Your Tweets Undergo Personality Analysis

James Pennebaker, a psychologist at the university of Texas, has been analyzing the link between the language of a person and their personality. The link between the two is obvious, but how can you know what a person’s character is by simply analyzing their words?

The website ‘analyze words’ offers you a quick solution. One can copy-paste his/her Twitter name in the search box and get an immediate grading in percentages that measure how upbeat or depressed/ personable or distant/ analytic or sensory they are.

The tool checks the number of affirmations, questions, the occurrence of ‘we’ or ‘you’ in the users’ tweets stated Epoca Negocios on It is also programmed to check the use of capitals- which tend to raise the percentage in the ‘anger’ field. Besides, the self-references tend to grow the percentage in the ‘depressed’ column. The personable people are those whose Tweets display many referrals to their positive emotions. Using a lot of LOLs, however, will classify one as ‘spacy valley girl’. Some routine checks on Obama’s channel presented him as upbeat. Katy Perry showed a high percentage of depressed tweets for some reason. Kanye West appears very upbeat and personable, according to ‘analyze words’.

Twitter Makes Rules to Prevent Revenge Porn

Twitter has taken measures to help further protect the privacy of people around the world – Who may or may not even use the popular service. Twitter has made additions to its website rules and policies to include people from being victimized by revenge porn or the posting of stolen photos.

Changes were made to the website’s rules under the “Private information” heading to include that website users “may not post intimate photographs or videos without the subject’s consent.” The same addition was also made under the “Threats and abuse” heading.

According to, companies around the globe have begun taking measures to help prevent this particular brand of online abuse. Just last month, operators of the Reddit website began the painstaking task of removing offensive content from their pages.

Rehtaeh Parsons, a Canadian teen, took her life in 2013 after photographs of her rape began to circulate through social media. Students at her school began to harass Parsons over the incident, which ultimately led to her suicide.

Capital Strategy and Business Development in the Global Arena: Spotlight on Attorney Sam Tabar

In an ever-shrinking global corporate landscape, skill diversification ranks among the latest trend for this generation’s executives. Coming at a time when the online world is no longer an innovation, but a tool that has become embedded in our daily existence, branding, marketing, sales, and territory expansion are now inexorably entwined with online channels. It takes more than a profit-driven approach and strong negotiation skills to succeed. Sam Tabar, attorney and capital strategist with over 13 years of executive experience with international financial institutions and legal firms, embodies this cross-functional corporate movement.

Merging Business Skills with a Legal Background: Gaining the Upper Hand

Executives like Sam Tabar enhance their relevance by capitalizing on multi-faceted abilities. An attorney out of Columbia Law School, Tabar synthesized his legal background with international business development experience gained in a director role with Bank of America Merrill Lync Group, Hong Kong to foster a broad, holistic view of a company’s profitability prospects. Understanding the legal aspects of the business world has given attorney-business director crossovers a strong edge. Not only because of their renowned background in persuasive communication, but because they are trained to see beyond the dollars and cents of the deal in front of them.

They are trained to see the holes in an argument and identify the issues in every seemingly sound strategy. That’s how you know Sam Tabar is one of the best because if you read any PR News, you know that Sam not only knows how to deliver solutions, but how to make it at best advantage.

Able to move seamlessly from multi-billion dollar hedge fund investor relations and assets management to building large-scale global marketing initiatives, Tabar has made unprecedented gains among the highest echelons of global business—all while cultivating industry relations. Today’s corporate leaders are expected to achieve more than their predecessors, and Tabar does this while amassing the increasingly pivotal commodity known as online presence.

Online Channels, Social Media, and the Changing Face of Business

by blending digital media with traditional networking, Sam Tabar and others like him quickly rose to the top of the corporate world, capitalizing on relations with institutional investors and ultra-high-net-worth individuals to secure massive profits. Building a rolodex filled with thousands of the world’s most influential corporate leaders takes more than business lunches. Capitalizing on the power of online marketing and internet networking, today’s upwardly mobile executives embody a global mindset like no previous generation before.

What does this mean for the future of executive leadership? Online and social media relations can only take ambitious executives so far. Achieving stakeholder alignment and tapping into prospective client consciousness requires an integrated effort, synthesizing both a digital approach and the personable touch that comes with conducting business face-to-face. Combined with the migration towards multi-disciplinary capability development. Attorney Sam Tabar and business executives like him personify a corporate world that is not only responsive to change, but eagerly embracing it.

Is Twitter Dying?

The truth and reality of most social media tech business today is that they live and die by the sword. And by sword, we mean the rumors and social opinion of said companies, and Rothman knows that story all too well. Twitter is no different in that it’s market price is directly correlated with the public opinion of the company. Dick Costolo, the CEO of Twitter, has been a public target board for people to throw their insults at.

Costolo has been publicly criticized by investors for not being able to properly lead and manage his company. According to The Wall Street Journal, Costolo has struggled in the past to even define what he envisions for the future of the social media company. And because of this indecisiveness, the stock price a turn for the worst and hit a low point.

However, the brave CEO has taken the challenge head on and sat down with New York University to discuss what he thinks the future holds for Twitter and to redefine his strategy with the company. He has taken an approach that fellow tech CEO, and Apple founder, Steve Jobs took with his company. “I’m just the person who reiterates the main vision of the company” says Jobs and it seems Costolo has followed suit.

He told students that his main goal at this point is to inspire and motivate employees for the future and not let social opinion change those vision.