The 7 Most Tasty EOS Flavors

Lip balm is used for keeping lips smooth, adding cosmetic appeal, and as a form of sunscreen. EOS lip balm — the most popular type of lip balm available on the market today — is showcased in its innovative soft shel casing. The Evolution of Smooth brand offers a variety of safe, nontoxic ingredients for keeping users safe. Here’s a comprehensive description of the seven most popular, outright delicious flavors in this ever-popular brand of lip balm and other cosmetic features.


Organic Blueberry Acai

This specific flavor of Evolution of Smooth lip balm is crafted from nearly 100% organic ingredients, with only a 5% percent discrepancy for non-organic ingredients. The Acai flavor is crafted with natural, organic flavoring including Acai fruit extracts limonene and linalool.


Organic Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is made from an identical portion of organic ingredients, with only five measly percent made from ingredients not naturally occurring on this planet. EOS’s secret ingredient for this flavor is passiflora incarnate extract, taken directly from the passion fruit plant.


Organic Summer Fruit

This lip balm is housed in a bright red soft case, bringing together some of summer’s best fruits: blueberry, peach, and strawberry, shop now here on


Visibly Soft Coconut Milk

This balm is made with real coconut and helps lips look and feel smooth.


Shimmer Smooth Sheer Pink

EOS’s sheer pink is infused with shine to help wearers look even more fabulous. Sheer pink looks a little like lipstick, therefore ideal for all occasions. You may also see updates on their page.


Active Protection Lemon Twist

This lip balm sphere includes 100% real lemon zest along with SPF technology to block out sun.


Active Protection Fresh Grapefruit

Made from real grapefruit, this EOS balm is undoubtedly one of the most popular in today’s crowded product market, buy your lip balm here.


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