Eric Lefkofsky Leads Fight Against Cancer With Tempus

A cancer diagnosis is often a life changing experience wrought with coming to terms with not only the reality of an imminent end but the fight that one must undergo just to come out on the other side cancer free. Even with the best of treatment, patients who have received a cancer diagnosis face the very real possibility of losing their fight against the disease. Those that are strong and fortunate enough to make it out on the other side cancer free, have long hard roads that must be traveled as the treatments themselves often take their own individual toll on a person. Despite our best efforts and the countless hours spent by researchers, cancer still is without a cure and treatments vary from person to person leaving some possibility of recovery to chance solely.visit

One man though is giving those on the frontlines of the battle against cancer a new tool to use at their disposal with the hopes of finding a better way to treat the disease while the search for a viable cure is still carried on. Eric of Tempus has made it his company’s mission to face cancer head on with the talented doctors within the field. By utilizing breakthroughs in technology and some very clever collections of aggregate data collection and algorithms to analyze the data gathered by doctors to determine which treatment options work effectively, Tempus is hoping to increase the survival rate of those afflicted with one of the most devastating diseases known to our species. Eric on Facebook.

The data collection and analyzation service have already been implemented in several hospitals across the country where it is actively being used by doctors who treat cancer patients. The data gathered by the doctors originally served a no larger purpose as it had no platform to spread, will become instrumental in deciding on treatment options for those who are diagnosed in the future.

If you would like to learn more about the philanthropic efforts of Tempus and Eric Lefkofsky please visit Tempus’ website