How Dan Newlin Is Looking out for the Little Guy

Dan Newlin is a lawyer with a unique perspective. In a legal world which is often impersonal, Dan’s continually making an effort to really connect with people. One of the best examples is how he’s made use of the #DAN abbreviation. The hashtag is, of course, easily recognizable for fans of social media. But many people aren’t aware that it’s also easily usable on phones. In the Greater Chicago area, South Florida, and Central Florida all one needs to remember is that #DAN connects to Dan Newlin. Simply dialing the pound sign and DAN will call up his offices.

This might not seem especially significant at first. But it all comes down to Dan Newlin’s desire to always be there for people. People often forget just how stressful accidents can be. Even a seemingly minor fender bender can be an incredibly stressful event. And in his practice, Dan’s been able to see that in action. Because a minor accident can cause people to be very forgetful. And larger accidents, when people are most in need of legal representation, can cause people to go into shock. It’s hard enough to remember phone numbers at the best of times. But when people are most at need, it’s easy to forget them. However, something as easy as #DAN will almost always be simple to recall. And calling him up as soon as possible can be a huge help for one’s case. It can allow him to properly guide clients through what’s often a very stressful process. He wants to be able to take some of the load off people’s shoulders, and help them do everything the right way.

That desire can also be seen from a recent expansion. After a long time serving the residents of Florida, Dan’s branched out to the Chicago area. He has deep midwestern roots. Dan Newlin began his long history of public service as both a firefighter and a police officer. As one might expect, it gave him a deep connection to the area. That’s why his return is such a momentous event. It means that he’s more easily able to help the people in an area he has a connection to. And it also means that people in the area can benefit from his expertise.

Dan Newlin continues to look after the needs of the people in both Florida and Chicago. This includes legal issues of almost any kind involving injury and accident. From auto accidents, to pedestrian, and even issues of wrongful death.