goals and one of the areas that has received massive support from the world of business is technology. Many technology firms and experts appreciate the fact that this is an area that grows quickly and only those prepared to handle the challenges that come with working in such an environment can survive the turbulent tides. Interest and passion are necessary for one to survive in such a complex field. Eric Pulier is one of the professionals who have been in the world of entrepreneurship and technology.


Passion and pursuit

His passion for technology began many years ago when he was barely through with his fourth grade. He always wanted to become a computer expert so he could make programs that would help people implement different ideas. He is among professionals whose presence in the business world has been an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs. Eric Pulier continued learning and when he joined the Teaneck High School, he launched a database company. This step offered him additional motivation to further pursue his dream and become a successful entrepreneur.


His college education was completed at the Harvard University, where he pursued American Literature and English, and the MIT College, where he pursued Computer Science. While he continued with the courses, he was picked to contribute to a column in The Harvard Crimson while at the Harvard University. This was a magazine that offered weekly publications to the students and his column was called the Pulier Leg.


Career and achievements

In 1988, Eric Pulier completed his courses and proceeded to build his career. His first company was People Doing Things, which posted information about different happenings in several sectors of the government.


In 1999, he was part of the team that did the technology exhibition that was used to introduce the second inauguration of the government of Al Gore and Bush. This also marked the peak of his career and it is due to his prowess at arranging the presentations that many people were able to trust in his skills at future projects. He today ranks among the most successful technologists and entrepreneurs.

ClassDojo Makes Valuable Connections Possible

Stanford psychology professor Carol Dweck’s growth mindset research has teachers thrilled, but faced with challenges when it comes to incorporating it into their classrooms. Dweck found that growth mindset can cause significant positive outcomes. In short, when children get a message, their brains are able to be molded and shaped; they have abilities that can be developed. Growth mindset can help children approach learning as a challenge that they are ready to embrace and they can change the perspective they have of themselves regarding learning.
ClassDojo, an innovator in educational technology (ed-tech) and Stanford’s Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) are collaborating to assist teachers with bringing growth mindset into their classrooms. Their joint effort will yield five, free, 2-to-3 minute long videos featuring familiar ClassDojo characters, focused on growth mindset is a winning combination for teachers, students, and parents.
The ClassDojo and PERTS mesh enhances growth mindset’s capacity to reach students and teachers to a degree that would otherwise not be possible.
The new information available as a result of using the PERTS, ClassDojo materials will be valuable in determining how growth mindset messages impact student engagement, what mindset messages are being given and their effectiveness. Sharing the growth mindset concept with students can help them better understand that learning in a different way than another person is not an indication that either learner is not smart.
It is no surprise that ClassDojo is involved in such an audacious undertaking. When Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don started their company in 2011, it was a time when there was no ed-tech that had culture and community among parents, students, and teachers at the core. The general ed-tech landscape was saturated with digital grade books, platforms for testing and curriculum.
ClassDojo has been a very useful tool for sharing classroom activities as they happen through videos and pictures, fostering a positive culture within classrooms and the schools of which those classrooms are a part.
ClassDojo offers 40 different languages into which it can be translated making it an extremely powerful communication and information sharing tool for teachers, parents, and students.
Teachers want great products at the ready that help them to best help the students they teach. ClassDojo continues to make that a reality, with innovative, cutting edge tools that empower parents, students and teachers in exciting and creative ways. Their current alliance will guide ClassDojo in becoming even better.


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Why Check Out US Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve is quickly getting recognized for many of its different activities which include philanthropic efforts. Most recently, it has been part of a crowdfunding campaign for a food bank in Texas. However, many people are probably wondering what US Federal Reserve sales and why they should give that company a chance. Us Money Reserve is a company that sells commodities like gold and silver. In today’s age, it is a valuable thing to own some gold and silver. US Money Reserve makes it possible for clients to own different pieces of gold and silver and hold onto as these pieces of commodities accumulate in worth and become profitable.

U.S. Money Reserve is a very large distributor of gold, silver and platinum. In fact, they are one of the biggest distributors in the country. Among the products that they sell are gold coins which include the popular coins from the United States Mint. The advantage of that is they are backed by the US Government. In this case, no one that purchases from this company has to worry about how much gold the coins contain in their content. Also, they use face value in order to reveal the worth of the coins. In other words, what a customer sees is what a customer gets.

Gold market veterans have come together in order to provide a company that can help their customers with the customer service and the knowledge needed. Customer service is very important to their company. They deliver when it comes to customer service. They take the time to address all of the concerns of the customer. They also make sure that the customer has everything that he or she paid for. They want to make sure that the customer is completely satisfied. It is their passion for customer service that makes U.S. Money Reserve one of the most trusted gold distributors in the industry.

U.S. Money reserve doesn’t just strive to provide gold. They want to make sure that the gold that they provide is the most exceptional piece of gold that the government has issued. U.S. Money Reserve also carries more than 100 highly trained professionals so that the clients can be sure that their needs are going to be met in the most efficient way. They are willing to sit down and talk to their clients about what they want and what they need so that they can provide it in the best way possible.

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An Insight on Trucept Inc. Headed by Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar has been serving as the CEO, President, CFO and Chairman of Trucept Inc., a firm focusing on helping organizations manage their employees in an effective and productive manner. He has worked for many organizations hence amassing wide experience in relation to their operations. He has created programs to simplify business operations and maximize on production. Trucept Inc. provides comprehensive Professional Employer Organization to like-minded companies that have potential for growth and expansion in order to stay ahead of their competitors. Trucept Inc. provides services like administration, risk management, human resource services and employees benefits.

Bonar’s education background

Bonar is a mechanical engineering graduate from Scotland’s Strathclyde University. Later on he went to Stafford University, England to study for his Masters and PhD degree in the field of International Business Development Studies. This prepared him appropriately with the right skills and knowledge that have enabled him work for several high ranking companies in both UK and U.S.

Services offered by Trucept Inc.

The firm offers financial services to small and medium level enterprises, relieving top executives from many daily activities that negatively affect their core business duties and activities. They focus on processing payroll, safety programs, human resource support as well as employees’ compensation cover. Also, Trucept focus on other administrative services like temporary staffing, co-employment and staff leasing. The target markets for Trucept include financial institutions, technology companies, startup businesses and other professional service providers. Trucept has managed to provide their services to more than 900 small business enterprises which have now focused on their core areas of operations.

Trucept Inc. is a reputable Professional Employer Organization (PEO) providing a wide variety of professional human resource and enterprise services. Companies that join PEO have an opportunity of outsourcing some of their responsibilities from experts who are experienced in this field. Engaging Professional Employer Organization like Trucept Inc. means clients do not need to devote their valuable time in tracking and processing payrolls or negotiating prices with providers. Trucept will also offer advice on various issues connected to human resource like developing workplace and worker policies and procedures and ensuring government requirements are adhered to. Clients normally maintain control over their employees on daily activities while Trucept assumes administrative functions to a level of absorbing employer related liabilities.

In a recent press released on PR Newswire, Trucept Inc. has recorded significant growth in its revenue for the last six months. The revenue of the company increased by 113 percent compared to the same period the previous year. This has been achieved under the leadership of Brian Bonar who said these positive results were attributed to increase in number of new clients.

Adam Sender’s Role in Art Collection

At 45 years of age, Adam Sender had earned a name as one of the leading art collectors in the world. Adam, a hedge fund Maverick, has collected over 1000 works of art from hundreds of collectors. The enormous amount of art he has collected can be attributed to the fact that he started collecting at a tender age. Adam dismisses sentiments that he is out to buy as many art pieces as he possibly could by saying that he collects art that he considers exceptional. To the avid collector, he does not chase art, but instead, pursues great works by artists that have had lasting careers.

Adam looked to collect art that was not only visually appealing, but also intellectually stimulating. He saw such quality in the works of artists like Cindy Sherman and Matthew Barney. He thought that Barney’s work invented a new language of art, and for the reason, he collected Barney’s work in depth. However, collecting Barney’s art in that depth was at the time considered to be adventurous. Adam also valued art by Cindy Sherman and amassed one of the finest Sherman Collections. Adam describes a controversial photograph of Cindy Sherman, known as the Black Sheets, as one of the most significant acquisitions he made in the late 1990’s.

In the year 2011, Adam was in the spotlight at the Art Basel Miami Beach. From one of his Miami homes, Adam and his wife, Lenore, held an exhibition dubbed “Home Alone”. Sarah Abiel, Sender Collections curator, oversaw the event that featured 70 works of art from the over 1000 pieces of art in Adam’s collection. Sarah chose to display works by significant artists like Cindy Sherman, Chris Ofili, and Richard Prince. In the event, Adam noted that a lot had changed since the 1990’s when he first started collecting art. He continued to note that certain art pieces that he would buy in the 1990’s for 100,000 US dollars were now valued at close to three million US dollars. A price he describes as unaffordable.

In the year 2014, Sender looked towards liquidating a portion of his collection. From May 2014 through to 2015, Adam unloaded 400 works by 139 artists in the Sender Collection. Sotheby’s handled the sale of Adam’s collection through an auction. It was estimated that the sale of Adam’s art collection would yield a profit of over 70 million US dollars. Some of his adorable works were also donated to several museums. One notable donation that Adam made was Vito Acconci’s “Other Voices for a Second Slight”. For him, selling his art would mark an end of a part in his life where he collected art. With the end of the chapter, he hopes another phase will begin.

QNet 101

If you’re like most people, the idea of working independently and gaining the financial freedom necessary to “call your own shots” is appealing. If you are interested in pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities in order to accomplish these objectives, you may want to consider a company like QNet.

About The Company

Established in 1998, QNet is an online based company that sells products to people via internet. To accomplish this objective, QNet’s leaders provide the general public with the opportunity to become independent representatives. As an independent representative, individuals market and sell QNet’s wide range of products while also recruiting new independent representatives. The new representatives will then replicate the company’s multi-level marketing model by recruiting more business owners and selling products.

QNet’s Products

QNet sells both regular and luxury goods, many of which are geared towards helping customers optimize wellness. Although defined broadly, the term “wellness” basically describes a feeling of profound mental, physical, and spiritual health. As many research studies have indicated, food consumption plays a profound role in contributing to or detracting from wellness. With this idea in mind, QNet is pleased to offer an excellent line of nutritional products geared towards helping customers attain optimal wellness. One such product is Fibrefit, which clients can add into foods like oatmeal to help them attain the daily recommended allowance for fiber.

Another wellness product the company sells is InOcean. InOcean is a product that helps individuals obtain their daily mineral needs. It is comprised of concentrated water from the sea and contains 96 trace and macro minerals. The product is distributed as a water soluble good, and people can scoop a teaspoon of it into beverages like drinking water to maintain mineral balance.

More Company Products

In addition to offering a wide range of wellness products, QNet presents independent representatives with the opportunity to sell personal care items. One such item is the Biosilver 22 Gel. This product incorporates unique technology to help clients cleanse and sanitize their body and hands. The product enables individuals to feel clean and also go through the day without fear of giving off offensive odors.

In terms of home care, QNet is pleased to offer clients water filters and air purifiers. QNet also offers luxury items and fashion accessories.


Individuals who want to optimize their life by pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities outside of their current career path may want to consider QNet. Through the use of a multi-marketing model and a tight knit community of independent representatives who are committed to helping one another excel personally and professionally, QNet has led many people to attain the level of financial freedom they desire.

Eric Pulier’s Contributions to the Success of Computer Sciences Corporation Cloud Business

Computer Sciences Corporation is an American company that has its headquarters in Falls Church, Virginia. It provides information technology services in addition to professional services and solutions. The company’s main customers include commercial enterprises and governments. The United States Federal Government is the major client for the company.

The company has operations in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia. It covers over 70 countries in these continents with 74,000 employees. Computer Sciences Corporation is the only remaining major hardware vendor and information technology service provider with major operations and headquarters in the United States. This is after the acquisition of Affiliated Computer Services by Xerox in 2009. Currently, it is among the leading information technology service providers in the world.

Computer Sciences Corporation was established in Los Angeles in 1959 by Roy Nutt and Fletcher Jones. It availed programming tools like compiler and assembling software during its initial stages of operation. The company then went on to provide software writing services to IBM and Honeywell who were both manufacturing computers at the time.
Computer Sciences Corporations stroke a lot of firsts in the 1960s. At that point, it secured its first contracts with the United States public sector. It became the largest software maker in the United States and the first Software firm to get listed in the American Stock Exchange. Before the end of that decade, Computer Sciences Corporation had already listed in the New York Stock Exchange. It also expanded operations to Canada, United Kingdom, and India in addition to Germany Brazil, and Spain.

Much of the success for company can be attributed to the brilliant minds that have led it. One such highly skilled individual is Eric Pulier. He has been Computer Sciences Corporation Vice President Cloud Business. Eric Pulier was the CEO and founder of ServiceMesh when it was purchased by Computer Service Corporation. This formed a great partnership with Computer Sciences getting a person experienced in the cloud business. It also got a ready customer base. Eric Pulier is a well known entrepreneur, author and philanthropist and currently lives in California City. He is the founder of ventures like Desktone and Akana and several others. Among the books he has written include Understanding Enterprise SOA.

The company presently operates in three business segments that include: North America Public Sector, Global Infrastructure Service, and the Global Business Service. A few months ago the company made bold moves that were aimed at restructuring its business operations. The plan involved separating its United States public sector business. The spin out is expected to start operations in October and will target the Federal, Defense and States as customers.