Whitney Wolfe Is Expanding Bumble with Bumble Bizz

     Whitney Wolfe is doing some interesting things when it comes to the development of technology. Her Bumble application is one that has remained among one of the top downloaded apps for Apple iPhone users and Android users as well.

Whitney Wolfe is showing people that she has something new to bring to the table. Every time that people may assume that she has stopped working to expand Bumble Whitney Wolfe comes up with something new and innovative that makes people start conversating about this app all over again.

This is exactly what has happened now that she has expanded with Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz.

There is a great amount of spectator commentary that is evolving about Whitney Wolfe and her determination to build a boulder social media app.

Facebook is known for a larger amount of advertising, but in most cases this is simply an environment where friends are befriending friends that they actually have in real life. There is no dating in a huge way that people date on the Bumble app. This is what separates Facebook and Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe has also gone some steps farther to make sure that people see the benefits of Bumble as a networking environment, and that is why she created Bumble Bizz. The fact that people can still use Bumble for dating and easily switch right into the networking portion makes this different from LinkedIn.

People post their resumes on LinkedIn, and they have a great amount of interest in this app because it allows them to create a platform where they can post their resumes and network with other professionals. This is a great app environment for business professionals, but the reality is that it is limited when it comes to other things outside of this type of network. Whitney Wolfe knew that and this is why she made an attempt to provide something else by creating Bumble Bizz.

There are a great number of possibilities for people that are utilizing Bumble Bizz. What it essentially does is give people access to other network professionals that may have the same goals. Bumble BFF gives people access to others that might be moving from different cities or states that are accepting to find friendship. The original Bumble platform allows people to date. Collectively, this is one of the most diverse app environments for socializing. Bumble is the strongest social media platforms.


Gama at a glance: Alexandre Gama’s Success

     Alexandre Gama is currently the CEO and CCO of Neogama, a top 20 advertising agency in Brazil. Neogama is a high-performing company providing promotional graphics and multi-media marketing. It’s founder, Gama has been recognized world-wide for his work with household names such as Pepsi, Audi, VW and Umbro. Before Neogama, this creative professional was the first Brazilian to hold the position of Global Chief Creative Officer for British-based BBH, a global advertising company. As an internationally recognized entrepreneur, Gama kept things close to home by becoming a board member of the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies serving the Brazilian Communications industry. In 2014 his love for music launched an instrumental music project to promote Brazilian Musicians. He debuted a unique art exhibit featured at the Brazilian Art Museum. Accompanying Alexandre Gama’s investments and creative innovations, he has been awarded many titles including Among the Top 3 advertising men in Brazil, Cabore Award in 2007 as “Entreprenuer of the Year in Communications Industry” and Neogama recieved a Golden Lion at Cannes for Cultural and Sexual Diversity for the Mix Brazil Festival. This internationally acclaimed creative professional’s diverse successes and entrepreneurial endeavors have created quite a legacy for Gama and his industry.

Mighty Fortress Church- Bringing Christ Closer

Minnesota has thousands of worship places that range from simple, modern and old Churches. However, the most amazing and beautiful churches have incredible architecture and rich history.

Cathedral of St. Paul
The Cathedral of St. Paul holds its beauty on top of Summit Hill, and it overlooks the St. Paul downtown. The church was built early 1900 and its hold its place in the United States as the third largest church. It has a magnificent structure that is modeled after Paris French churches and features classical themes and French Renaissance. The church has a central dome that is 186 feet high.

The Basilica of St Mary
The Minneapolis Basilica of St. Mary is a landmark built in early 1900. The church displays Beaux-Arts architecture and examples of Baroque. It has an incredible ornate inside that is wonderfully detailed. The basilica is known to host music festivals each summer known as Basilica Block party to aid in fundraising for local charities and structures.

Church of St. Mary
The church OF St. Mary is located Stearns County Melrose with an outside that has a classic beauty with Romanesque architecture and twin Steeples. Completed in 1899, and the inside has beautiful blue-painted ceilings with an ethereal sanctuary dome designed like stars. The church altar had detailed stained sidelines glass windows and imported from Germany.

First Unitarian Church
The beautiful little church in Duluth residential street and it’s the first church to have a Tudor-style. The Tudor style had stucco framework and locally black granite. Its’ unique architecture has a stained-glass window, foursquare turret and a blocky.

The atmosphere of Mighty Fortress Church is enjoyable and fun, and they encourage everyone to come and join them since we all play a part in the body of Christ.
The worship service of Mighty Fortress Church has excellent worship team, choir, and a band that helps to bring the presence of God into the worship atmosphere. They give each liberty to express their gratitude to God in their ways.

The Mighty Fortress Church gives Gods word that nurtures believer’s faith and leads them to victorious and prosperous lives.

Bishop T.R.Williams is the senior pastor and overseer of Mighty Fortress international. He has over 30 years experience servicing in various capacities in the church and a respected minister. He has ministerial graduate from the Rhema Bible Training Center located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

For more information on Mighty Fortress Church follow them on Facebook.

The Success Story Of Alexandre Gama

     In 2006 About Magazine named the Rio De Janeiro-conceived Alexandre Gama as one of the unmistakable people in the ad business. The acknowledgment was one of the numerous honors the innovative marketing expert has gotten in his promoting vocation. In 2007 he got Cabore’s chief of the year grant. In 2009, Meio and Mensagem pronounced him one of the best pioneers in the publicizing and correspondence industry.

He was named one the principal ever businesspeople in Brazil to ever think of a worldwide linkage to publicizing organizations in the nation of Brazil. He was designated the Global Chief Creative Officer of one of the English based organization frameworks, which at present hold office in Brazil up until the present. Out of all the publicizing firms, he has been best known for being the first and final fruitful Brazilian promoting business pro in the Publicis Global Creative board, since the organization is comprised of six far reaching imaginative pioneers for this gathering alone.

In 2014, Alexandre Gama held a two-month long display at the Brazilian Museum demonstrating his publicizing work and honors. Other than the honors, the accomplishment of his commercial organization, Neogama has influenced him to emerge as Brazil’s and the world’s best notice officials. He has guided Neogama to rank among Brazil’s main 20 promoting organizations. He had established the organization in 1999 and converged with Bartle Bogle Hegarty Company in 2002 until 2016. Under his initiative, the merger developed to lead the world’s promotion industry.

Alexandre Gama graduated with a degree in showcasing from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado. He started his expert vocation at Standard Ogilvy and Mather in 1982 preceding moving to DM9 as Creative Director and Copywriter. With the accomplished amassed throughout the years, Alexandre Gama established Neogama in 1999. Alexandre has as of late enhanced into promoting sumptuous games autos.

Alexandre Gama is a Highly Decorated Advertising Man

     Alexandre Gama has received an extraordinary number of awards and honors for his work in advertising. He is one of the most decorated advertising professionals in Brazilian history. He began his career as a copywriter and rose steadily through the ranks until he regularly served in high-level executive positions. He founded a powerhouse advertising agency in 1999 known as Neogama.

In 2006 Gama was selected as one of only seven of the most important professionals in Brazilian publicity by About Magazine. 250 esteemed professionals served as the selection committee. It was a distinct and high honor for Gama. In the same year, Alexandre Gama was named the Agency Director of the Year by Propaganda Profissionais Associação (APP) Brazil. They are a professional trade group in Brazil, which deals with all things relating to the advertising business.

Alexandre Gama was honored in a very special way by his peers in advertising. In 2007, he was recognized for being one of the top three advertising men in Brazil. His unique relevance and influence were highlighted by Grupo Consultore; they are a marketing consulting company in Europe.

The career of Alexandre Gama has been spectacular and continues to this day. Only the future will tell of his continued exploits in the world of advertising.

The Ground Breaking Advertising Executive Alexandre Gama

     Alexandre Gama has been one of the leading executives in the Brazilian media industry, almost since he took his first steps into this industrial sector in the 1980s with the respected Standard & Ogilvy ad agency. Gama has remained one of the world’s most impressive advertising specialists for more than three decades, breaking new ground as one of the leading media figures in the world when he founded his own Neogama advertising group in 1999. The dawning of the new millennium brought with it a new period of success for Alexandre Gama when his Neogama agency completed a partnership agreement with the British based BBH agency, a partnership that saw Alexandre Gama become the Global Chief Creative Officer of the company. After deciding to return to the daily advertising industry in Brazil once again with his own Neogama company, Alexandre Gama has also been appointed to the Publicis Groupe Global Creative Board, the first Brazilian ad executive to hold such a role.

Alfonso de Angoitia Founder of the Popular Mexican Media House Televisia

     The Mexico media offers a lot of information and news across the world. There are a lot of newspapers in Mexico, and the media industry is dominated by two media firms TV Azteca and Televisia. Internet and pay television services are common in Mexico with strong competition from the radio. The main channel of TV Azteca is channel 13, and that of Televisia is channel 2.


     The main shows on Mexican television are soap operas, news, sports, gossip shows, and reality shows. There are also some U.S programs presented in Spanish. Cultural content is presented by the government run channel 11 and 22 respectively. There are a lot of shows on the free broadcast channels, but many people still opt for pay TV.


     The Mexican radio stations offer talk shows, classical and pop music and news in Spanish and English languages with a couple of commercial breaks just like on television. Some of the radio stations offer their frequencies on live streaming.

Newspapers and Magazines

     The circulation of newspapers in Mexico is small as compared to other countries. Some of the popular newspapers in Mexico are; Reformat, La Tornado, El Universal, El Economista and the News. Just like newspapers, few people in Mexico read magazines. The magazines have interesting publications on trends and fashion. Some of the popular magazines in Mexico are Milena, Vertigo, Tiempo Libre, Letras Libres and Procesco.


     The main internet provider is Telmex which is the pioneer telephone company of the country. It offers Mexican high-speed internet known as Infinitum and has dial up services for those living in remote areas.

About Alfonso

     Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is the executive vice president of Grupo Televisa, S.A.B since May 2000. He is a member of the Executive Office of the Chairman of Grupo Televisa and the founding partner of the law firm Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes, S.C. Alfonso de Angoitia has also served as the executive vice president of Finance and Administration as well as the secretary of the board of directors and financial officer of Group Televisa. He is a member of the board of directors for the American School Foundation.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero Leading Grupo Televisa SA to New Heights

     Media in the Spanish-Speaking world is a massive industry and it’s growing rapidly. Forbes compiled a list of the top media companies in the Spanish-speaking world and they made their list that was released back in 2000, which was called the Global 2000. Combined the companies on the Top 10 list had a combined net worth was an astonishing $227 billion, with the biggest company, America Movil which was the top company on the list alone is worth a staggering $51.9 billion.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is the Chief Financial Officer of Grupo Televisa S.A. which is the most being prominent media company within the Spanish speaking world. He is also on the board of Directors at the Grupo Televisa SAB and Innova. S. de RL de CV. In the past, Mr. Folv Viadero has previously held several other positions including having jobs as the Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer by Comercio Mas SA de CV and Vice Chairman-Banking by the company at Comision Nacional Bancaria y de Valores.

The company Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is the CFO of came in at Number 5 on the list of the Top 10 media companies in Mexico as of the release of the Global 2000 list which was released by Forbes. The company has the largest reach of any other media company in the Spanish-speaking world, and it reaches spans across Latin America. Most shows that are broadcast on these channels are exclusively in contracts with those channels and do not appear elsewhere. The Grupo Televisa that Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is currently worth a market value of $15.6 billion.

The Agency that Tames Lions

     Alexandre Gama is an advertising and Brazilian businessman. As a graduate in advertising and propaganda Alexandre started his own advertising agency in Brazil known as Neogama. His agency is one of the 20 largest advertising agencies in Brazil.

Neogama was founded in 1999 grew large in its first 3 years. By 2002 Neogama had an association with BBH, a London branch which helped to form the now called Neogama/BBH. Some noteworthy awards for the agency is winning two Golden Lions in Cannes within the same year in two main categories, Press and Film. In 2016 Alexandre decided to disconnect Neogama from the BBH network and dedicate it to the agency in Brazil.

Clinical Pathways helps the CTCA to Provide High Quality Patient Care

There is no way that a cancer treatment can receive high quality care without having good records. The fact is that patient care and records go hand in hand. Records are important to patient care. It helps oncologists and other patient treatment specialists to analyze a patient’s treatment process. They can determine what works and was does not.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has partnered with NanaHealth and Allscripts to create Clinical Pathways which is a high-quality patient software program. This program can accurately trace patient treatment options. Oncologists can track what treatment options work and what does not.

They can figure out what type of treatment that a cancer survivor has received and what type of drugs or medications worked best for that individuals. If a specific type of therapy was used to help a patient in the past, that information can be recorded and used by treatment specialists now.

Clinical Pathways is also a great billing platform. This system is designed to charge for specific treatment options and processes. Charging accurate prices for various treatments helps cancer centers to stay on top of their overall expenses related to providing care.

Clinical Pathways is a platform that has been created by NanaHealth and Allscripts. These two organizations has teamed up with CTCA to ensure that patients receive the type of care that they provide. Keeping track of patient care is no easy matter but the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is on the job. They will provide high quality care to people with this new software platform.

For more information follow CTCA on Twitter.